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PLU embarks on new long-range planning process

By Greg Brewis, Executive Editor of University Communications

Preoccupied with Y2K? Not Loren J. Anderson. In his annual state of the university address in September, the president challenged the campus community to break through the millennial roadblock, to lift and lengthen its sight toward the future and to focus on developing a collective vision for PLU in the year 2010.

"One important hallmark of the past decade at PLU has been our focus on planning, both annual planning and long-term planning," Anderson said. "Now it is time to take our current long-range plan, PLU 2000, and refine a new working consensus about institutional identity and programmatic direction for the decade ahead."

The new long-range plan, PLU 2010: The Next Level of Distinction, will build on key strategic initiatives in PLU 2000: a financial plan, a campus master plan, a capital priorities plan, a two-phase technology plan and an academic addendum on liberal/professional integration and collaborative learning.

The university will host a series of events throughout the country in 1999-2000 addressing the university's future. Alumni, parents, friends and other constituents will be asked to share their views on challenges and opportunities facing the university, and their ideas and dreams for the future.

A similar set of discussions will be held on campus as early as fall 2000. The new long- range plan is set to be unveiled in 2002.

"As we set about to prepare a new planning document, the core question before us is how shall we together seek the next level of distinction for PLU," Anderson said. "What new qualitative goals should we set for the university? What new projects and strategies will move us toward those goals? What new program directions will excite us and our students now, in 2010, and well beyond?"

PLU 2010: The Next Level of Distinction
Watch for an invitation in the mail, or call 253-535-7415 for more information.
October 20 Tacoma, Wash.
November 9 Puyallup, Wash.
November 11 Gig Harbor, Wash.
November 18 Washington, D.C.

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