P A C I F I C   L U T H E R A N   U N I V E R S I T Y W I N T E R   2 0 0 0 - 2 0 0 1 

[Pacific Lutheran Scene]


Honor Roll of Donors

Donor Roll
A - F          G - L          M - R          S - Z

John and Louise Maakestad LQ
Kurt ('80) and Robin M. Farrar Maass Q
Calvin and Valerie MacDonald
Dean MacDonald
MacDonald - Will Foundation Q
Edward ('37) and Mary Lou Machle
Jay and Michele MacIntyre
Mitch and Kimberly ('91) Mackenroth Q
David Madden and Diana Skibiel ('80)
Francis Madden
Lois Madden ('38)
Ralph and Kathryn ('50) Madsen Q
Robert P. and Marie Magee I
David ('69) and Penelope ('69) Magelssen L
Dennis Magnuson ('71) and Lynn McGrath Q
Oliver ('54) and Marie ('56) Magnuson Q
Heather Magoon ('99)
Leonard and Cynthia Mahoney
Thomas ('76) and Janette ('76) Mahoney Q
Donald and Sylvia Maier
Jim and Elizabeth Maier
Drs. Lawrence and Laura Majovski LHQ
Linda Makela ('70)
Edward and Marilyn Maki
Gloria Maldonado
Stephen and Paula ('82) Mallory
Jon ('64) and Jean ('64) Malmin Q
Harold ('51) and Carolyn ('51) Malnes
Katherine Maloney ('00)
Scott Maloy ('84) and Carol Falkenhayn
David Malvin Q
Douglas ('57) and Carol ('57) Mandt
Brendan ('83) and Diann Mangan Q
Randall and Carol ('69) Manley
Shirley Manley
Charles ('69) and Joan ('69) Mann
Susan Mann HQ
Brian and Vicki ('69) Mannix
Dorothy Mansell Q
Marshall and Alana Mapes
Kristi Maplethorpe
Florence March
Joe and Eva Marchinek Estate L
Harold and Inge Marcus Q
Stanley and Ellen Marean
John and Karen ('92) Mares
Warren and Alice ('38) Margrath
Mark ('98) and Erika ('97) Mariani
Richard and Jane Mariani
R. Dan ('65) and Christine ('65) Marken Q
Hilda Markert
Donald and Dorothy Markman
Frank ('58) and Lola Marks Q
John and Charlene ('68) Marks
David and Mary Marquardt Q
Marlaine Mars ('76)
Donald Marsee and Jill Whitman Q
Carolyn Marsh ('74)
Marsh, Inc. I
Kevin Marshall ('00)
Larry and Stacia ('85) Marshall Q
Shanna Marshall ('94)
Carrie ('89) and Travis Martens Q
Doc and Susan Martensen Q
John ('63) and Frieda ('64) Martilla
Julie Martilla ('98) Q
Carolyn Martin
Dennis and Gloria Martin Q
Donnie and Ginny Martin
Kaj J. Martin ('99) and Janell S. Martin ('99)
Michael Martin ('92)
Nikki Martin ('73) Q
Robert and Diane ('63) Martin
Todd ('85) and Tracie ('86) Martin
William and Helene Martin
Mark Martineau ('92) Q
Arthur Martinez III L
James ('81) and Karen ('82) Martin-Schramm
Ronald and Marilyn Martinson LHQ
Stacey Martinson ('98)
Delores Ann Marvonek ('55) Q
Asta Marx
Marzano's Q
Sandra Marzolf ('74) H
Thomas Maschhoff ('71)
Earl and Sandra ('60) Mason
Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company L
Muriel Masseh ('71)
Brian Massey ('80)
Craig M. Massie and Ann C. Blegen ('87)
Lafayette and Audine Massingill Q
Ty and Janet ('73) Mast
Margaret Mathews H
Thomas and Julie ('79) Mathews
Lance and Naomi ('49) Mathisen Q
Kyle and Jan Mathison
A. M. and Sophia Matsen ('13) Estate L
Eldred and Carol Matson LQ
Jon Matson ('88) and Mary Neal Matson Q
C. Frederick Matthaei
Charles and Helen Matthaei
Charles W.H. Matthaei
Herbert and Nonine Matthews
Lynn Matthews ('72) Q
Arthur and Betty Matthias Q
Craig Matthias ('76)
James D. ('94) and Mari A. ('94) Matthias
Paul ('68) and Dixie Lee ('62) Matthias Q
Peter ('78) and Joan ('77) Mattich LHQ
Mary Mattie
Matthew Mattila ('76) and Rebecca Van Steenwyk
Katherine Mattingly ('76) Q
Inez Mattison Trust L
Darlene Mattoni-West ('73)
Rosalie Mattsen ('89)
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Mattson
Kenneth and Elaine ('65) Mattson
Robert ('63) and Carol ('64) Mattson L
John and Gladys ('44) Matzen
Christopher ('83) and Janet ('83) Maul-Smith
Erik and Lisa ('89) Maurer
Peter and Harriet Mauritsen H
Thomas and Karol Mauss
King ('73) and Cathy Mawhinney
Charmee Maxwell ('78)
Magne ('93) and Kristine ('95) Myrmo Q
Robert and Mary ('82) Maxwell
Larry and Karen May
Kurtis and Pamela Mayer
Kurt Mayer's Wanderlust Travel LQ
Charles ('62) and Sandra ('83) Mays H
Randy and Mary McAllister
John P. McAuliffe and Marlys J. M. Nesset ('86) Q
Michael and Natalie ('86) McAvoy
Meghan McCaffery
Kathleen McCallum ('95) Q
Malcolm and Diane ('64) McCallum Q
Cecil McClary Q
Andrew ('96) and Kelly ('95) McClure Q
Cynthia McClure ('98) Q
Mildred McColl Estate L
Sarah McCoy ('99)
Ben A. ('54) and Annie ('55) McCracken LH

