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A Window to the Past

A lifetime of shared memories

Leslie (Van Beek '89) Young and Caryn (Coltom '88) Welch can hardly remember a time when they didn't know each other. They've been friends "since infancy," Young noted, adding Whitney (Holland '88) Ahrendt to the fold when the trio attended nursery school together at Trinity Lutheran Church.

They remained friends throughout their school-age years, then roomed together during their time as Lutes. The group, which became a quartet with the addition of Kristen Larsen '88 at PLU, are as close as sisters, and the whole clan - including spouses and a total of nine children - now spends the majority of their time off with each other.

"Skiing, Hawaii, everything . . . it's been four years since we've taken separate vacations," Young said.

Leslie Van Beek and Caryn Welch

Background: Playmates Leslie Van Beek and Caryn Coltom (1968).
Foreground: Leslie (Van Beek '89) Young and Caryn (Coltom '88) Welch are as close as ever (1998).

Photos courtesy of Caryn (Coltom '88) Welch

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