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Leadership and Service

Q Club Board Members


Karin Anderson
David Berntsen
Ernest Bianco
Rebecca Bianco
Parke Blundon
Debbie Dawson
Lee Dawson*
Kathy Edlund *
Ingrid Gintz *
Lisa Korsmo
Michael Larson
Barrie Mott
Erik Ogard
David Olson
Knut Olson, President *
Laura Polcyn
Stan Purvis
Erv Severtson
Si Torvend
(* Executive Committee)


Neal Arntson
Lynne Bangsund
Alison Corrigan
Joe Dillon
Ron Douglass
Ken Dunmire
Tal Edman
Larry Green
Donald Isensee
Jeff Johnson
Dale Keller
Paul Larson
Don Mott
Bill Rea
Jill Simonson
Inez Van Antwerp
Brett Willis
Mark Woldseth


David Aubrey
Kara Fleharty
Lauralee Hagen
Helen Nordquist

Mission Statement
The mission of Q Club is to provide assistance to deserving students as they prepare for lives of service through a Pacific Lutheran University education.

  1. To keep PLU accessible to deserving students by helping to underwrite the cost of their education.
  2. To increase Q Club membership by recruiting others.
  3. To promote increased annual giving and to endow the universityís future.
  4. To serve as ambassadors to promote good will for the university.


The Alumni Annual Fund spring class representative letters will be arriving soon! This is a great time to join Q Club. For a minimum contribution of $25/month, your gifts to the Q Club provide scholarship aid to approxi-mately 1200 Pacific Lutheran University students. If Q Club isnít a financial option at this time, keep in mind that gifts of every size are impor-tant. Our goal is to raise the alumni giving percentage. Watch your mail, return your reply card, and help con-tinue educating for lives of thoughtful inquiry, service and care by support-ing your Alumni Annual Fund.


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