Benjamin ('78) and Ellen ('86) McCracken Q
Robert and Edith ('42) McDaniel
William ('77) and Phyllis McDaniel
Thomas and Marva McDevitt Q
Brandon McDonald ('92)
James and Jennifer ('73) McDonald
John and Lenore ('96) McDonald
Susan McDonald Q
Norman and Constance McDonell
Heather McDougall ('97) Q
Mark ('75) and Gerd-Inger ('72) McDougall Q
Steve and Karen McDougall
Ida McEachern Trust L
Anita McEntyre ('82)
Guy ('73) and Laura McFadden
Jennifer McFall ('85)
Charles ('92) and Michelle ('92) McFarland
William and Debbie McGee
Geraldine McGill ('59) Q
Carol McGinley ('71)
James and Marilyn ('60) McGinnis
Richard ('63) and Zina McGinnis Q
Rick McGrath and Darice Bales McGrath ('89)
Chris and Eleanor ('78) McGuire
Darrell and Leone McGuire
Michael and Shelley McGuire
Lyle Leo ('73) and Cynthia Ann McIntosh
Robert and Jacqueline McIntyre
Frances McKamey ('82)
Blaine ('50) and Ellen May ('52) McKanna Q
Douglas ('79) and Liane McKanna Q
Gary McKechnie ('97) Q
Erin McKenna H
Tamara McKenney ('63)
Brent McKinney ('87) Q
Wallace and Joan McKinney LQ
Kenneth and Christie McLaughlin
Peter and Kristine McLean
William and Cynthia ('86) McLean
Peter and Betty ('57) McLellan Q
Bruce and Joyce McLeod
Mamie McLeod Estate L
Kirk and Laura McMichael
Michael and Brenda ('94) McMillian
Michael ('68) and Nancy ('70) McMullen Q
Evelyn McNeal
Cyrus ('64) and Carol McNeely
Rick McPike and Tina Szczepaniak ('00)
John and Melanie McQuaig
Bryan McRae ('93)
Dorman McShan ('00)
Matthew ('81) and Anne ('82) McTee
Ann Meacham ('75) Q
Michael Meacham
Joseph and Barbara ('76) Mead Q
J.E. Meaker
Leland and Theodora ('59) Mebust
Michele Meconi ('94)
Medina Foundation L
Ronald and Laverna Medrud Q
Medtronic Foundation M
Allen ('73) and Sharon ('75) Meeds
Tom and Marianne ('88) Meese
Gordon ('52) and Lena Meeske
Steve and Ann ('79) Mehl
Ann Marie Mehlum ('75) Q
Charles and Alberta Mehring
Al and Georgia Meier LQ
Charles and Carla ('97) Meier Q
Ervin and Elizabeth Meier
Robert ('51) and Louise ('52) Meineke
Alma Meisnest Estate L
Michael ('67) and Nancy Melary Q
Duane ('59) and Joan ('59) Melcher HQ
Alice Melling ('83)
Phyllis Melton
Roald and Elsie ('40) Melver
Ronald ('68) and Carol ('68) Melver Q
Michael ('79) and Ruth Mendoza
Thomas Menear
Mentor Graphics Corporation L
Annemarie Menzel L
Christopher Menzel ('79)
Paul Menzel and Susan Blank LHQ
Scott ('86) and Susan ('86) Menzel
Jerrold ('64) and Karen Merchant L
Christine Merkel
Deann Merkel ('00)
Kristin Merle ('98) Q
George and M. Suzanne Merriam
Barth ('87) and Carmen Merrill
Charles Merrill Trust L
Patricia Merrill
Merrill Lynch
Merrill Lynch & Co. Foundation, Inc. LM
Merrill Lynch-Pierce-Fenner & Smith, Inc. L
Dennis ('71) and Signe ('71) Merz Q
Ed and Nancy Lee ('69) Merzenich Q
Messiah Lutheran Church, Auburn, WA Q
Merle ('59) and Heidi Metcalf
David and Julie ('81) Metzger
Kate Metzger ('98)
Steve and Julie ('89) Meulemans
David ('71) and Marianne ('61) Meyer
Hermina Meyer ('54) LHQ
Joseph and Ruth Meyer
Mark ('73) and Connie ('73) Meyer
Marlene Meyer ('55)
Thelma Meyer L
Val ('94) and Kristine ('94) Meyer
Andrew Meyers ('00)
Theodore ('60) and Karen ('62) Meyers
MFS Investment Management
Judith Michalk ('76)
Ruth Michalscheck ('83)
Jodie Michels
Bruno and Jo Ann Michetti
Walter and Mildred Mickelsen L
Mae Lynn Mickelson ('69)
Stephen and Jonelle Mickelson
Microsoft Corporation LMI
John ('58) and Mary Milbrath H
David and Debra('75) Miles
Karyn Miles ('97)
Leonard and Elsie Miles
Stanley and Dorothy Miles
Donald Milholland ('72)
Military Order of the Purple Heart L
Andrew and Mary ('76) Miller Q
Ann O. Miller Q
Bernard Miller L
Bernice Miller
Betty Miller ('95)
Brent ('90) and Natalie ('91) Miller
Brian Miller ('99)
Bruce and Marie Miller
Catherine Miller ('88)
Donald Miller ('58)
Eric Miller ('84)
Gary and Rebecca Miller Q
George ('68) and Reta Miller
Glen and Delma Miller
Inge Miller
Jon ('70) and Solveig ('70) Miller Q
Kenneth Miller ('64) and Rhoda Pappajohn ('65)
Mark ('88) and Connie ('85) Miller Q

