P A C I F I C   L U T H E R A N   U N I V E R S I T Y W I N T E R  2 0 0 1 - 2 0 0 2

[Pacific Lutheran Scene]

Leadership and Service

Honor Roll of Donors

Donor Roll
A - F       G - L       M - R       S - Z

James ('70) and Julie ('70) Aageson Q
John Aakre ('71) and Cynthia Michael ('82) LHQ
Odven ('50) and Maxine Aakre Q
Betty Aalbue Q
Paul ('61) and Nita Aasen
Grant and Ruth Bretheim ('81) Aaseng
Abam Engineers, Inc. L
Gerald ('78) and Bonnie Abbott
Absher Construction Company LQ
Patrick ('85) and Carolyn ('87) Accimus
Marie Ackley Estate L
Eloise Adair
Bert Adams ('89)
J. Daniel ('67) and Ellen ('68) Adams
James and Jeanne Adams
Jennifer Adams ('01) Q
Jo-Ann Adams ('83)
Mark ('91) and Hayley ('91) Adams
Roberta Adams ('96)
Tim and Kristine ('86) Adams
Deanne Addy ('87)
John and Mary Adix L
Arlis Adolf ('71) LQ
Advanced Biometrics, Inc. L
Agilent Technologies M
Barbara Ahna
Fred Ahrendt Estate L
LaWanna Ahrendt ('51) Q
Aid Association for Lutherans Branch #10116
Aid Association For Lutherans LM
Joe and Carol Aiken
Travis and Shirley ('71) Aikin Q
Airborne Freight Corporation I
Gerald and Mary Ann Aker
Clarice Akerson H
Carmen Alarcon-Caine
Alaska Synod, ELCA L
Mark ('79) and Ingrid ('80) Albee
Albers & Company, Inc. I
Meleney Albert ('87)
Bruce and Delores ('93) Alberts
Rodney and Suzanne
Albertson LH
James Albrecht
Alcoa Foundation L
Charles and Mary ('83) Alcock
Gloria Alcordo
George I. Alden Trust L
Gregory and Katherine Alderete
Angelia Alexander Q
Cathleen Alexander ('01)
Daniel ('98) and Holly Alexander
Darius and Maggie Alexander
Paul and Anita Alexander
Thomas Alexander ('79) Q
Jimmie R. Alford LH
Lionel ('80) and Tammy Alford Q
Jean Alfsen Estate L
William and Wilma Alkire
Patrick ('92) and Janet Allan Q
Charlene ('78) and Jay Allen
Charles and Cynthia ('74) Allen
David ('00) and Keleigh ('97) Allen Q
Hal Allen
Marjorie Allen
Merrily Allen Q
Ruth Ann ('89) and A. Russ Allen
William Allen ('70)
William and Ruth Allen
Allen Foundation for Music L
Allenmore Medical
Foundation LQ
Ladd Allison ('78)
James and Jeannette ('67) Allphin
Gary and Judy Allsup
Jeffrey Alm ('85)
Ivar Alm Trust L
Luis and Mary Almonte
Daniel and Anne Alsaker LHQ
Irene Alskog
ALTERA Corporation L
Ellsworth and Nancy Alvord Q
Marshall ('72) and Mary Jo Alworth
Alan and Mari Alyea
Alyeska Pipeline Service
Company M
Amazing Grace Lutheran Church, Anchorage, AK Q
William and Alice ('86) Amblad
ohn ('60) and Joann Amend Q

Laverne Amend ('56) Q
Neal ('53) and LaVerne ('56) Amend L
Richard Amendola ('78)
American Express Foundation LM
American Lutheran Church L
American Sign & Indicator Corporation L
Ameritech Library Services L
Edward and Florence Amundsen
Anacortes Lutheran Church, Anacortes, WA L
David and Kimberly ('90) Andersen
Mark Andersen ('67) and Bonnie MacMaster Andersen ('66) Q
Andersen Consulting Foundation/Arthur Andersen LLP Foundation LM
The Anderson Foundation LI
Alan ('85) and Marilyn ('85) Anderson
Arnold and Caroline ('40) Anderson Q
Mrs. Arthur R. Anderson L
B. Eldon ('35) and Marjory Anderson LQ
Barbara Anderson Q
Brian ('72) and Kristy ('72) Anderson Q
Bruce and Aimee Anderson
Cathy Anderson Q
Anderson LQ
Julie Anderson ('69)
Karin K. Anderson ('99) HQ
Kathryn Anderson Q
Kirsten Anderson ('01)
Kurt Anderson and Debra Kristensen ('80) Q
Laura Anderson ('97)
Loren J. and MaryAnn
Anderson LHQ
Lowell and Donna Anderson
Lowell ('71) and JoMarie ('72) Anderson L
Marcia Gail Anderson ('71)
Mark and Kathryn ('75) Anderson
Mark ('71) and Sandra ('72) Anderson
Olav Anderson Estate L
Paul Anderson ('92) Q
Paul ('71) and Janice Anderson Q
Richard Anderson L
Richard and Barbara Anderson
Robert and Katherine Anderson
Robert ('65) and Mary ('65) Anderson H
Robert and Theresa Anderson
Roger and Suzanne Anderson
Ruth ('65) and Andy Anderson LQ
Sonja Anderson ('99)
Stephen and Rita ('88)
Anderson Q
Synneva ('79) Anderson
Thomas and Kathryn Anderson L
Timothy and Ann ('67) Anderson
Timothy and Susan Anderson
Trina Anderson ('78)
William and Virginia ('91) Anderson
Katherine Andre ('71) Q
Paul ('84) and Deborah ('84) Andre
Algot Andreasson Trust L
Steve and Beth ('79) Andres
Susan Andresen ('99) Q
Janie Andrew L
Robert and Pamela Andrew LQ
Glenn Andrews H
Greg and Marcy Andrews
Leonard Andrews Q
Tove Ellen Andvik ('67)
Ruth Angell
Martin and Karla ('68) Angle
Devin and Christine ('94) Anglemyer
Don and Jeanne ('76) Anglin
Ernest and Karen Ankrim
Larry and Anna ('55) Ankrum Q
Charles and Helen Anderson Q
Charles and Lura Anderson
Charles and Margaret
Anderson LQ
Charles and Nancy Anderson
Conrad ('63) and Ann Anderson
David Anderson ('62) Q
David Anderson ('67)
David ('81) and Catherine Anderson Q
David ('73) and Gloria ('75) Anderson Q
Dennis and Ruth Anderson H
Don ('50) and Rita Anderson Q
Donald and Nancy Anderson Q
Dorothy Anderson L
Eugene and Grace Anderson
Faye Anderson HQ
Fred and Paulette ('66)
Anderson Q
Frederick Anderson ('81)

