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Roger Iverson Jamie's Trouble
By Roger Iverson '83

"Every table strained from the weight of unopened letters, dirty food containers, clothes, broken toys . . . Jamie sat on a sofa, filthy with more unused food and matted clothes, watching static on the TV."

Formerly a teacher and administrative intern in an inner-city elementary school in Tacoma, Iverson found personal and professional renewal in an unlikely place -- the shabby, ill-kept home of a trouble-making second-grader.

Katherine Johnson A Tale of Levity Misplaced
By Katherine Johnson

"Fortunately for taxpayers, my notebook remained blank as our tires hummed their way across the Columbia River into Oregon. We had spotted no Washington state employees laughing, or betraying the public trust in any way."

Johnson, an administrative assistant in the Office of Development and University Relations, tells how her quest to monitor "misbehaving" state employees distracted her from the wayside beauty on a recent interstate road trip.

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