Marlen and Ann ('86) Miller HQ
Maxine Miller
Paul and Sherril ('67) Miller
Raymond and Christie ('65) Miller
Ronald ('65) and Jean ('65) Miller LQ
Scott ('92) and Birgit ('94) Miller Q
Todd Miller ('79)
Steven and Janel ('84) Milliren
John and Marilyn Millison
James ('49) and Margaret Mills LH
Elva Milson Q
Max ('96) and Monica ('96) Milton Q
Susan Min ('95)
Gary Minetti ('67) and Alene Klein ('75) Q
Katie Mininger ('00)
Carmen Minor Q
Steven Mintz
Anne Miotke
Therese Mirande
Dana and Kristine Mischel
David ('78) and Mari ('79) Misterek LQ
Charles ('74) and B. ('75) Mitchell
Dwight and Lois ('63) Mitchell Q
Flossie Mitchell
Gary Mitchell ('80) LQ
Michael Mitchell ('83)
Arnold and Mina ('55) Mittelstaedt Q
Dorothy Mitton ('30)
Joan Mitton ('67) Q
Susan Mkrtichian Q
Tony and Joan Mladineo
Mobil Foundation, Inc. M
Curtis Mobley
Herschel ('50) and Betty ('50) Mobley
Ronald Moblo ('70)
Elmer and Astrid Mobroten
Patricia Mocabee ('69)
Jarrad Mock ('99) Q
R. O. Modarelli and Anne E. Martyn ('88)
Mark and Martha Moe
Richard and Marcia Moe LHQ
Timothy Moe and Linda Fahlgren-Moe ('91)
Henry and Elsie Moellering Trust L
Allen ('55) and Julia ('58) Moen
Erik ('89) and Laura Moen
Luther Moen
Maynard ('48) and June Moen
Ray and Faye ('66) Moffitt
Martin ('98) and Sarah Mogk Q
Jack ('77) and Marilynn Mohlenhoff
Kathy Mohn L
Dr. Armin and Beverly ('59) Mohr LHQ
Ronald and Virginia Mohr
Raymond and Thelma ('50) Moline
John and Victoria Moller
Daryl and Kirsten ('89) Molskness Q
Roger and Nancy Molt
Merle Molter Q
Erling and Susan ('68) Molver Q
Erik Monick ('96)
Katharine Monroe LHQ
Marcia Monroe ('85)
Wesley Monroe and Violet Anderson-Monroe
William and Beverly Monroe Q
Adam Monsen
Forest ('96) and Katie ('96) Monsen
Jeffrey ('78) and Diane ('77) Monsen Q
Robert Monsen ('67) L
Donald ('39) and Marie ('36) Monson Q
Scott ('85) and Julie ('85) Monson Q
Montana Synod, ELCA, Great Falls, MT L
Montgomery Street Foundation L
John ('67) and Melody ('69) Moody HQ
Scott ('87) and Jill Moon Q
Kimberly Mooneyham ('96) H
Scott ('91) and Kristine J.B. ('92) Moor
Jerry Moore and Barbara Calhoun-Moore ('69)
Marilyn Moore ('61)
Serena Marie Moore ('62)
Robert and Shirley Morasch
Rodney and Maria ('82) Mord Q
David Morehouse ('78) Q
Sharon Morey ('63)
Harry and Vivian Morgan L
J. P. Morgan & Company Incorporated L
William and Gudrun Morgan
Morgan Guaranty Trust Co Of NY M
Masahiro Mori ('93)
Harris and Laraine ('71) Moriguchi Q
Robert and June Morin Q
Stephen ('94) and Janelle ('91) Morissette
Cletus Morken ('20) LQ
Donald ('60) and Wanda Morken LHQ
Eliot Morken ('29) Q
Lynn Morley ('74)
James Morrell ('91) Q
Daniel and Doreen ('90) Morris Q
Donald Morris ('56)
Jack and Leone Morris
Jacqueline Morris ('59)
Matthew and Tamara Jo Morris H
Mildred Morris L
Peter ('78) and Alana ('79) Morris Q
Warren ('84) and Nancy ('85) Morrow Q
Erin Mortensen ('97)
Richard ('67) and Linda Mortensen
Robert and Gladys Mortvedt Estate L
Kenneth and Carol ('77) Moser
Wayne and Violet Moseson
Wayne Moseson
Lisa Moseson-Carufel
Lanning Mosher ('93) Q
Moss Adams Foundation
Moss Adams LLP
Motorola Foundation M
Donald and Beret ('90) Mott LHQ
Frederick and Barbara ('82) Motteler Q
Howard Motteler ('74)
Dale and Kristin ('74) Moultine
Mount Cross Lutheran Church, Tacoma, WA Q
Mountain View Funeral Home and Memorial Park LQ
Mountain View Lutheran Church, Edgewood, WA LQ
David ('84) and Jodi Moylan Q
Joan Scheele Mueller Q
Richard and Kathleen Mueller LQ
Robert and Joanne Mueller LQ
Russell and Nancy Mueller H
Stanley and Julia ('74) Mueller
Fred O. and Esther Muenscher L
Howard and Marie ('69) Muir
Mark ('93) and Amy Mulder
Robert and Karen Mulder Q
Bonita Mulholland ('55)
Gordon and Karalee ('69) Mulkey
Paris Mullen ('98) Q
Peter and Elizabeth Muller
Prudence Muller
Kevin ('87) and Shelly ('86) Mullin
Linda Munson
M.J. Murdock Charitable Trust L
Lyndon K. Murk ('70) H
Rik Muroya Q
Brian and Amy ('94) Murphy
Frank Murphy Trust L
Michael and Laura ('00) Murphy
Helen Murray Estate L
Kenneth ('75) and Kelley Murray Q
Mackenzie Murray L
Mr. Edward ('70) and Mrs. Edward Murray
Murray Foundation L
Betty C. Museus ('59) H
Amy Mustain ('96) Q
Gerald and Martha Myers Q
James Myers ('72)
Lenore G. Myers LH
Lola Myers
Shawn ('00) and Melissa Myers
Ruth Myers-Melching ('59) H
Ruth Myers-Melching ('59) in memory of Pastor Joseph Myers ('68) L
Muryl Myhre L
Richard ('58) and Marlene ('56) Myking Q
Gunnulf Myrbo

A. George and Kathleen ('65) Nace
Gary and M ary ('90) Nadeau Q
William ('60) and Elfie Ann Nadell
Daryl D. and Joan C. Nagel I
Janelle Nagel ('00) Q
Pamela Nagel ('70) Q
Joseph and Janice ('87) Nakahara
Nalley's Fine Foods LI
R. Clinton and Diane Names Q
Scott and Evelyn Names LQ
Thomas and Meg Names
Robert and Penni Nance
Dana Nasby ('90)
David and Ruth Ann Nasby
Therese Nation ('00)
National Bank of Alaska I
Nativity Lutheran Church, Bend, OR
Michael ('79) and Jeani Natwick Q
Eric Nau ('99)
June Nau-Harrington ('90) Q
N C Machinery Company I
NCR Foundation LM
R. Ann Nedrow ('73)
Barbara and Martin Neeb LQ
Larry Neeb LHQ
Paul ('69) and Doreen ('69) Negstad
Jerry ('63) and Barbara Nehring
Edward and Betty Jo Neils H
Michael ('71) and Cheryl ('71) Neils Q
Scott and Priscilla Neils L
Shirley Neils L
Michael and Jennifer ('68) Neiswender
Thomas Neitzel
Audrey Nelson ('67) Q
Bruce and Ellen ('50) Nelson
C. Lennard ('54) and Suzanne ('55) Nelson LQ
Charles and Lois Nelson LQ
Daniel ('76) and Debra ('76) Nelson
David and Beverly ('64) Nelson
David Nelson ('83)
David ('73) and Michele ('74) Nelson
Denny ('60) and Judith ('61) Nelson Q
Douglas ('90) and Maria Nelson Q
Drew ('81) and Marilyn Nelson L
Ed and Judith Nelson Q
Eric Nelson ('82) Q
G.J. Nelson
George and Alma Nelson L
Glen ('69) and Mary Nelson Q
Grayce Nelson
Harley Nelson ('72) Q
Harold and Sylvia Nelson Estate L
Jennifer Nelson ('93)
Julie Nelson ('92)
Kirk ('78) and Patricia Nelson Q
Lloyd ('42) and Mildred Nelson
Mark Nelson ('76) Q
Michael ('85) and Britt ('84) Nelson
Michael ('85) and Janet Nelson Q
Norita Nelson ('59)
Norman Nelson ('60) Q
Paul ('71) and Darlene ('70) Nelson Q
Peter ('82) and Gloria Nelson
Robert and Colleen Nelson, Jr. H
Robert Nelson ('55) Q
Russell D. Nelson Trust L
Thomas Allen Nelson ('58) Q
Todd Nelson ('88) Q
Vern and Virginia Nelson
Kathleen Neptun ('82)
Mae Nerison
Lars Nerland Estate L