Gustaf ('48) and Dorothy ('46) Anderson LQ
Harlan Anderson ('61)
Hazel Anderson Estate L
Helen Anderson ('38) Q
Herman ('31) and Vivian Anderson LQ
J. Douglas Anderson ('69) Q
Jodene Anderson ('80) Q
John and Colleen Anderson
John ('68) and Connie ('68) Anderson Q
John and Dorothy Anderson L
John ('58) and Myrna ('86) Anderson Q
Joseph Anderson ('97) Q
Judith Anderson ('73) H
Juli V. and Thomas R.
Anne E. Snow Foundation Inc.
Leonidas Annest
Holmes and Florence ('82) Anrud
Iris Anspach
Bruce and Sharon ('65) Anthony
Eric ('95) and Hallie ('95) Anthony
Dominic and Janeen R.S. ('90) Antonelli Q
Paula Aplin ('85)
Steven ('74) and Suzanne
Appelo Q
Corless Apperson Steele
Nathan Appleton ('01)
Aqua Care, Inc.
George and Donna Arbaugh LQ
James ('85) and Linda ('85) Arbaugh H
Karl ('85) and Julia Arbaugh Q
Max ('66) and Isabelle ('69) Archer
Norman Archibald Foundation LI
Architectural Woods, Inc. L
Joseph and Maureen Ardizzone
Hans and Dorothy Ariens
Kalman and Janice Ariola
Julie ('81) and John Armbruster
Alice Armstrong ('65)
Douglas and Coralyn ('72) Armstrong
Elmer Armstrong ('74)
Jerry ('60) and Elaine
Armstrong L
Lea Jane Armstrong ('74)
Michael and Kaylyn ('74) Armstrong Q
Raymond and Susan Armstrong
Swain Arnason ('50)
Clarence and Shirley ('54) Arndt
John ('36) and Olga ('37) Arne LQ
Gerhard and Olga Arney
Glenn Arney ('59)
G. Michael Arnold ('75) LQ
Neal ('58) and Joyce Arntson LHQ
George ('63) and Karen ('66) Arola LQ
Donald ('62) and Tena ('65) Arstein
Elise Arter ('93)
Arthur Bauer & Associates, Inc.
Gerald and Evelyn Arusell
ASARCO Foundation L
Ash Grove Cement Company I
Tyler and Kristan ('93) Ashbridge
Ashford-McAloon-Roberts Insurance Q
Doris Ashleman ('40)
Eli and Dorothy Ashley
Jo Anne Ashley ('87) Q
Paul Askland ('69) Estate L
Hjordis Asper
Associated Student Body
of PLU Q
AT&T Foundation M
Attachmate M
John and Sharla ('90) Attey
David G. Aubrey LHQ
Stacy Augustine ('88)
Karen Aumick Q
John and Jane Aune Q
Alfred E. Aus and Esther Westby Aus ('32) LQ
Williena Ausherman ('60) Q
Brian Aust ('92) and Dorothy Lesher
Robert Aust ('58) HQ
Jodi Austin ('85)
Autodesk, Inc. L
Automatic Data Processing Foundation M
The Autzen Foundation L
AviaBusiness/America, Inc.
AXA Foundation M
John Axelson ('75) and Mary Keating
Wayne and Asta Axelson
Sarah Axley ('00)


