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Picture Perfect

This group of college friends has remained very close since their days at PLU. They all met while residing in Stuen Hall, and despite living in different parts of the country, still get together several times a year. In this photograph, they are gathered to celebrate the engagement of their good friend Jason Thompson to Gloria McClanahan, who he met while working for the Frank Russell company in New York. If you were a member of Iota Poka Pi or lived in Stuen Hall between 1988 and 1996 and would like to learn more, you can find them all on their website www.iotapokapi.com.


TOP ROW: (from left): Adam Sturgill 92 holding son Aaron, Katrina (Hougen) Sturgill 91 holding son Noah; Christian Murray 93; Corrine (Erickson) Murray 94; Kelly Hockelberg-Young 93; Dr. Jeffery Young 93; Karin (Witala) Roney 95; Dan Roney 94
BOTTOM ROW (from left): Kim (Rempher) Helseth 96; Troy Helseth 95; Gloria McClanahan; Jason Thompson 93; Christian Gerling 91; Mark Jones 93 holding son Andrew; Kristina (Cummings) Jones 92

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