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Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor:

I loved the picture of Greg Pickett '00 demonstrating during the WTO conference in the latest issue of Scene (Spring 2000). It's hard not to feel sorry for him–trying to bring back the glory days of the '60s for the political left-wingers. Those on the Left should embrace globalization. Foreign investment has done more to raise the standard of living in Third World countries than Leftist utopian dreams ever did. And the Chief protestor himself, Bill Clinton, embraces this view.

But like Marxism in the '60s, the new Utopian agenda will fail. Why? The Scriptures teach that poverty, environmental destruction, and harm to our neighbor originate within our hearts. The solution to these problems, at root, is a spiritual one. Ideology will not solve our spiritually diseased hearts. Yet, the church does have the answer: Proclamation over Protest. Ideologies strive to reverse the effect of sin without the Cross of Jesus. They will fail. I would have hoped to see Greg Pickett proclaiming the Cross of Jesus, rather than a crossed out WTO symbol.

Marc Johnson '73, MD
Pueblo, Colo.

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