Donald and Marion Baartz
Brian Babbitt ('92)
Joanna Babbitt ('95)
Raymond Babcock ('59) Q
Ruth Babcock ('80)
Burton Backman ('49) Q
John ('60) and Karen Backman Q
Phillip and Ruth ('69) Backup Q
Albert and Constance Bacon H
Thomas and Jane Baffney
Daniel and Marie Bagwell
Audrey Bahr ('56) Q
Cindy Bahr-Merino ('85) Q
Gregory Baich and Mary Olson Baich ('65) Q
Thomas ('85) and Julie ('91) Baier
Dale and Pamela ('87) Bailey
Fredric and Georgia ('59) Bailey Q
Margaret Bailey ('96)
Marie-France Bailey ('95)
Roland Bailey ('83)
Beatrice Bainard
George and Judith ('62) Baird
Jeanne Baird ('50) H
William Bakamus ('73) Q
Almyra Baker Estate L
Bradley ('85) and Sherry ('85) Baker Q
Brian and Jeri Lyn Baker
The Estate of Elbert H. Baker II L
Janice Baker
Lauriston and Luann ('81)
Baker Q
Malcolm and Lois Baker
Mildred Baker
Ronald and Joanne ('62) Baker
Daniel and Singhild ('62) Baker
Ole ('50) and Diane Bakken
Orley and Joan ('60) Bakken
Roger ('61) and Margaret ('63) Bakken
Luke Balash ('00) Q
Jamie ('00) and Anthony Balducci
Rick McGrath and Darice Bales McGrath ('89)
Elsie Ball
James ('54) and Florence ('66) Ball
Richard ('62) and Mary Ann Ballew Q
Bill Balzarini L
Robert and Ordelle ('52) Bammert
Beverly Bancroft ('53) Q
Mr. and Mrs. Richard E. Bangert
Erik ('99) and Amy ('99) Bangsund Q
Clifford and Leona Bangsund L
David ('71) and Lynne ('70) Bangsund LHQ
Bank of America Q
Bank of America Foundation M
Daniel Banken ('87) Q
John and Susan ('67) Banker
George and Julee Barber Q
Joy Barber ('00)
Charles and Linda ('63) Barbo LQ
Jeffrey Bare ('98) Q
Ronald I. Barensten H
Steve Bargelt
Bargreen-Ellingson, Inc. L
Brian ('69) and Sally ('69) Barker
Stephen and Jeanine Barndt Q
George and Eleanor Barnes L
Steven ('82) and Teresa Barnes Q
Katherine Barnett ('79) H
J. Thad and Joan Barnowe Q
Scott ('77) and Deborah
Barnum Q
Gregory ('90) and Karen
Michael and Kristine Bartanen Q
David and Gail ('61) Bartee
George Bartell
Kevin ('97) and Marci ('98) Bartholomae Q
John ('80) and Donna Bartkowski
Christopher and Marli ('88) Bartness
Eldon and Mercedes Barton
Jeff and Gratia ('90) Barton
Inez Barton Estate L
James Bash ('76) Q
William and Donna Bash
Anita Basich
Baskin Robbins Q
Charles Bates
Colleen Bates ('65)
Martha Bates
Douglas ('89) and Roberta Batey
Gregg Batinich and Cheryl Goldberg ('81) Q
Kenneth and Nellie Batker
Alexander Bauer ('98) Q
Arthur and Sandra ('67) Bauer Q
Richard and Lois Bauer LQ
Jerald ('61) and Myra ('62) Baughman Q
Gary and Sylvia Baughn LHQ
David and Lois ('49) Bauman
Howard and Jean Baumann
Jennifer Baumgarten ('01)
Gerald and Mary Baumunk
Ann Baxter ('90)
William E. and Janice Nye
Baxter L
Leonardo Bayani ('99)
Ruth Bayer Estate L
Sharon Baylor ('67)
Gary and Audrey Baylous Q
Gerald ('58) and Mary Ann ('60) Bayne
Jon Beake ('81) Q
Daniel ('76) and Gaelyn ('75) Beal
Robert Beall and Nancy Kingston-Beall ('69)
Eric ('81) and Marie ('83) Bean LQ
Gary ('68) and Jane Beard
George ('64) and Andrea Beard Q
Krystine Beard ('93) Q
Rebecca Beard ('00) Q
David and Christine ('85) Beasley
Christine Beatty ('90) Q
Holly Beatty ('89) Q
Michael and Kathy ('81) Beauchamp
Paul and Janice Beauchene
Dan ('63) and Terre Anne
Bechtel Q
Dianne Bechtold ('72) and
Robert Grider
Lynn Beck Q
R. W. Beck, Inc. I
Sarah Beck
Mark and Judith Becker
John ('70) and JoAnn ('68) Beckman
Jeffrey ('76) and Dayna ('78) Bedingfield Q
Kristi Kay ('84) and Scott Beebe Q
Marlene Beggin ('97)
Harry Beggs ('66)
Jeffrey ('92) and Jennifer ('92) Behn
Ronald and Kathryn Behrens
Elizabeth Bekemeier ('84) Q
James Bekemeier ('88) Q
Luther and Lois ('82)
Bekemeier LHQ
Verona Bekkedal
Donald and Mae Bell Q
Karen Bell
Michelle Bell ('03) Q
Paul M. Bellamy Foundation LQ
Mary Bellarts and Verna Ralph
David and Linda ('85)
BeMiller LHQ
Ben Bridge Jewelers I
James ('70) and Cindy ('72) Bendickson Q
O. Jurgis Bendikas ('51) LHQ
Catharine Kirby Bendixen ('90) H
Irma Bendock ('41) Q
James ('69) and Terri Benes
Diane Bengston ('72) Q
Luther Bengston ('43)
Rose Benham
Steven and Lois Benham Q
James and Janet Beni
George Benjamin and Nan Herbert
Stanley ('79) and Janet Bennatts
Carl and Myra Bennett LHQ
Scott ('74) and Debra ('75) Bennighof
Bryan Benson ('92) Q
Clifton and Edith Benson Estate L
Dale ('63) and Jolita (Hylland) ('63) Benson LHQ
Erik ('90) and Jennifer ('91) Benson Q
Mike ('69) and Mary ('71)
Benson HQ
Paul ('67) and Pam Benson
Gerald ('58) and Sharon Benson LHQ
Rebecca Benson ('92) Q
Virginia L. Benson LHQ
J. Thomas and Charry ('98) Benston
Edward ('78) and Lois Bentley
Paul and Megan ('76) Benton LQ
Ronald Benton ('78) and Kim Jensen Q
Paul ('52) and Marion Bentson
Ray and Virginia Bentson
Larry and Evelyn ('71) Bentti
Gary Benzel ('78)
Duane ('51) and Joanne Berentson LQ