Borghild Neset ('57)
Arne ('72) and Rhonda ('73) Ness LQ
Glenn ('71) and Sue Ness
Kaare and Sigrunn Ness Q
Kim ('83) and Krystn ('84) Nesselquist Q
Burton and Jean Nesset LH
Thelma Nesset L
David ('57) and Jane Nesvig Q
Hazel Nesvig('35) HQ
Jonathan ('67) and Morrene Head Nesvig
Mark ('71) and Jeanine Nesvig
Milt ('35) and Hazel ('35) Nesvig L
Philip ('70) and Natalie ('79) Nesvig Q
Bruce Neswick ('78)
John and Esther Neu L
Joanna Robinson Neuberger ('83) and Tim A. R. Neuberger
Richard and Mary Neuder
Steven Neuder ('84) and Elizabeth Foster
Carol Neufeld ('55) HQ
Harvey ('54) and Carol ('55) Neufeld L
William Neuman Estate L
Glenn ('74) and Patricia Neumann
Jeffrey ('89) and Anila ('91) Neumeister Q
Nevada Power Company M
Marvin and Carol ('63) Neveu
Karina Newell ('92) Q
Richard ('67) and Margie Newell LQ
Verne Newhouse ('53) Q
Vivian Newport ('99)
The News Tribune L
David and Eileen ('80) Newton
Robert ('44) and Anne ('46) Newton Q
Thelma Newton L
Hoang Nguyen ('00)
Dorothy Nichols
Gordon and Robin ('85) Nichols
W. Robert Nichols L
Gary and Laura ('93) Nicholson Q
Sarah Nicholson ('01) Q
William ('69) and Carland Nicholson
John Nicklin
Gorham and Robin Nicol
John ('48) and Lorraine Nicolai
Michael and Martha Niebauer
Wendy Niebauer ('01) Q
Ann Marie Nielsen ('57) Q
Deryl and Patricia Nielsen
Donald and Carol Nielsen
Jack and Roseanna ('55) Nielsen
Walter and Kathryn Nielsen
Gus Nieman Estate L
Robert ('50) and Patricia Nieman L
Stella Nieman ('57)
Dale Nienow ('79) and Rebecca Brown-Nienow
Herbert ('47) and Patti ('48) Nienstedt LQ
David ('69) and Doris Nierman Q
Douglas ('95) and Marit ('95) Nierman Q
Jim and Joni ('03) Niesz Q
Gary Nikkari ('64)
Pauline Nikolaisen
Bengt and Ann Nilsson
Sue Nilsson Estate L
A. Ross and Leslie ('77) Nisbet
Virginia Nisker
Nissho Iwai American Corp I
Jean Nistad ('53) H
Robert ('53) and Jean ('53) Nistad L
William and Jayme Nitz HQ
Ronald ('74) and Leslie Noborikawa Q
Richard Nodtvedt ('57) Q
Dr. James Nokleberg ('53) LH
James ('53) and Margaret Nokleberg Q
John and Betty ('89) Noll
David Noller ('71)
Ronald and Mary Noonan
Jeff and Terry Norberg
Norma Norby ('48) Q
Rodney ('61) and Marie Nordberg
Dr. and Mrs. E.J. Nordby
Robert ('57) and Evelyn ('53) Nordeen Q
Eric Nordholm Q
Dale ('76) and Karen ('77) Nordin
Gary ('72) and Treena Nordmark
Hans and Kathleen ('64) Nordmark
E. Wallace and Jeanette Nordness
Paul Nordquist ('92)
Philip ('56) and Helen ('57) Nordquist LHQ
Duane ('50) and Gloria Nordstrom
Nordstrom L
Robert ('72) and Joan Nordstrom Q
Michael and Sandra ('91) Noreen
Phyllis Noren
Gwen Norlander ('89)
Brian Norman ('99)
Sherman and Gloria Nornes LQ
Martin ('42) and Jo Ann North Q
Richard and Kathleen ('86) North
Richard North
Northern States Power Company M
Northern Trust Company M
Curtis and Marion ('64) Northrop
Roger Northway-Meyer ('70)
Northwest Airlines, Inc. L
Northwest Area Foundation L
Northwest Washington Synod, ELCA, Seattle, WA L
Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance M
James and Sheila Norton
Norwegian Information Service L
Donald ('50) and Naomi ('53) Nothstein LHQ
David ('97) and Jane Nova
Dale ('81) and Lenora Novak
Melvin ('59) and Colleen Novotney Q
George ('52) and Phyllis ('52) Nowadnick LQ
Gary and Marilyn Noyer Q
Leona Nugen ('94)
Dennis ('71) and Margaret ('71) Nugent
Douglas ('83) and Karen Nugent
Bruce ('61) and Ann Nunes Q
Rosemary Nunn ('68)
Gery Nunnelee ('70)
Georgetta Nupen H
Orville Nupen
James ('61) and Carolee ('61) Nyborg
Dale ('68) and Ruth Nybro
Eric and Peggy ('76) Nye
Stanford ('65) and Annette ('62) Nygard
Lloyd ('45) and Margaret Nyhus HQ
Richard and Linda Nyland Q
Betty Nylander ('68) Q
David Nyman ('73)

Oak Harbor Lutheran Church, Oak Harbor, WA Q
Duwayne ('52) and Elva Oakes
John ('68) and Shirley ('69) Oakley LHQ
Douglas and Deborah Oakman Q
Robin Ober ('00)
James and Dorothy O'Brien
Michael ('57) and Beverly ('59) O'Brien Q
Allen and Linda Ochsner
John ('53) and Jeris ('60) Ockfen Q
Tasha Ockfen ('00)
Kevin O'Connell ('74) Q
Grace O'Connor
Richard O'Connor
Rob and Ina O'Connor
Ellis and Patricia Odberg LHQ
Eric ('92) and Malia Odberg Q
Dick and Carmen ('61) Ode Q
Richard and Carmen ('61) Ode
Patrick H. O'Dell and Jean C. Tindall-O'Dell ('89)
Lawrence and Joyce O'Donnell
Frederick and Elizabeth ('76) Odsen Q
James and Judith Ofelt
Lisa Ofenloch ('92) Q
Office Depot, Inc. M
Dona Offner Q
Donald ('54) and Kathleen ('54) Ogard Q
Erik ('88) and Diane ('88) Ogard Q
Kathleen O'Hanlon
Sharon O'Hara
Emma Elizabeth Ohlson Q
James Ojala ('69) Q
Ray and Erma Ojennus
Barbara Okeson ('87) Q
Leif ('75) and Pichin Oksenvaag Q
Robert ('56) and Carolyn Olafson
Zenon Olbertz ('71) and Molly Stuen ('72) Q
Mildred Olden ('56) Q
Alice Olin
Heath and Shelby ('96) Olinger
J. Troy and Heidi ('90) Olivadoti
Howard and Delora ('54) Olivers
Andrew and Gayle ('74) Olsen
Bruce ('83) and Pamela ('83) Olsen Q

