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On the Cover
Scene Cover - Spring 2000
Photo Illustration: Chris Tumbusch

Students studying abroad and foreign students studying at PLU have been the foundation of PLU's distinctive international education programs.
Front row, left to right: From Accra, Ghana, Peter Hyde '00, finance and accounting major; from Risør, Norway, Karen-Annette Meland Jorgensen '01, business major. Back row, left to right: From Colorado Springs, Colo., Erin Tilney '00, a communication major who studied abroad in Granada, Spain, in the Spring of 1998; from Moscow, Russia, Nikolay Sapov '01, international business and German major; from Jakarta, Indonesia, Erick Herlambang '00, an MBA major.

Apology and Correction
The Scene editor apologizes to Roger Iverson for misidentifying him in the Winter 1999-2000 issue. Iverson authored the article "Jamie's Trouble," which appeared on page 7 of the magazine. He graduated from PLU in 1983 but, inadvertently, his graduation year was listed as 1959, which is the graduation year of his father, who is also named Roger Iverson. Sorry!

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