James ('58) and LaVonne Berentson Q
Brian A. Berg ('74) and Joyce Avery LHQ
Brian Duane ('75) and Jan Berg
David ('61) and Patricia ('61)
Berg LHQ
Elizabeth Berg Estate L
George Berg Estate L
Helge Berg ('73) and Susan Williams Q
Karl and Joan Berg Q
Lee Berg and Ellen Lakey
Berg ('81) Q
Lynn ('64) and Karen ('65) Berg
Marta Berg ('60)
Richard and Gayle ('72) Berg Q
Ronald Berg ('59) LQ
Arthur Berge L
Erling and Gullaug Berge
Jennifer Berger ('94)
Michael ('75) and Cindy Berger
Clarice Berggren
Paul ('81) and Tye Berghuis Q
JooHee Berglund ('01)
Mr. and Mrs. Morris H. Bergman
Howard and Gladys ('48)
Bergum LQ
Jennifer Berk ('93) and Alex Hoffner
Jack and Inez Berkey
Joseph and Barbara ('85) Bernard
Gary ('74) and Nancy Berner Q
Bruce and Kristina ('63) Berney
Eli Berniker Q
Michal Berniker
Christian Berntsen ('85)
David ('58) and Carolee ('59) Berntsen LHQ
Henry and Ida ('31) Berntsen LQ
Paul ('85) and Jesse Berntsen
Rodney ('60) and Jo Ann ('62) Berntsen
Thomas and June ('78) Berry Q
Viggo and Dagmar ('29) Bertelsen
Walton F. Berton ('57) and Carole A. Booth HQ
Oliver ('61) and Emma Berven
Sandra Besel ('85)
Jean and Anne Marie ('88) Bessette
Robert and Ann Best
Bethany Lutheran Church, Bainbridge Island, WA
Bethany Lutheran Church, Gold Beach, OR Q
Bethany Lutheran Church, Spanaway, WA
Bethesda Lutheran Church, Eugene, OR LQ
Bethesda Lutheran Church, Mountlake Terrace, WA
Bethlehem Lutheran Church, Kalispell, MT LQ
Bethlehem Lutheran Church, Tacoma, WA LQ
Carl Betten
Patrick and Denise ('86) Bettinger
Dennis and Bonnie ('62) Betts
David and Linda ('64) Betz
Frank Edward ('53) and Birgitta Beutler
Marlo Bevis ('85)
DeWayne and Mary Jean ('51) Bey
Ernest and Rebecca Bianco Q
John and Jean Biberdorf Q
William and Susan ('87) Bice
Patricia ('96) and Noah Bickell Q
Gary ('68) and Mardel
Bierwagen Q
Oliver and Ruth Biggers
Richard Bilbrough
Bill & Melinda Gates
Foundation M
John Billdt ('76)
Donald ('78) and Judith ('61) Billings Q
Paula Billings ('63) Q
Evangeline Billingsley ('50) Q
Bob Bills ('59) HQ
Patricia Binder
Steven and Dena Kay ('74) Bindewald
Lin Binford L
James ('77) and Lori ('78) Bingham
Walter ('72) and Eunice ('71) Binz
Philip ('85) and Jean Birkeland
Annabelle Birkestol ('45) LHQ
Grace Birkestol ('45) LHQ
Gordon ('50) and Agnes ('50) Birklid
Lisa Birnel ('99) Q
Michael ('79) and Lori ('81) Bishop Q
Marlene Bissell ('74)
Byron ('69) and Gail ('69) Bitar
Lynne Biteman
Bruce ('72) and Jill ('71) Bjerke LQ
Kevin and Jane ('90) Bjork Q
Craig Bjorklund ('67) Q
John and Gwendolyn ('48) Bjorkstam Q
Hans and Vivi Bjornen
M. Dean ('58) and Nancy ('60) Bjornsen Q
Lennie and Pamela ('84) Bjornsen
David and Dorothy Bjornson Q
John ('89) and Celesta Bjornson Q
Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Black LQ
Leonard and Graciela Black
C.A. & M.F. Black Charitable
Trust Q
Jeffrey ('94) and Lora Blackburn
Charl Blackwood ('51)
Doane ('49) and Alice ('51) Blair
George ('72) and Delphine
Blair Q
John and Laura ('82) Blaisdell
Michele Blake ('74)
Mitchell and Jonette ('85) Blakney Q
Alan and Sharolyn Blanchard
Jerry and JoAnne Bland Q
Richard and Olive Blandau L
David ('88) and Sidney Blank Q
Randall ('81) and Cynthia ('81) Blank
Abigail Blankner ('94)
Lindsey Bledsoe ('02)
Clifford and Audrey ('53) Blegen
Jason and Heidi ('94) Bleimeyer
John ('80) and Nina ('81) Bley Q
Bruce ('86) and Peggy ('92) Blocher
Bonnie Block ('93)
Shawn ('97) and Michelle Blocker
Heidi Ann Bloemker ('90)
Cornelius and Dian ('61) Blom H
Grace Blomquist LQ
Charles and Carolyn Bloom
Dennis ('88) and Connie Bloom
Clayton and Susan Bloomer
Jennifer Bloomer ('98) Q
Donald Blucher ('54)
David ('61) and Judith Bluhm Q
Parke ('79) and Kristi Blundon Q
William ('65) and Katherine Blythe Q
Ernest Bobko ('65)
Walter Bobko
Daniel ('83) and Debra ('77) Bode
Marguerite Bodrero ('35) Estate L
Marlene Bodwell
Dwight ('47) and Eleanor Boe HQ
Silas Luther Boe ('39) Estate L
Kathryn Boe-Duncan ('52)
The Boeing Company LMI
Julianne Bogaty ('95)
Jill Bognar ('01)
Randolph and Gail ('75) Bohannon Q
Charles and Karen ('63) Bohlke Q
Doris Bohman Q
Morris and Doris Bohman L
Alice Bolduan H
Erwin and Alice Bolduan L
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Boley
Christopher Boley ('96)
Doug and Emily ('71) Boleyn
Marvin ('58) and Beverlee Bolland LHQ
Daniel Bolong and Rachel
Smersh ('83)
Ralph ('36) and Rosemary ('29) Bolstad
Darrell Bomberger ('95)
Charles and Marilyn Bomgren
Bon Marche/Federated Department Stores I
Lester Bona ('40) Q
Andrew Bongfeldt ('90) Q
Paul and Judith Bonifaci
George ('84) and Cynthia ('80) Bonney Q
Book Club of Washington Inc
Melvin and Dorothy Boone H
Susanne Boone ('98)
Thomas and Rhoda ('67) Borcherding
Rev. Norma J. Borgford ('56) LHQ
Mary Born ('86)
Charles Borquist Q
Robert and Joyce ('69) Borrud
Vanda Bortell Estate L
Donald ('86) and Patricia LeAnn Bosch
Andrew ('70) and Sharon ('70) Bostrom
Kai Bottomley ('80) Q
Norma Bourne
Nichol Boutin ('01)
Ramona Bouzard
Robert ('84) and Belinda ('86) Bowden
David ('88) and Diane ('87) Bowe
James ('81) and Laura Bowen
Mark ('81) and Elizabeth ('81) Bowers
Darrell and Judy Bowie
Charles Bowles ('76)
Greg and Janis ('90) Bowman
Donald and Sherrill Boyd
Rod and Barbara ('68) Boyd HQ
Suzanne Boyd ('00)
Violet Boyer