David and Gladys ('57) Olsen Q
Eric ('80) and Carol Olsen
James ('63) and Barbara Olsen
Jerrold Olsen ('88)
Karl ('47) and Lois ('46) Olsen Q
Leslie and Carol Olsen
Stanley and Sally Olsen H
Wayne Olsen ('57)
Alan Olson ('80)
Arden Olson ('74) Q
Brian C. Olson ('83) LHQ
Cliff and Ella Olson L
David and Arvis Olson LQ
Don Olson
Dona Olson L
E. Goodwin ('41) and Dorothy ('89) Olson
Franklin and Karen ('90) Olson
George and Gerene Olson
H. Garvik ('27) and Betty Olson Q
Helen-Joanne Olson ('53)
Janice Olson ('90)
John Olson ('71)
Jon ('62) and Carol ('63) Olson LHQ
Kenneth ('61) and Roselyn ('58) Olson
Kevin Olson and Karen Bates-Olson ('80) Q
Knut Olson ('90) and Kimberly Morter Olson ('88) LHQ
Kyle and Kathrine ('73) Olson
Larry and Susan ('68) Olson
Linda Nelson Olson Ph.D. R.N. LQ
Mark ('84) and Mary ('82) Olson Q
Martin and Gloria Olson
Michael Olson ('92) Q
Mildred A. Olson ('51) L
Paul and Elizabeth Jill Olson Q
Paul and Lynn ('77) Olson
Randall ('84) and Barbara Olson
Randy Olson ('83) Q
Richard and Patricia Olson
Robert ('59) and Carol Olson Q
Rodney and Eleanor ('39) Olson
Roger ('58) and Joyce ('58) Olson
Thomas Olson and Sandra Krause-Olson ('89)
Olson/Sundberg Architects, Inc. I
Olympia Brewing Company L
Olympic Homecare Products Company L
Olympic Resource Management I
Gordon ('70) and Marsha ('70) Omdal
Leonard and Margaret Omdal L
Margaret Omdal Q
Richard and Julianne Omland
Brian A. O'Morrow ('86) and Kristen L. De Boer ('87)
Raymond and Marsha Onaga
115th Seabee Battalion
Thomas and Sara O'Neill
Georgia Oppen Q
Oregon Synod, ELCA, Portland, OR L
Orion Laboratories L
Ashley Orr ('00) Q
John and Mary Orr
Norman and Maizie Orth H
Kathy Ortiz
Richard ('73) and Cathleen Osborne
Roger ('74) and Beverly Osborne
Roger and Janet ('58) Ose H
Frederic and Mary Oshiro
Virginia Osman ('42)
Peter ('90) and Wendy Ostenson Q
Richard ('71) and Lynn ('71) Ostenson LQ
William ('61) and Patricia Ostenson LQ
John ('50) and Betty ('48) Ostrander
Geir Ostrem ('92) and Katrin Maseidvag
Doug and Tracie ('99) Ott
Marcia Ott ('87)
Douglas ('67) and Kim ('68) Otten Q
Carol Otterson ('88)
Sally Otterson ('83)
Gail and Janis ('77) Otto Q
Lisa Ottoson ('87) Q
Wilbur and Inabelle June ('63) Otwell
Rick ('76) and Sally Ouhl Q
Our Redeemer Lutheran Church, Hood River, OR
Our Savior's Lutheran Church, Everett, WA L
Our Savior's Lutheran Church, Prineville, OR Q
Our Savior's Lutheran Church, Salem, OR Q
Our Saviour's Lutheran Church, Aberdeen, WA Q
Our Saviour's Lutheran Church, Bremerton, WA LQ
Catherine Overland ('94) Q
Merlyn ('63) and Joan ('63) Overland Q
Paul Overvold ('73) and Norene Smith ('76) Q
Ervin Owen ('38) Q
Helmi Owens Q
David and Carol ('77) Owren
Leonard ('68) and Anne ('74) Ozmun Q
Arthur and Aija Ozolin Q

Pacific Coca-Cola Bottling Company L
Pacific First Bank L
Pacific Metal Company I
Pacific Mutual Life Insurance Company M
Pacific Northwest Synod, Lutheran Church in America, Seattle, WA L
Sue Padden
James Paddleford ('82) Q
La Verne and Lloyd(Dick) Paff LH
Douglas and Kristin Page HQ
John and Anna Page LH
William Page ('71)
Terence and Gretchen ('82) Palmer
Barbara Palombi ('74)
Anthony and Julie ('80) Panagiotu
Mary Pandrea ('85)
Christopher Pankey ('76) Q
Gene and Margaret Pankey
Rosellen Paolino
Janette Parent ('00)
Segeun Park ('00)
Lance ('90) and Leona ('87) Parker Q
Parker, Smith & Feek, Inc. I
Robert and Myrtle Parker H
George Parkerson ('82) Q
Parkland Collision Center Q
Parkland-Spanaway Rotary Club Q
Thomas and Mary Ann Parks
Susan Parr ('63) LH
Junior Parris and Vonda Broom-Parris ('81)
William C. Parrish L
Betty Parrott ('38) HQ
Keith ('66) and Wanda Parrott
George Parsons ('76)
Paul Pastor and Ann Nicholson
Allan and Donna Patchett Q
Kenneth Pate ('52) LQ
Daniel ('99) and Kimberly ('99) Paterno
Daniel and Karen ('92) Patjens Q
Mr. and Mrs. Dean Patterson
Joseph ('98) and Allison ('99) Patterson Q
Ronald and Jeanne Patterson Q
Jim and Marcie ('81) Paul
Laura Pauli ('00)
Clement and Stephanie H Paulson
Eric and Elna Paulson LQ
Gerald ('57) and Carol Paulson Q
Robert ('65) and Marjorie ('66) Paulson
Thomas Payne ('87) and Alexia Eide-Payne ('87) LQ
Peace Lutheran Church, Colfax, WA Q
Peace Lutheran Church, Edgewood, WA Q
Peace Lutheran Church, Salem, OR Q
Peace Lutheran Church, Silvana, WA LQ
Arthur and Lianne ('63) Pearson
David ('67) and Nancy Pearson Q
Eugene and Barbara Pearson LQ
Marvin and Deloris ('42) Pease HQ
Meredith Pease ('99)
Ginger Peck
Robert and Susan ('74) Peck
Einar and Emma May Pedersen Q
Emilie Pedersen ('41) H
Georg and Nina Pedersen
Laura Pedersen Q
O. M. and Emilie ('41) Pedersen L
Robert ('70) and Janice Pedersen Q
Svend ('70) and Cathy Jo ('70) Pedersen Q
Arne ('41) and Gloria ('42) Pederson LHQ
Diana Pederson ('86) LH
John ('68) and Cathy ('69) Pederson LHQ
Leslie ('64) and Cheryl ('65) Pederson Q
Nancy Pedot ('73) and John Chiatello Q
Scott ('72) and Nancy ('73) Peebles Q
Edward and Karen Peele
Gene ('58) and Carol Peisker HQ
Helen Pelis ('76)
Rena V. Pellegrini Estate ('29) L
PEMCO Financial Center MI
Ethel Yoakum Pender and Family L
Ethel Yoakum Pender Q
Penford Corporation I
Peninsula Lutheran Church, Gig Harbor, WA LQ
Douglas ('92) and Christine Pennington
Marvin J. Pennington H
Margaret Peper Q
Pepsi-Cola Company I
Marvin ('79) and Kathaleen Perala
Mary Percell ('00) Q
Jack and Kathryn ('70) Perciful Q
Andrew and Melissa ('91) Perdue
Caroline Perdue H
Sherryl Perdue
Ted and J. DelRene ('79) Perkins
Blayne Perleth ('61) Q
Perrier Group of America
Albert Perry L
Dale ('78) and Betty Perry Q
Dave Perry and Deborah Noble-Perry ('78)
Eugene ('54) and Shirley Perry H
Glenn and Janice Perry

