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DonationDepot.com is PLU grads' answer to online charity

Donation Depot Staff
Donation Depot staff, from left, Brandon Fix, Matt Ashworth and David Goodsell
There are 17,000 charities in Washington state and more than 700,000 in the United States. If you plan to donate to any one of them or have questions about their operations, you may want to refer to the Tacoma-based Donation Depot website for more information.

The brainchild of PLU graduate Brandon Fix '95, the company developed as a new way to raise funds for charities, according to Donation Depot co-partner Matt Ashworth '95, another PLU graduate.

According to Ashworth, Fix pondered fund-raising issues while working as marketing director of the Pierce County Boys & Girls Club. His solution was to establish the company, design a website, and recruit Ashworth from his public relations job at the Washington state Health Department.

Starting a new business is risky, Ashworth says, but "it's something we believe in. It's also a good motivator for working 12-hour days."

Headquartered on Pacific Avenue in downtown Tacoma, Donation Depot recently added a third PLU graduate to its staff–David Goodsell '99, a member of the recent Division III Championship football team. He will be heading the marketing department.

"The Donation Depot," Ashworth says, "is a handy road map guiding prospective donors through the intricacies of charitable contributions."

Currently, nonprofit organizations raise $170 billion annually. "We're optimistic that there's room for us to help raise more. It's an easier process to use and we can help local charities." Ashworth adds that they expect to charge only 3 percent for operating expenses.

The website, which went public on March 17, also has a volunteer site for those interested in connecting with others seeking volunteer work for a particular charity.

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