Marilyn Boze
BP Amoco Foundation M
Philip ('50) and Jeane ('54) Braafladt
Walter ('51) and Jeanette ('54) Braafladt HQ
Jean Brace ('62)
George Bracher Estate L
Craig and Shelley ('87) Bradley Q
Havana Bradner Estate L
Robert and Catherine ('99)
Brady Q
Regina Braker ('78)
George and Jackie Brammer L
Mildred Brammer ('56)
Otto and Goldia Brammer L
Suzanne Brammer ('82)
Oscar Bran and Edith Luther
Gary and Linda ('65) Branae Q
Albert and Alva Branam
Candice Brandenburg ('97)
Dwaine Brandt ('57) and Rachel Kriefall-Brandt
Harvey and Kathleen Brandt
Thomas ('75) and Anne ('76) Brandt
Ed ('64) and Angela
Brannfors LHQ
Erik Brannfors ('95) and Jennifer Specht Brannfors ('94) Q
Mark Brannfors ('97) Q
Paul and Leslie Brantner H
Janis Brasier ('74) Q
Patrick and Barbara Braswell
Hjordis M. Bratsberg LH
Harold and Elaine Brattland
Janel Brattland ('99)
Gordon and Mary Nell Braun Q
Don and Pamela Bray
Jan F. Brazzell and Wolfgang Opitz LH
Jorunn Breiland Estate L
Ellen Breiten ('69) Q
Elfriede Bremer
Dorothy Brenchley ('95)
Ingrid Brenneise ('64)
Ruth Anne Brenneman ('72)
Myrtle Bresemann ('41) H
Tamara ('97) and Jeremy Brester
Laura Brewer ('02) Q
Gregory and Cathy Brewis
Marie Brice ('92)
J. A. ('56) and Judy Bricker LQ
John and Ruth Briehl Q
Susan R. Briehl and Martin D. Wells LQ
James and Danielle Brink Q
Terry ('83) and Kerry Brink Q
Caron Briski ('00)
James and Gail Brisson
Julie Brisson
Arthur Broback ('52) Q
Clifford ('76) and Joan Brock
Frank and Barbara Brocker LQ
Mark ('79) and Donna ('80) Brocker Q
George Brockway ('36)
Lloyd and Kathy ('70) Brodniak Q
Roger Brodniak ('97) Q
Alvin ('60) and June ('57) Broeckel Q
Gary ('79) and Cynthia ('79) Brog
Robert ('53) and Connie ('54) Brog LHQ
Alan ('61) and Elaine ('62)
Brooks LQ
Kathrine Brooks ('88) Q
Richard and Henrietta ('61) Brooks
Steven ('98) and Laura Brooks
Timothy ('72) and Martha ('74) Brooks
Brooks Manufacturing Company I
Steve and Barbara Brossia
Troy ('92) and Cheryl ('93) Brost Q
Henrik and Robanna ('83) Brosten
Willard and Dagrun Brotherston
Stacy ('90) and Michael Brouillette Q
Claudia Rea Browers ('75)
Bob Brown and Kathleen
Benton ('73) Q
Charles Brown
David and Sonja ('75) Brown Q
Mr. and Mrs. Don F. Brown
Ellen Brown ('53) Q
James and Barbara ('59) Brown
James and Cynthia ('73) Brown
Jeffrey Brown and Jennifer Meyer Brown ('91) LHQ
Boyd and Lisa ('84) Brown
Lynette ('01) and Leon Brown
Norman and Carlene Brown Q
Robert and Randi Brown
Ronald ('76) and Gretchen ('77) Brown Q
Russell Brown ('41)
Samuel and Nathalie Brown L
Steven ('76) and Jill ('78) Brown HQ
Vincent R. Brown ('70) H
Brown & Haley L
Christopher and Jennifer Browning Q
Stanley and Terryl Brue L
Moritz Brueckner L
Scott ('84) and Cathleen ('83) Brueske Q
Nelson and Marjorie ('42) Brumfield
Arthur Brunner H
Charles ('66) and Carol Brunner Q
Petra Onella Brunner ('56) LQ
Esther Brunner
Louis ('50) and Glenna ('50) Brunner
Janice Brunson
Eric Brunsvold Q
Gil Bruntz Q
David Brusco L
Joyce Brusin
Harald ('44) and Helen ('43) Bruun
Oscar ('76) and Melissa Bryan
Janet Bryant
Keith Bryant
Lisa Bryant ('98)
Mark ('85) and Karla Bryant Q
Neil ('70) and Mary ('70)
Bryant LHQ
Julie Brye ('77)
A. Dean and Marilyn
Buchanan LH
Brook Buchanan ('00) Q
Erhardt and Virginia Buchfinck L
Virginia Buchfinck HQ
Alfred Buck ('85) Q
Florence Buck
Wayne and Judy Buck L
Robert and Cindy Buckell
John ('58) and Norma ('59) Buckner
The Buffalo News
Judith Buford ('87)
Chester Buhl Estate L
Oscar Buli Estate L
Mable Buli ('23) Estate L
James and Joanne ('87) Bullion
Thomas Bundy Estate L
Rebecca Burad ('74) LHQ
Beatrice Burau
Mary Burchak Estate L
Earlene Burcham ('60) Q
Brian ('71) and Susan ('69) Burchfield
Maurice and Mildred Burchfield L
Mildred Burchfield Q
William and Diane Burke
Aimee Burkenbine ('04)
Burlington Lutheran Church, Burlington, WA LQ
Burlington Northern Santa Fe Foundation LMI
C. Glenn Burnett ('86)
Henry and Mary Burns
Richard and Doralin Burrows Q
Larry Burt and Linda McConnell-Burt ('72)
Dick and Sabina Burton L
Ed and Penny Burton
Judith Burton ('71)
Hilary Burtt ('93)
Daniel ('85) and Joyce Busby
Scott ('74) and Kathy ('71)
Buser H
Bradley ('88) and Tisha Busey
Thomas ('78) and Holly Buskirk Q
Gerald ('83) and Darlene Buss HQ
Suzanne ('73) and Douglas Bussey
John and Luella Bustad L
John ('69) and Janet ('69) Bustad
Leo and Signe Bustad L
Luella Bustad HQ
Busy Bee Florist and Gifts
Charles and Doris ('55) Butler
James and Ann Butler
Tayah ('97) and Rodney Butler Q
Jack and Lowell Anne Butson
Howard L. Byerly L
Mark ('82) and Joan Byl Q
Rose ('77) and Robert Byland Q
Kenneth Byrne ('89) Q