Jeffrey ('93) and Elizabeth Perry
Jessica Perry ('92)
John ('91) and Betsy Jo ('90) Perry Q
Judith Perry ('63) Q
Leslie Perry L
Peter and Lois ('62) Perry Q
Douglas ('75) and Susan ('74) Pershall
Wendell and Marilu ('60) Person Q
Gordon and Janelle ('57) Personius
Stanley ('75) and Ruth Pesis
Lester and Evelyn Peter LH
Alfred Peters Q
Clark and Aurora Peters Q
David and Deborah Anderson ('73) Peters
Dennis ('88) and Chandra ('88) Peters
Scott Peters ('94) Q
Petersburg Lutheran Church, Petersburg, AK Q
David and Karen Petersen
Donald ('71) and Colleen Petersen
Harry ('50) and Jerrilee Petersen
John and Marilouise Petersen Q
Jon and Dorothy Petersen Q
Mary Petersen H
Mrs. Einer Petersen L
Arthur and Carol Peterson LQ
Barbara A. Peterson, (Mrs. Warren) LQ
Clayton and Leona Peterson L
Dale Peterson ('67) Q
David Peterson ('74)
David ('58) and Lorraine ('58) Peterson
Dean and Cynthia Peterson
Dwayne and Eleanor Peterson H
Edwin and Edwin Peterson Q
Eleanor Peterson H
Gail and Rhonda Peterson
Gerald Peterson ('55)
Harold ('43) and Bernice ('43) Peterson Q
Helen Peterson ('47)
Holly Peterson ('01)
James Peterson and Gerry Hagedorn ('66) LHQ
Jill Lange Peterson ('68)
Joel Peterson ('80) and Lea Mathieu
John and Marti Peterson
Jonathon and Ruth ('73) Peterson
Laurence ('66) and Darlene Peterson
Lawrence ('50) and Beth ('50) Peterson Q
Leo and Mary Peterson
Leona Peterson Q
Lillian Peterson LHQ
Lorraine Peterson
Lynda Peterson ('63)
Mark ('77) and Elaine ('78) Peterson
Norris Peterson ('75) and Mary Waag Peterson ('75)
O. Elmer ('49) and Myrtle ('48) Peterson
Peter ('86) and Danelle ('86) Peterson
Randall ('66) and Carla Peterson
Richard and Shirley Peterson
Robert and Robyn ('92) Peterson
Rolf and Ann Peterson
Mr. and Mrs. Wallace Peterson H
William ('65) and Mary Peterson Q
Willis ('63) and Gail ('62) Peterson
Ray Petry Estate L
Tonje Pettersen ('00)
Kathleen Pettit H
Kristina Pfeil ('88) Q
Marianne Pfeil
Pfizer, Inc. M
Merle Pflueger LH
Paul ('47) and Viola Pflueger L
Raymond Pflueger
James and Rebecca ('73) Pharris
Angela Phay ('97)
John and Joan Philipkosky
Barbara Phillips H
Carol Phillips ('57) Q
Dean ('81) and Susan ('81) Phillips
James Phillips ('59)
Jennifer Phillips ('91) Q
Karen Hille Phillips ('55) LHQ
Phinney Ridge Lutheran Church, Seattle, WA L
Phoenix Home Life Mutual Insurance M
Anna Pickett
Gregory Pickett ('00)
Dean and Linda Pierce
Rita Pierce
Gary and Patti Pierson Q
Ronald and Inez Pierson
Erik Bill and Louise ('50) Pihl LHQ
Martin and Darlene Pihl LQ
Walter and Jeanette Pilgrim LQ
Ralph and Marjorie Pine
B. Dan and Joanna Pinick
Patricia Pinkstaff ('43) Q
Dean ('86) and Carey ('86) Pinto
Katherine Piper ('75)
Margaret Pischl
Julie Piscitella ('00)
Roger and Leslie Piscitella
Kim Pisha ('95)
Guy and Susan ('80) Pittman Q
Stanley and Patricia Pitts Q
Arved ('81) and Marilee Plaks
Robert and Julie ('92) Platt Q
K. C. and Wendy Platzer
William and M. Jonelle Pleasance
Ken Plewa and Lynne Boeger ('82)
Gary Plews ('64)
Martha Plonk
Mike Plows ('82) Q
PLU Women's Club LQ
Lorraine Plum
Helen M. Pohlig ('75) L
Bernice Polchow H
Mark and Laura ('75) Polcyn LHQ
Howard and Nancy ('60) Polen Q
Paul and Sona Polillo H
Lazarus ('51) and Martha Politakis Q
Wiljo and Anna ('66) Pollari
Beverly Pollock ('77)
Robert and Inez Pollock
Julia Pomerenk ('83) Q
David and Laureen Pomeroy
Edward and Verna Pommerenke
Nora Ponder L
Clifford and Marilyn ('82) Ponnikas Q
Martin and Joyce ('74) Poole
Ralph and Nancy Poole
Edward ('76) and Elizabeth Yee-Lee ('76) Poon
William Pope ('75) Q
R. S. Poplin
Douglas and Nikki Poppen
Jerry Poppen ('64) Q
Chris Porter ('95) Q
Dan and Nanci Porter
Paul Porter and Mary Drutis-Porter
Portsmouth Trinity Lutheran Church, Portland, OR Q
Melanie Poss ('77)
Potlatch Foundation II M
Gregory ('70) and Susan Potter Q
John and Maradee ('73) Potter Q
Neil ('49) and Anita ('46) Potthoff
Bruce and Deborah ('78) Poulin
David and Mary Powell
Gary Powell ('76) HQ
Monte and Diane ('86) Powell
Orbrey and Marie Powell
Ronald ('72) and Shirley Powell
Todd ('00) and Shawna Powell
David and Louise Powelson
Barbara Powers ('76)
Gregory and Heidi ('78) Pramuk
Kelly Pranghofer ('97) and Kasie Scales Pranghofer ('97)
Betty Prasch
Anthony ('01) and Sonya ('00) Prata Q
John and Janet ('70) Praxel
Carl and Dallas Anne ('64) Presley
Presser Foundation L
Peter Prest ('95)
Eilert and Virginia Prestegaard
Erik Prestegaard ('76)
Eileen Preston
Glenn ('76) and Janna ('75) Preston Q
Jason Preuit ('00)
Paul Preus ('33) Q
Arthur and Helen Price Q
Brent and Joan Price
Brian ('55) and Jane Price HQ
Jack and Patricia Price
Marshall Price
Matthew Price ('01)
Richard and Deanna ('82) Price
Price Waterhouse Foundation M
Janet Prichard H
Paul and Carolyn Prichard
John and Maryellen Priedeman
Stanford Prince
Prince of Peace Lutheran Church, Everett, WA Q
Prince of Peace Lutheran Church, Seattle, WA L
Prince of Peace Lutheran Church, Spokane, WA Q
The Principal Financial Group Foundation, Inc. I
Thomas E. Prior and Linda Hammargren Prior ('73)
William ('77) and Patrice ('78) Pritchard Q
Jeffrey ('63) and Margaret ('65) Probstfield LQ
Virginia Prochnow ('57) LQ
Scott and Katherine ('85) Proctor
Proctor & Gamble Fund M
Edward and Barbara ('78) Przasnyski
Public Service Electric and Gas Company M
Gregory ('88) and Mary ('89) Pubols
William ('89) and Laurie Pubols
Puget Sound Bank L
Puget Sound Energy LM
Philip and Ingrid ('73) Pugh
Sylvia Morken ('62) and Melville Pugh HQ
Raymond ('78) and Theresa Pulsifer Q
Thomas Pumphrey
Elmer and Eleanor Punohu
Gary and Sue Purdy
Karen Pursel
Stanley and Cecilia Purvis Q
Janet Putnam ('73)
Lois Putnam
James ('72) and Linda ('72) Puttler
Ann Pyfer ('41)
Stephen and Kim ('81) Pyle

