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Leadership and Service

Q Club — an investment in tomorrow's decision-makers

B Y  L E E  D A W S O N  ' 7 2 ,  Q  C L U B  P R E S I D E N T

There is just so much right about this place! The list of attributes, honors, accolades and awards relating to PLU seems to go on and on. It is great to be associated with a winner. The campus is expectant with the new capital projects, and the enthusiasm for this school year in all areas of the university is very contagious.
      As we enter the 26th year of raising scholarship money for PLU students, I’ve found there is a lot right about Q Club, too. Q Club provides more than $1.25 million in scholarships to more than 1,000 students every year — year after year.
      One hundred percent of contributions by alumni, parents, friends, businesses, staff, administrators, professors, corporations and even the students themselves go to need-based student scholarships. This organization is affecting the lives of the students in a very real way.
      As we broaden our base of support, even more students can enjoy and come to appreciate the education of thoughtful inquiry and service that PLU has as its mission.
      Many of you are currently sending sons and daughters, grandchildren and spouses to PLU. Many of you will send some of these groups in the near future, and some of you have watched a recent graduate begin his or her life of service. Many of these students also have roommates, friends and relatives who receive Q Club scholarships. Q Club enables deserving students to receive an education at PLU.
      There is definitely something good about Q Club members, too! We all realize that by providing Q Club scholarships to today’s students, we are investing in the formation of tomorrow’s decision-makers through a quality, Christian, service-oriented education at PLU. We know from the PLU students who frequent our dining room table from time to time in search of a home-cooked meal that many of them would not be at PLU without the scholarship money.
      It is an important thing we do as members of Q Club. Jesus’ disciples asked when they had seen Jesus hungry, thirsty, a stranger, sick, naked, or in prison and had not provided for Him, Jesus answered, “Truly I say to you, to the extent that you did it to one of these brothers of Mine, even to the least of them, you did it to Me.” Matthew 25:40.
      We would like you to join us in contributing to the future of educating great students at a great place.
      For more information about joining, rejoining or increasing your commitment to the students at PLU through the Q Club office, call 253-535-7429 or 800-258-6758 or email leedawson@msn.com.

Q Club Profile

Lee Dawson '72
Lee Dawson '72, president
Lee and his wife, Debbie (also a Q Club director), live in Vaughn, Wash. He is a semi-retired dentist working two days a week in his own practice. Lee is a member of the American Dental Association, the Washington State Dental Association and has been a deacon at Kent Covenant Church for many years. His hobbies include snow and water skiing, and hiking.

Why is PLU important to you?
“My attendance at PLU rewarded me with a first-class education and prepared me for a life of service and commitment. The uniqueness of making and retaining lifelong friends from my days at PLU astounds those who did not attend an institution providing a quality education in a Christian environment. It was here at PLU that I was challenged in my Christian faith and made a commitment to follow Christ.
From what I see in the students today, all of these things still happen on a routine basis. There just isn’t a better place to entrust the education of today’s men and women. By realizing it is today’s students who will ultimately shape my future, I find it very exciting to be involved in enabling students to experience PLU.”


The following individuals, churches and businesses have joined Q Club or upgraded their membership from November 5, 1998 through January 8, 1999.

Regent's Challenge
1 Anonymous

President's Circle
Gary and Mavis Koch *
Warren and Nancy Morrow *
Thomas and Connie Thomsen *

Senior Fellow
Eric and Marie Bean *
David E. and Nancy Ericksen *
Ron and Judy Lerch *

Ellsworth and Nancy Alvord *
Marvin and Beverlee Bolland
Henry and Jo Ericksen *
Brian and Liesl Hall
John and Beverly Henderson *
John and Anne Kirkman
Richard and Lynn Ostenson *
Doug and Kristin Page *
Bill and Allison Roberts
John and Aleen Schiller *
Daniel and Debra Solberg
Doug and Antonette Wood *
Trygve and Cleo Vik

Associate Fellow
John Aakre and Cynthia Michael *
Kevin Bartholomae
James and LaVonne Berentsen *
Neil and Mary Bryant *
Rich and Irina Ehlinger *
Carole Frederickson *
Jerry and Carolyn Haralson *
Marvin and Virginia Johnson *
Nancy and Pressley Millen
Fred and Barbara Motteler *
Michael and Teresa Neiman
Agnes Smith*