David and Rebecca Cafferty
Gregory ('76) and Melissa Cain Q
Yasmin ('95) and R. Corey Caldwell
Barbara Calhoun-Moore ('69) and Jerry Moore
Guillermo ('87) and Sally Calle Q
David Cameron ('63) and Louise Lindgren
Cammarano Brothers, Inc. L
Craig Cammock ('91) Q
Earl and Iris ('55) Cammock LHQ
James and Debra ('95) Campbell
Glenn ('60) and Margery ('61) Campbell HQ
Gordon Campbell ('75)
John and Lori Campbell
Terry ('72) and Ellen Lee ('68) Campbell Q
Wendy Campbell
William Campbell ('71)
Gina Canada ('98)
Claude ('62) and Deanna ('62) Canfield
Stephen and Jeanne Cannon
Shelly Cano ('98)
Keith and Marlene Canton LQ
J. Craig and Ginger Cantrell
Denise Capella
G. James ('58) and Carlene ('61) Capelli Q
Lois Capps ('59) Q
Sam Capps ('93) Q
James and Anne Carden
James and Sandra Lu ('59) Carlile
Carl and Helen Carlsen
Victoria Carlsen ('88) Q
A. Mark ('67) and Karen Carlson
Alan ('55) and Lois Carlson Q
Amy Carlson ('94)
Arthur Carlson Estate L
Britt Carlson ('96)
Dale and Jean Carlson Q
David Carlson ('86) Q
David ('72) and Flavia ('72) Carlson Q
Evan J.V. Carlson ('45)
F. Paul and Judith Carlson Q
George and Dorothy ('49) Carlson
Harry ('49) and Violet Carlson H
Herb and Lorrain Carlson Q
James Carlson ('78)
Janet C. Carlson ('46) L
Tom Carlson LQ
Jon ('77) and Donna Carlson Q
Julie Carlson ('77)
June Carlson L
Lewis and Fern Carlson
Loney and Sheila ('64) Carlson Q
Lucinda Carlson ('80)
Mary Carlson L
Paul ('60) and Mary Lou ('59) Carlson LQ
Robert Carlson
Rushton ('86) and Anna Carlson
Stanley and Gwen Carlson
Stephen Carlson ('83) and Stacy Waddell Carlson ('83) Q
Ted ('74) and Wendy Carlson
Thomas Carlson ('65) LHQ
Verner Carlson Estate L
Theodore ('55) and Alzora ('57) Carlstrom Q
Donald and Mary Carlyle L
Robert ('64) and Judy Carmichael
Mark Carnese ('97)
David Carney ('92)
Bruce and Helen ('69) Carpenter
Cecelia Carpenter ('66)
Hoyt Carr ('51)
Judith Carr ('70) Q
William Carr ('57)
Thomas and Joanne Carrato
May Carrell ('65) Q
Phyllis Grahn Carlson-Carroll
('55) LHQ
Cindy Carroll
David ('80) and Katharine ('80) Carson
Michael P. Carson ('76) and Ronald Steigerwalt HQ
Richard ('56) and Delores ('56) Carstensen
John Carton and Michelle Schoenberg ('80)
Davis ('65) and Pam Carvey LQ
Cascade Natural Gas
Corporation I
Paul and Beverly ('92) Cascio
Thomas and Anne ('63) Case Q
Paul and Kathryn ('80) Casey
Cashmere Valley Bank L
Daniel ('99) and Heather ('98) Casmier
Dave and Patricia Casmier Q
Linda Caspersen-Andresen
Diane Cassidy ('80)
Rodney Cassidy and Kathleen Peach-Cassidy ('73)
Sandra Cassinerio ('01)
Robert ('74) and Patricia
Casteel Q
Toni Castrey ('93)
Catalyst Cruises LQ
Erma Catlin
Norma Catron
Robert ('79) and Lisa ('81) Caulkins Q
Sheila Cavan
Marry Cavelti
Merlin and Dianne ('61) Cavender
Dennis Caviezel ('71)
Brian and Amy ('93) Cebull Q
Edith Cedarquist
Bernard and Robbyn ('84) Celestin
Ernest ('50) and Helma Cementina Q
Center Electric Inc. LQ
Marietta Centko ('88) Q
Central Lutheran Church, Anchorage, AK LQ
Central Lutheran Church, Bellingham, WA LQ
Central Lutheran Church, Eugene, OR L
Central Lutheran Church, Portland, OR LQ
CH2M Hill I
Daniel Chadburn ('82)
William and Sharon Chadek
Chalet in the Woods
Ray and Charlotte Chalker
Chalker Putnam Collins & Scott Q
Douglas Chamberlain ('87) and Lori Cornell ('85)
Champion International Corporation LM

