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Parents Council members come to understand meaning of 'It's a great day to be a Lute!'

Parents Council

Bill and Donna Schlitt, Chairs
Salem, Ore.

Paul and Carol Abodeely
Redmond, Wash.

William and Anne Buck
Portland, Ore.

Norris and Jana Dancer
Star, Idaho

Mark and Christine Eggert
Ogden, Utah

Paul and Penelope Fredlund
Seattle, Wash.

Peter '76 and Mary Ellen '77 Gulsrud
Spokane, Wash.

Dan '77 and Linda '77 Jamieson
Omak, Wash.

Gary and Mavis Koch
Fresno, Calif.

Bob and JoAnn Larson
Portland, Ore.

John and Melanie McQuaig
Wenatchee, Wash.

Debbie Mininger
Federal Way, Wash.

John '68 and Shirley '69 Oakley
Billings, Mont.

Jerry '73 and Janine '72 Skaga
Gig Harbor, Wash.

Chuck and Linda Spiedel
Boise, Idaho

Paul and Cynthia Stabbert
Tacoma, Wash.

Glen and Karen Takenouchi
Lihue, Hawaii

William and Yvonne Van Nostran
Vancouver, Wash.

University Representatives

Lauralee Hagen '75, '78 Director
Alumni & Parent Relations

Darren Kerbs '96, Associate Director
Alumni & Parent Relations

Kari Leppell '92, Associate Director

President Loren and MaryAnn Anderson

David Aubrey, Vice President
Development & University Relations

Laura Majovski Acting Vice President and Dean Student Life

By Bob and JoAnn Larson, PLU Parents Council members

Bob and JoAnn LarsonIt really would be all too easy just to send our monthly payments to our son's newfound home: Pacific Lutheran University. Send the money, listen for the occasional telephone call home to assure us all is well and continue to perform the daily tasks associated with being a parent. Yet that seemed empty, like leaving something only partially finished. We felt the need to continue our support of him and his choice of a university, as he moved forward in his education and personal growth.

As parents of a freshman student, now nearly four years ago, we, too, chose instead to "sample" this community of PLU. We found a unique, caring community, profound for its inner strength, outstanding leadership and dedicated adherence to providing an education in both service and letters. Almost immediately, like our son, we chose to become active supporters. The more we participated in those opportunities available to parents, the more we wanted to share the excitement of Pacific Lutheran University. We soon found ourselves volunteering for PLU informational nights in our community and "kick off" parties for incoming students and their parents, hoping to relay the enthusiasm of this unique community of exceptional students and educators.

It became a "natural" to join the PLU Parents Council, accepting the additional responsibilities. Our official role now includes contacting parents of incoming students in the fall, hosting orientation weekend parent coffees and serving as a resource for any parent with questions and concerns.

Our years here have been rewarding . . . from helping parents understand this place called PLU to being involved with so many great activities and people. But most of all, we know that we will really understand much of what our son has experienced in his education here. We know now what it means to say, "It's a great day to be a Lute!"

Bob and his wife, JoAnn, reside in Portland, Ore. Bob is advertising manager of Unified Western Grocers (formerly United Grocers Inc.), and JoAnn is a registered nurse with Allergy, Asthma & Dermatology Assoc. Both are members of Q Club and Resurrection Lutheran Church of Portland. Their son, Robby, is a senior at PLU, a Q Club member and currently serves as ASPLU president.

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