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Residential Life picks first South Hall residents

By Elizabeth Jerabek '02

South Hall
South Hall is now ready for its residents. Those selected had the opportunity to view their apartments in May. The hall will be dedicated during Homecoming in October.
The Residential Life Office (RLO) made 230 PLU upperclassmen very happy in February by selecting them from a pool of 347 applicants for residency in South Hall next year.

Interest in South Hall appears to have grown with every information session RLO has sponsored. Attendance at the student feedback sessions in October and November was fair but certainly nothing like the crowd at the very last application information meeting on Feb. 2.

Both seats and applications were at a premium that evening as RLO Director Tom Huelsbeck cautioned students to take one application because he was concerned about running out. The South Hall open house on the following day also reflected the large amount of student interest. Tours of the hall, which were only supposed to last 30 minutes, often stretched to 45 minutes or even an hour, due to 10-15 minute question-and-answer periods at the end of every tour.

"Even after we had answered questions we still had people hanging around wanting to talk about South Hall," said Jeff Jordan, executive director of residential life and auxiliary services.

Despite the fact that the application for South Hall is the most complex housing application RLO offers, the process has gone smoothly so far. RLO has received very few complaints and isn't anticipating many more.

Reprinted with permission of the PLU Mooring Mast

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