Jay and Susan Chan
Mr. Pak Joe ('71) and Mrs. Pak Joe Chan L
Wing and Sophia Chan Q
Craig ('85) and Kathy Chance Q
David ('69) and Marcia ('71) Chance LQ
Jocetta Chance
Thomas and Lisa Chance
Nelda Chandler ('61)
Ralph and Ruth ('38) Chandler Estate L
Sarah ('00) and Jeff Chandler Q
Bill ('64) and Teresa Chapman
John and Mary Chapman
CharitableWay.com I
Brian ('87) and Chenelle Chase
Jim and Vicki ('90) Chase Q
Tom and Joanne ('82) Chase
Bradley Chatfield ('93)
Lee and Barbara ('57) Cheek Q
John H.S. and Ming Yee ('60) Chen
Virginia Cheney
Ben B. Cheney Foundation, Tacoma, WA L
Cherrydale Teachers Social Fund
John and Linda Cheshier
Mark ('82) and Asha Chesnutt LQ
Bruce and Rebecca Chesterman
Chevron Corporation LM
Charles and Gayle Chew
Chiang Ching-Kuo Foundation L
Joseph and Kristi Running ('85) Chiaravallotti
Alan and Carol ('77) Chilcoat
Melvin Chinn ('71)
Robin Chinn ('90)
Christ Lutheran Church,
Ferndale, WA
Christ Lutheran Church, Lakewood, WA LQ
Christ Lutheran Church, Odessa, WA LQ
Christ Lutheran Church, Spokane, WA LQ
Christ the King Lutheran Church, Milton-Freewater, OR L
David and Carolyn ('67) Christensen
Richard and Dawn Christensen
Russ ('61) and Claudia Christensen Q
Walter Christensen ('28) Estate L
Cory Christian ('00)
David ('59) and Anita ('59) Christian LHQ
Don Christian ('50) Q
Olga Christian ('50)
Rhoda Christian ('71) LQ
Robert Christian
B. Rodney ('57) and Esta ('60) Christiansen Q
Carl ('73) and Kathy
Christiansen H
Edward and Alene Christiansen Q
Tage and Marit Christiansen
Howard ('56) and Vernita ('68) Christianson Q
J. K. and Jeanene Christianson
Chauncey ('50) and Nellie ('46) Christofferson Q
Glen ('81) and Susan ('81) Christofferson Q
Mark ('84) and Nanette Christofferson Q
Ken and Janice ('77) Christophersen
Kenneth and Polly Christopherson LHQ
Christopherson-Boze Insurance Services, Inc. Q
Joseph Chu ('80) and
Elizabeth Ma
John Church ('00)
David ('57) and Vivian Churness
Claude and Lori ('87) Ciancio
Carolyn Cichanski ('00)
William Cichanski ('94) Q
Citigroup Foundation
Teresa and Joseph Clabots
Norton Clapp L
Jeffrey ('85) and Lorraine ('88) Clare
Roger ('66) and Deane Claridge L
Anella Clark ('53)
John and Anne Clark
Patricia Clark ('62)
Petra W.A. Clark ('86)
Robert H. ('44) and Barbara Xavier ('44) Clark LQ
Ken and Alice Clarke
Ken and Michael Ann ('67) Clarke
Robert ('75) and Barbara ('81) Clarke
Sue Clarke ('71)
John ('72) and Karen Claus Q
Wilbur and Ethel Claus Q
Kenneth and Betty Johnson ('66) Clauson
Michelle Clemence ('85)
Greg and Debra ('74) Clerc
Lloyd ('50) and Phyllis ('54) Cleven Q
Scott and Molly ('87) Click
Michael and E. Corinne ('74) Cline
William and Dolores Cloyes
CNA Foundation M
Michael and Janet ('80) Coard
Gordon Coates ('54) Q
Joseph and Margene Coates
Warren ('71) and Leola Coates
Coca-Cola Enterprises I
Hulda Cocanower Estate L
Scott and Heather ('97) Cochran
Tom and Aria Cock
Harley and Kathryn Cockrum Q
Daryl and Beverly Cody
Gary and Linda ('68) Coe
Daniel Coen
Ronald ('75) and Janice Coen
William and Karen Coffey
Reagan Coffey ('01)
Vern Cohrs ('80)
Charlene Colburn ('49) Q
Kendall and Tammy ('81)
Colburn Q
James and Kathryn Cole
Rebecca Cole-Lane ('75)
Richard and Kristina ('96) Coleman
Leslie Collar ('68) Q
Ernest ('48) and Ruth ('51)
Collard LHQ
Paul Collard ('82) H
Catherine Ann Collins ('70) Q
James Collins ('72)
John ('76) and Sylvia ('77)
Collins LQ
Judy Collins ('75)
Carlo and Lynda Colombo
Boyd and Sandra ('93) Colt Q
David Coltom ('83) LHQ


Nancy Coltom L
Ronald ('61) and Barbara ('61) Coltom H
Larry and Candy Comer
Darnell ('95) and Deborah ('93) Commodore Q
Gilbert and Judith Comstock
Concrete Technology
Corporation L
Brad and Angela ('83) Condreay
W. Powell Cone L
Conexant System, Inc. M
Ralph and Carmella ('89) Connelly
Kathi Ann Conner ('92) Q
Conner Development Company I
Nancy Connery ('70)
Consortium/Advancement of Higher Education L
Container Corporatin of America, a Subsidiary of Jefferson Smurfit L
Stephen Conway ('84)
Eugene ('63) and Mary ('54)
Cook Q
James ('74) and Joan Cook Q
Jennifer Cook
Ronald Cook ('86) Q
Abigail Cooke ('97)
John ('60) and Mary Cooley Q
Bruce and Jimmie Coombs
Bruce ('82) and Carol Cooper Q
George and Beula Cooper
George and Sarah Jean ('74) Cooper
Anthony and Janet ('82) Cooper
Joanna Cooper ('86)
Keith and Lynn Cooper Q
Richard Alan ('73) and Wendy ('70) Coovert
Eleanor Copeland
Les and Ruth Severson Copenhagen LHQ
Tyler Coplen ('66)
Irene Corbett ('29)
Stuart and Virginia ('71) Cordts
John and Ellen ('77) Corey
David Corkrum ('78) Q
Kenneth ('67) and Dorothy Corliss
David and Alice ('62) Cornelius
Allen and Ruth Cornell
Donald A. ('58) and JoAnn B. ('59) Cornell LQ
Donald and Maxine Cornell L
Gary and Doris Cornell
Jeffrey ('86) and Maria Cornell Q
Maxine Cornell Q
Paul and Floy Cornelsen
Cornelsen Charitable Foundation
Charlie Cornett ('75)
Deborah Cornils ('73) H
Andrew ('93) and Alison ('94) Corrigan Q
David Corry
Anthony Cortese
Jeannie Cory
Rodney Cory ('87) Q
Kristen ('87) and Brian Costales
William and Lois Costine Q
Carol Cotton Q
W. Douglas Counsell ('69) and Lorelee Bauer
Ralph ('57) and Gloria Cournyer
Miriam Cowan ('66)
Sally Cowan ('73)
Clayton ('88) and Cammy Cowl Q
Anna Coy ('86) Q
Robert and Jean ('85) Coy
James ('64) and Ann ('64) Crabtree
Clifford ('88) and Elaine Craig
Catherine Craik
Brian and Joyce ('74) Crain Q
Ida Crane
Steven ('77) and Julie ('79)
Crantz Q
Bess Crawford
Brian Crawford ('91) and Gwen Gutow ('92)
Eric and Mary Jean Crecelius
Robert and Hilloah Creigh Q
George and Heidi Creighton
Robert and Kathleen Creso Q
Melville and Karen L. Nickel ('61) Creusere Q
Frances Crews ('77)
Jesse and Patricia Crisostomo
Karen Crombie ('71)
Evan and Helen Cropp
Edward and Marilyn Crosby Q
Cross Of Christ Lutheran Church, Bellevue, WA LQ
Lisa Crowder ('95)
Ronald and Vanessa Crowe
David ('61) and B. Crowner
Paul Crumbacher ('78)
Crumbacher Business Systems
Robert ('50) and Beverly ('54) Crumbaugh
J. Peter and Sara Crumpacker
Bruce Cudahy Q
Pauline Cudmore
C. Munro ('81) and Heike ('81) Cullum
Charles E. Culpeper Foundation L
Barb Culver
Ginger Culver ('92) Q
Lowell and Anke ('70) Culver
Mr. and Mrs. Russell Culver
CUNA Mutual Life Insurance Company L
Mike and Gelda Cundari
Helen Cunningham ('45)
Michael Cunningham and Marcia Snook Q
Nicole Cunningham ('00) Q
Jane Curl ('81) Q
Charles ('59) and Antoinette Curtis Q
Robert L. Curtis ('55) HQ
Robert ('90) and Victoria ('90) Curtis H
Wanda Cutler ('93)
Dave and Bonnie Cypher
Mark Cypher ('00) Q
Marina Czekaj ('02)