1 Anonymous
David and Maurene Aakre
Gordon and Mary Braun
David and Carolyn Christensen
Jane Curl
Deborah Erickson and Ken Bailey
Tyler and Janine Gillis
Daniel Grudt and Lois Swenson-Grudt
Roger Hansen
Harry Hoiland
Peter and Kristi Isensee
James Law
Gordon and Ilene Mackey
Jon and Jean Malmin
Cecil McClary
Robert and Joanne Mueller
Sylvia Pugh
Jack Ruscoe
Kenneth and Rebecca Ryals
Bernie and Kathy Sanders
Betty Schaefer
Paul and Christen Stockdale
Gordon Strom
Paul and Susan Troselius

Associate Member
Christina Howard
Robby Larson *
Amy Smith

*Increased from previous level

In Support of Excellence

Gifts, pledges and grants of $10,000 or more, October 1 to December 31, 1998

Aid Association for Lutherans$45,000Restricted Scholarships Grant and AAL Affirmations of Lutheran Higher Education Grant
Allenmore Medical Foundation$30,200Restricted Scholarships Grant
Neal and Joyce Arntson$20,000Q Club Endowment/Restricted Scholarships Fund
Janice Baker$15,000Elbert H. Baker II and Janice M. Baker Endowed Music Scholarship/Restricted Scholarship
Duane and Joanne Berentson$12,500Q Club Endowment/Marv and Dorothy Harshman Scholarship Fund/Gene and Marian Lundgaard-Lutheran Brotherhood Scholarship Fund/Q Club/Q Club Pledge
A. Dean and Marilyn Buchanan$20,608Charitable Gift Annuity/Buchanan Family Endowed Scholarship
Howard L. Byerly$10,980Mathematics Endowed Scholarship
Dale and Jolita Benson$11,653General Endowment/Q Club
Evangelical Lutheran Church in America$21,392Unrestricted Operating Support
Gottfried and Mary Fuchs Foundation$100,000Mary Baker Russell Music Center Fuchs Organ Fund
Edna Gorder Estate$40,031Edna M. Gorder/Lutheran Brotherhood Education Endowment
Brian and Liesl Hall$15,000Will Provision/Q Club Pledge
Independent Colleges of Washington$25,256Unrestricted Operating Support
Intel Foundation$35,000MESA Elementary and Southern Expansion Grant/South Sound Science Fair Grant
Iris Jacobson$10,000Mary Baker Russell Music Center Phase II Construction Fund/Q Club
Gordon and Alice Kayser$10,000Phillip and Alice Kayser Memorial Endowed Scholarship Fund
Theodore and Doreen Johnson$14,384Science Equipment Endowment Challenge (SEEC)/Restricted Operating Support/Q Club
Margaret Knutzen$117,500Victor and Margaret Knutzen Endowment Fund Gift and Pledge; Q Club Gift and Pledge
Ruby Knutzen$10,706Einer and Ruby Knutzen Endowment Fund/Q Club
Gary and Mavis Koch$11,063Q Club/Campus Ministry
John and Lisa Korsmo$20,000John S. and Edna M. Korsmo Endowed Scholarship Gift and Pledge
Constance M. Larson$80,000Will Provision
Anne Long$965,000Will Provision/Center for Learning and Technology Pledge/Q Club Pledge
The Henry Luce Foundation, Inc.$30,000United States-China Cooperative Research Program Grant
Lutheran Brotherhood$60,028Restricted Scholarship Fund/Matching 81 Donor Gifts/Region I Consultation Lutheran Brotherhood Grant
Kurtis and Pam Mayer/Kurt Mayer’s Wanderlust Travel$11,000Restricted Capital Projects/Q Club
Alma Meisnest Estate$2,486,113Meisnest Unrestricted Endowment/Science Equipment Endowment Challenge (SEEC)
Donald and Wanda Morken$2,275,000Q Club/Donald and Wanda Morken Family Scholarship/Will Provision/Restricted Capital Projects Pledge
Thomas Payne and Alexia Eide-Payne$50,000Rev. and Mrs. E. E. Eidbo Endowed Scholarship Fund
Diana Pederson$78,050Arne and Gloria Pederson Endowed Scholarship for Leadership/Restricted Capital Projects
Karen Hille Phillips$102,000Xavier Renovation/PLU Alumni Scholarship Endowment
Elmer and Mary Louise Rasmuson$100,000Elmer E. and Mary Louise Rasmuson Scholarship for Students from Alaska
George and Jane Russell$20,000MALD Challenge
H. Loyd and Lynne Sutherland$31,723Lynne and H. Loyd Sutherland Endowed Scholarship
Donald and Edith Strandness$50,000Restricted Operation Support
Virginia WilliamsConfidentialCharitable Trusting

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