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Leadership and Service

Alumni Board Holds Spring Meeting

The highlight of each spring meeting of the PLU Alumni Board is to confirm the work of the Awards and Recognition committee. Their work is reflected on the previous page. The Board also approved a recommendation to create a new award to honor the extraordinary commitment and accomplishments of past alumni board president, Brian Olson, who died this past fall from complications following surgery for colon cancer. The Brian C. Olson Award is presented to a student who has demonstrated commitment to the university and the alumni association. By recognizing the importance of connecting students and alumni, this student has shown a potential for life-long service to the university.

The Nominations Committee submitted their recommendations to the Board for filling vacant positions on the Board (please confirm these nominations by voting on the ballot found on this page, or by going to the Alumni and Parent Relations Website which you will find at www.plu.edu/~alumni/. In related business, the Alumni Board by-laws were changed so that in the future, one of three Alumni Board representatives to the Board of Regents will be the current board president.

Darren Hamby 84, 92 was recognized for his service as Alumni Board President these past two years. Rebecca (Nauss) Burad 74 will assume the role of President and Bev (Tranum) Knutzen 55 will become the Vice President at the fall meeting of the Board.

All other committees reported on their work and established goals for the 2001-2002

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