Helen Quale ('31) Q
David Qualheim ('72)

Quality Food Centers, Inc. I
Sieu and Muoi Quan
John Quarles H
Janice Quello HQ
Carol Ann Quigg ('58) LQ
Timothy ('67) and Letitia ('67) Quigley Q
Richard ('70) and Susan ('70) Quinn L

The Rabel Family Advised Fund I
Ginnette Rabon ('94)
Kenneth and Susan Radek
Janet N. Radford H
Richard and Cynthia ('69) Radford
David ('65) and Lynne ('65) Radke
John and Kate Radzyminski
Kirsten Rae ('92)
Eric and Jil ('89) Rael
Carroll Raether
Gerald and Cher Rafftery Q
Ragen MacKenzie Incorporated. I
Frank and Rebecca ('85) Rainsberger
Richard and Karen ('62) Raisler Q
Laurie Raisys
Raleigh, Schwarz, & Powell, Inc. LI
Antonio and Judith Ramaglia Q
John and Martha Ramirez
Jose and Delia Ramirez
Edward Ramsdale Estate L
Heidi Ramseth ('98)
Mark and Carol Ramseth Q
Lynda Ramsey ('78)
Shirley Ramsey ('80)
Effie Ramstad Estate L
Marvin ('38) and Della Mae Ramstad
William ('49) and Betty Ramstad LHQ
Judy Ramstead ('62) Q
Alvin and Mary Randall Q
Kenneth Randall and Kathleen Carlson
Patricia Randall ('74)
Ernest ('51) and Charlotte ('50) Randolph
Scott ('84) and Elizabeth Ransom
William ('69) and Lois Ranta Q
Michael and Judith Rash H
Edward and Cathryn Rasmuson L
Elmer and Mary Louise Rasmuson L
Fraser ('66) and Lynn ('68) Rasmussen Q
Margaret L. Rasmussen L
Irvin and Mildred Rauch
Gordon Ray and Deanna ('67) Standiford
Marsha Ray ('69)
William and Diana Ray H
Lawrence and Mary Raynes
Raytheon Company M
William R. and Doris T. Rea LHQ
William and Elvira ('55) Reardon Q
John ('56) and Betty Ann Reay HQ
Ronald and Barbara ('82) Rebish
Stephen ('68) and Karen Ann ('69) Recher
Recreational Equipment, Inc. I
Red Wing Shoe Store Q
Torleif ('61) and Valborg Redal
Redeemer Lutheran Church, Tacoma, WA
Joye Redfield ('80)
Bonnie Rediske ('51)
Joanne Reece ('68)
Bernice Reed
James and Joan Reed
Paul and Rachel ('78) Reeder
Loyd and Vivian Reels L
Anne Reep L
David ('82) and Vonnie Reep Q
Roger ('61) and Lea Rae Reep Q
Gail Rees ('78)
Donald Reese ('53) and Keva Monson HQ
Russel and Doris Reese
Cody ('77) and Elizabeth Reeves
John and P. Gayle ('76) Reeves
Mike and Debra Sue ('76) Regele
Martin and Janet ('85) Regge Q
Kurt and Deborah ('00) Rehberg
Reichhold Foundation L
Scott and Andrea ('90) Reid
Kenneth ('82) and Vera Reidy Q
Katharine Reigstad ('76) and David Davidson Q
Paul and Marjorie Reigstad Q
Catherine Reilly ('75) Q
Terry and Ruthann ('84) Reim
Donald ('52) and Janet ('55) Reiman L
Janet Reiman ('55) HQ
Mark ('79) and Lori Reiman Q
Paul ('50) and Theresa Reiman
Simon Reinbold L
Eugene ('89) and Michelle Reindel Q
Tracy ('77) and Barbara ('75) Reiner L
Darrell and Sara Reinke
Gary and Christy ('79) Reinking
Leon and Donna ('78) Reisberg Q
Nina Reiten ('82)
Armin ('44) and Miriam Reitz
Otto ('52) and Laverne Reitz
Robert ('44) and Doris Reitz Q
ReliaStar Financial Corporation I
Marlene Reller ('56)

