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Leadership and Service

The success of LuteRecruit

FRONT ROW: Ryan Speier and his brother Brandon. BACK ROW: Ashley Orr ’00; Ryan’s parents, Denise and Brad Speier.

You just never know who might become a Lute, thanks to you! The LuteRecruit program really works and Ryan Speier ’04 is living proof. Ryan’s name came to PLU on a LuteRecruit card, submitted by recent grad, Ashley Orr ’00. Thanks to both her volunteer admissions work and the work of PLU’s admissions staff, Ryan enrolled at PLU this fall as a freshman. Think of those you might know in your family, your neighborhood or your community that would be a good match for PLU, and submit their names on the postage paid card found in every issue of Scene. Also look for the LuteRecruit form on the Alumni website (www.plu.edu/~arel/lrct_rfr.html) or call 800-ALUM-PLU.

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