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Profiles of and comments from Campaign Steering Committee leadership

Don Morken '60 Don Morken '60
PLU regent, member of the PLU Heritage Society; president of Genesee Investments; and campaign co-chair

"Yes, I am enthusiastic about PLU! However, my enthusiasm is embedded in reality. PLU's many supporters demonstrated in the last campaign that a major fund-raising campaign could be successful beyond our wildest dreams. The current campaign is moving along very well, and I predict PLU's friends will collectively help us surpass our $100 million goal. I know firsthand how critical the success of this campaign will be to the long-term future of the university. Part of my consideration to participate in the campaign is PLU's obvious need to upgrade several of the existing campus buildings. Current campaign efforts will help accomplish that important objective."

Dr. William Foege '57 Dr. William Foege '57
PLU regent; senior advisor to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation; executive director of the Task Force for Child Survival and Development; Presidential Distinguished Professor, Department of International Health, Rollins School of Public Health, Emory University; and campaign co-chair

"An investment in PLU's endowment becomes an investment in students, society and the world; something that will still be causing ripples throughout the new millennium."

Richard Moe Richard Moe
Former dean of the PLU School of Arts; member of the PLU Heritage Society; member of the board of trustees of the Tacoma Art Museum; and campaign co-chair

"It's very important, through the Endowment Fund, to continue the greatness of the university; to be able to do things that cannot be done with the operating budget. It's this that makes the distinction between a great university and an ordinary university."

Frank Jennings Frank Jennings
Former PLU regent; member of the PLU Heritage Society; retired director of Eddie Bauer Corp.; and chairman of the Campaign Steering Committee

"PLU has a long and rich tradition of preparing young men and women, not only to excel in their chosen vocational endeavors, but also to live useful lives in service to others. This tradition, commitment and experience is worthy of our safekeeping. I'm pleased and excited to work on behalf of The Campaign for Pacific Lutheran University: The Next Bold Step. As I visit with alums I'm always impressed by how important their PLU experience was in shaping their values, and in preparing them for their life experiences. Our future, as was true in the past, will depend on persons who are prepared and willing to be of service to others. PLU has the resources, commitment, and experience to continue this important tradition. Through our combined generosity, we can ensure The Next Bold Step into a second century of "educating for service" at Pacific Lutheran University."

Anne Long '86 Anne Long '86
Former PLU regent; member of the PLU Heritage Society; founder of Long Painting Co. and Swift Equipment Co.; and campaign co-chair

"I'm so enthusiastic about working on the campaign as co-chair and also as part of the leadership committee for the Center for Learning and Technology because I have seen what a dramatic difference the last campaign made for PLU. Our endowment is still low, but has increased at a very respectable rate. The university is now on a sound financial footing and ready to move forward into the future. I graduated from the School of Business and am very excited about building an excellent facility that will house the School of Business and serve other disciplines and the community. The building renovations that will be made will preserve and bring much-needed technology to two of our older campus buildings, as well as provide an appropriate space for KPLU."

Campaign Volunteers
More than 90 volunteers have been involved in planning and carrying out the initial "quite phase" of The Campaign for Pacific Lutheran University. Led by the campaign steering committee, these volunteers have shared the university's story with potential major donors including individuals, businesses, corporations and foundations. Now, with the public launch of the campaign, they will continue to be instrumental in reaching out to supporters from university constituencies, encouraging all to participate in taking the next steps to achieving our campaign goal.

Campaign Steering Committee

Campaign Co-Chairs
William Foege, Anne Long, Richard Moe, Donald Morken

Campaign Steering Committee Chair
Frank Jennings

Board of Regents Chair
Gary Severson

Development Committee Chair
Otto Stevens

Q Club Representatives
Lee Dawson, Ingrid Gintz

ASPLU Representatives
Linda Hutson, Robby Larson, Aimee Sieverkropp

Faculty/Staff Fund Co-Chairs
David Gunovich, David Olson, Carolyn Schultz, Sheri Tonn

Regents' Fund Co-Chairs
Becky Burad, Skip Hartvigson, Larry Neeb

Alumni/Parent Leadership Co-Chairs
Carl Fynboe, Brian Olson, Clark and Rae Peters, Bill and Donna Schlitt

Corporation/Foundation Co-Chairs
Deborah Bevier, Bill Krippaehne

Corporate Delegates Co-Chairs
Jerry Buss, Karen Fynboe

Heritage Society Representatives
Gerry and Linda Evanson

At Large Members
Roberta Goodnow, Art Hansen, Dan Jaech, Ted and Doreen Johnson, Karen Phillips, Tony and Sonya Prata, George and Jane Russell, Cliff and Ronni Tvedten, Don and Gini Wick, David and Elisabeth Wold

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