Robert and Jeanette Remole
Joseph and Sandra ('67) Renati
Tom and Diana ('81) Renn
Lowell and Virginia Renz
Daemon ('97) and Kristin ('97) Repp
Research Corporation L
Becky Rettkowski Q
G. Ronald ('53) and Carol Reule
James and Diane ('86) Reus
Thomas and Teita Reveley
John and Evelyn Reynolds
The J. B. Reynolds Foundation I
C. Robert ('91) and Kristi ('91) Rice
Carrie Rice ('98)
David ('68) and Joan Rice Q
Lucian and Charlotte Rice L
David ('85) and Marguerite Rich
Avery Kerr and Jennifer Richards ('00)
Daniel and Kelly ('92) Richards
Laura Marie Richards ('41) Q
A. Cullen ('72) and Debbie Richardson Q
Geoffrey and Christina ('90) Richardson
John and Sharon ('62) Richardson
Robert Richardson
Tanya Anne Richardson ('94)
Jack and Carol Riches
Theodore and Linda ('68) Ricketts
Cecil and Meri ('82) Rider
James ('72) and Lynne ('72) Ridgeway
Cheryl Riebe
Kipp Riebe
Riedel & Company, Inc M
Brian Riehs ('01)
Elwood ('56) and LaVon Rieke HQ
Emma Rieke L
Robert and Gladys Rieke LQ
William ('53) and Joanne ('54) Rieke LHQ
David ('66) and Cheryl ('71) Ries Q
Michael and Stacy ('88) Riffle
Charles and Margaret Righetti
Lawrence and Marguerite Riiff
Kenneth ('59) and Audrey ('62) Riis Q
Bruce ('76) and Peggie Riley
William and Ann Riley
Evangeline Rimbach ('52)
Kerstin E. Ringdahl ('82) HQ
Julie Ringnalda ('87)
James Rink ('85)
William and Deanna ('92) Rink
David and Cheryl Rinn
Steven ('85) and Kristine ('86) Rinn
Jeff Rippey ('78) LQ
Kathryn Rippey L
Stanley and Eleanor ('41) Rippon Q
Patti Lee Risdal ('76) Q
Robert ('67) and Carol Rismiller
Robert John Ristow ('89)
Erik ('86) and Susan ('86) Ristuben HQ
David and Betty ('69) Ritchie Q
Gerald ('61) and Maureen ('61) Ritter Q
Michelle Ritter ('96) Q
Arthur and Patricia Ritthaler
Jon and Karen Rivenburg H
Armand Riveness LQ
M. Delane ('60) and Beverly Riveness
Felipe Rivera
Po-Chuan ('68) and Chiu Yu Ro
Helen Roalkvam ('51)
William ('64) and Marilyn ('65) Robb
David and Karen ('73) Robbins Q
Deborah Robbins ('77)
Edward and Judy ('70) Robbins
Bill and Allison Roberts Q
Robert ('71) and Ann Roberts Q
Rumohr Roberts ('48)
Scott Roberts ('89)
Wesley and Christine Roberts
Gary and Debra ('77) Robertson
Matthew Robertson and Maren Nelson ('81)
Kenneth ('57) and Sandra ('56) Robinson Q
Robert and Marie Robinson
Robert and Virginia Robinson
Randall ('78) and Marjie ('81) Rochester
Vern ('52) and Jean Rockstad
Mercedes Rockstad-Lickfelt
Karen Rod ('97)
Monte and Rose Roden Q
Barbara Roder

James Rodgers ('70)
Curtis ('83) and Carol ('86) Rodin Q
Jon Rodin ('86)
Elva Rodley
Richard and Elaine Rodning HQ
Lawrence and Lillian Rody
Edward and Charlotte Roe
Kelmer Roe Q
Ronald and Ingrid ('64) Roed
Paul and Nancy ('66) Roesch
Douglas Rogelstad ('83)
Wallace ('55) and Marion ('55) Rogelstad
William and Janet Rogers H
Wilma Rogers ('74)
Barry and Carole Ann Rogge HQ
Phyllis Rogness ('62)
Gary ('77) and Suzanne Rohde
Rajnish Rohila ('92)
Oscar & Doris Rolander LH
Dennis ('52) and Mary Roley Q
Mars Rolfson L
Gilbert and Georgine ('86) Roller HQ
Shannon Rollo ('00)
Troy and Susan Rolph
Roman Meal Company L
Romo Construction General Contractor
Daniel ('94) and Karin ('95) Roney
Chad ('99) and Sarah ('98) Roraback Q
J. Brendan ('89) and Kelly ('89) Rorem Q
Linda Rosales ('78)
Dr. and Mrs. Gerald Rosdahl
Daniel ('56) and Marilyn Rose Q
Donald ('93) and Laurie ('95) Rose
Rena Rose
Sterling and Marjorie Rose L
Sterling Rose H
William and Carol Lee ('73) Rose
Leland ('56) and Greta ('57) Roseberg Q
Jerry and Billye Roseliep Q
John Rosenberg and Nancy Faaren ('76) Q
Elma Rosenberger
Sandy Rosenbladt
Jeffrey Rosendahl ('01)
Moshe Rosenfeld and Susan Kaetz Q
Steven ('88) and Lori Roser
John Rosi ('90)
Armin ('50) and Carolyn ('57) Rosin Q
Edward ('50) and Margaret ('51) Rosin Q
Kristin Ross ('00)
Lawrence ('58) and Marit Ross Q
Robert ('54) and Suzie ('54) Ross Q
Marion Roth
Emil and Arlene Rothenberger
Gary and Laura ('77) Rothenberger Q
Bonnie Rothert ('93)
Jerald and Judelle Rothi Q
Paul ('83) and JoAnn ('91) Rothi Q
Danny Rotter-Thomassen
George Roundy
William Rountree ('81)
Richard ('69) and Susan ('71) Rouse HQ
Ann Rowberg H
Donald ('75) and Debra ('76) Rowberg Q
Clifford and Jille Rowe Q
Shawna Rowe ('96)
Thomas Rowe ('89)
James ('75) and Sandra Rowland HQ
Robert and Mary Rowland
Clayton E. and Joan G. Royce L
Joan G. Royce HQ
Lois Ruck ('63)
Harold Ruddick H
William Rudolph ('74)
Melville and Dorothy Rue H
Philip ('68) and Mary Rue Q
Stephen ('97) and Kristin ('97) Rue
Douglas and Lisa Ruecker H
Junet Runbeck ('35) Q
Dolan and Barbara ('61) Rundquist
Marilyn Running
Richard Running ('65)
Robert Running ('65)
Jack Ruscoe
John and Candice ('91) Rushton
Alan and Pamela ('72) Russell LHQ
George and Jane Russell LQ
James and Gerrie Russell L
Mary Baker Russell L
Richard and Diane ('71) Russell
Shannon and Robyn Russell
Brian Ruud ('90) and Caryn Cammock Ruud ('90) Q
Janet Ruud ('70) Q
Kenneth ('62) and Barbara ('65) Ruud
Marian Ruud
Robert ('69) and Margaret ('72) Ruud
Kenneth ('87) and Rebecca ('86) Ryals Q
Michael and Ann ('88) Ryan
Glenn ('75) and Frances ('78) Ryder
M. Sterling and Inga Rygg LH
Matthew Rygg ('00)
David ('84) and Maureen Ryniec

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