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Leadership and Service

Night custodian rich in the gift of giving

Carmen Minor Carmen Minor

Carmen Minor came to work for PLU as a night custodian over eight years ago. At that time her duties brought her to work closely with a PLU student who was struggling to make ends meet. "I remember her saying, 'all I need is $800 more for one class.' I guess I didn't realize there was such a need on campus," Minor said.

Minor had heard about Q Club, but wasn't aware of the various payment options-check, credit card, and electronic funds transfer.

"If I had the money, I would have given it to her," she said. "I just didn't have that kind of money." But, with the guidance of another PLU staff member, Minor eventually joined Q Club and had her Q Club payment taken out of her paycheck each month. "That way I didn't have to pay for it at one time, I could automatically have it deducted. I don't even realize it's being taken out."

Originally joining Q Club at the member level of $300 per year, Minor has consistently increased her contributions over the past four years. Minor's secret is, "you don't have to give a lot-$5 or $10 a month can help many students." Every little contribution adds up.

Minor has since contributed nearly $2,000 to the Q Club scholarship fund. Through her generosity she has helped provide scholarships for many worthy PLU students.

Giving money is a stewardship, says Q Club volunteer

Roberta Goodnow Roberta Goodnow

Roberta Goodnow '75 joined the Q Club Board of Directors in 1998, and has been supporting PLU financially since 1980. Goodnow, who holds degrees from the University of Washington and Harvard, joined Q Club in 1993.

"I really wanted to put money toward education and to support PLU students who needed financial assistance," Goodnow said.

Student scholarships are exactly what Q Club supports. With nearly a third of the students on campus receiving Q Club scholarships, Goodnow liked the idea of Q Club. "I enjoy giving money to the reason PLU exists--which is the students," she said.

Not only does Goodnow give generously to Q Club, she also contributes gifts of stock to an endowed scholarship. "If people can give, they should," she said. "Giving money is a stewardship. Someone helped me. Now, I'd like to help other students get the breaks I had."

It's a Lutedome phenomenon--the place for you

Linda Hutson Linda Hutson

When Linda Hutson '01 was a senior at Olympia (Wash.) High School, her parents wanted her to attend Pacific Lutheran University. But despite her parents' encouragement, she wasn't interested in becoming a Lute, until she spoke to a friend who offered her some advice about her college search.

The friend told her, "you'll know the school that is right for you when you want to give more to the university than the university gives to you."

With her friend's advice in the back of her mind, one visit to PLU's campus was all it took for Hutson to realize PLU was the place for her. "It's that whole Lutedome phenomenon. No one can explain it until you experience it."

Hutson began giving back to PLU from day one as an orchestra member, alumni student volunteer and through her involvement in student government. Now, as a junior on campus, she has begun to give financially.

Hutson joined Q Club at the member level of $300 per year despite the fact that she could join at a discounted level of $60 (for current students) or $150 (within four years of graduation). According to Hutson, "What would I spend $300 on-clothes, movies? This is a much better use of $300! Besides, many of my friends couldn't come to PLU without Q Club scholarships. They are such incredible people. I couldn't imagine life without them."

Q Club Leadership

Q Club Board of Directors
Parke Blundon '79
Debbie Dawson
Lee Dawson '72
Kathy Edlund '64
Trent Erickson '95
Ingrid Gintz '70
Roberta Goodnow '75
Larry Green '76
Dale Keller '53
Paul Larson '38
Barrie Mott '90
Erik Ogard '88
David Olson
Knut Olson '90
Laura Polcyn '75, '79
Stan Purvis
Q Club Advisory Board
Neal Arntson '58
Lynne Bangsund '70
Alison Corrigan '94
Joe Dillon '70
Ron Douglass '53
Ken Dunmire
Tal Edman
Donald Isensee '64
Jeff Johnson '76
Don Mott
Bill Rea
Don Reiman '52
Jill Simonson '80
Inez Van Antwerp
Brett Willis '77
Mark Woldseth '70

MAY 6, 2000
6:00 pm Reception
6:30 pm Dinner
Olson Auditorium

For further information, contact the Q Club Office, at 253-535-7429, or 800-258-6758

Q Club Standing Members
David Aubrey, Vice President for Development and University Relations
David Berntsen '58, Director of Development
Lauralee Hagen '75, '78, Director of Alumni & Parent Relations
Kara Fleharty, Associate Director of Annual Giving/Q Club
Karin Anderson '99, Assistant to the President
Helen Nordquist '57, Administrative Assistant, Annual Giving/Q Club

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