Don D'Andrea ('49) Q
Michael ('80) and Alaina D'Unger
Robert ('78) and Ann D'Unger Q
Steve and Wanda Daehlin
Margaret Dagefoerde Estate L
Ernest Dagefoerde Estate L
Warren and Betty Daheim Q
Alan and S. Leann Dahl Q
Carol Dahl ('62) Q
Craig ('76) and Lynn Dahl Q
David P. Dahl ('60) LQ
David ('78) and Pam Dahl Q
Erika Dahl ('00) and Joshua Thornes
Kevin ('89) and Sonja ('90) Dahl
Kristen Dahl ('81)
Norman ('61) and Patricia ('62) Dahl
Orin ('60) and Coralyn ('61) Dahl
Nancy Dahlberg ('86)
Kenneth and Flo Dahlstedt Q
Jonathan ('86) and Wanda Dahlstrom Q
Christopher and Jolyn ('93) Dahlvig
Margaret Melver Dakan ('38) LQ
Douglas ('81) and Kristi ('81) Dalenberg
Steven ('66) and Susan ('67) Dalgleish Q
Carl Dalk Estate L
Ray and Deanna Dally LHQ
Waite and Patty Dalrymple Q
Steven and Kimberly ('81) Dalthorp
David and Elsie ('61) Damcke
Ray Damis
Cecil and Helen ('51)
Dammen LHQ
The Danforth Foundation L
David ('75) and Christina Dangerfield
Boonchai Dangrungroj ('99)
Allen and Susan Daniels
Kary and Barbara Daniels
Donald and Jean ('61) Danielson
Val and Alice Danielson L
Danish Sisterhood Thyra
Lodge #19
Dale and Janice ('60) Dann Q
Jerry and Gail ('84) Danner
Robert ('79) and Kimiko Dardis Q
J. Peter and Ann Darling
William and Connie ('80) Daugherty
Daryl ('60) and Gwendolyn ('61) Daugs Q
J. Paul and Lawanda ('63) Dauphin
Richard ('62) and Joan ('66) Davenport
Harold and Christina ('89) Davey
Mr. and Mrs. David A. Davidson
Harry ('83) and Wendy Davidson
Earl and Anita Davie
Lisa-Britt ('89) and Rick Davies
Robert and Sharon Davies
Bill and Nancy Davis L
Brian ('89) and Andrea Davis
Charles and Nancy Davis
Clara Davis HQ
Damien and Carol Davis
David ('78) and Sandra Davis
George ('41) and Mary ('41)
Davis L
J. Walter and Clara Davis L
Kevin Davis ('77)
Mark ('82) and Nancy ('81)
Davis Q
Mary Davis ('41) Q
Michael ('92) and Darlene Davis
Virginia Davis
Virginia Davis-Johnson ('36) L
Davis Wright Tremaine I
Charles ('70) and Cheryl ('70) Davison
Frances S. Dawson LQ
Leland ('72) and Debbie
Dawson LHQ
Ruth Dawson ('57)
Lynne ('91) and Mike De La Cruz
Anthony and Patricia de Sam Lazaro


Bruce ('87) and Lisa ('88) Deal Q
E. Fred and Ann Deal LQ
Jerry and Sharon Deal
Lawrence Deal ('91) and Lisa Simonsen ('91) Q
John and Mildred Dean LH
Ronnie and Diana Deatherage
Carrol and Shirley Debower
Alice Decker
Clara Deckert ('65)
Ross and Lueann ('93) Deckman
Michael and Emily Dederer L
Barbara DeFreece ('62)
Christian DeHart ('96) Q
Dennis and Linda DeHart
Yvonne Deitz ('57)
Richard ('57) and Carol DeJardine
Sean Delaat ('94) Q
Frank and Julie ('67) Delis
Robert and Pamela DeLong
Delta Air Lines Foundation L
Kendall and Karen ('82) Demaree
David ('89) and Jodi DeMots Q
Howard Dempsey ('60) Q
Janette Dempsey ('92) and Thomas Sampson
Bradley ('93) and Karen ('94) Dennis
Jennifer Dennis ('90)
Scott ('83) and Katherine ('84) Dennis
Denny Park Lutheran Church, Seattle, WA Q
Alisa DeSart ('90)
Jonathan and Sylvia Deskin
Paul and Diane DeSloover
Paul ('69) and Helen Dessen
Chuck and Heidi ('90) DeSteunder
Mark DesVoigne H
William and Janet Detering
Darryl ('61) and Joann
Dettmann LQ
Robert and Jean ('48) DeValve
DeVoe Manion Q
Heather Dewey ('01) Q
Richard and Carolyn ('64)
Dexter H
The Dexter Corporation Foundation L
Thomas ('75) and Denise ('75) Dey
Norma Deyton ('41)
Josef Diamond
Maren Diamond ('87)
Lewis and Clara Mae Dibble
Theodore and Janet Dibble
Elaine Dick ('62)
Jeffrey ('88) and Laurel ('88) Dickason Q
Leeann Dickson ('95)
Tim and Eva Dickson
Stephen and Barbara ('67)
Didis Q
Alan and Ardyth Diercks
Edwin Dierdorff ('88)
Liane Dierich
Judy Dierickx-Likkel ('63)
Carlisle Dietrich Estate L
Digital Equipment Corporation L
Dale and Sharon ('69)
Dillinger LH
Lloyd Dillingham ('62)
Donald and Nadine Dillon
Joseph ('70) and Paula Dillon Q
Roger and Chris Dinelt
Walter Dingfield ('50)
Daren and Sharon Dirkse
John ('65) and Nancy ('66)
Dirlam Q
David and Frances ('85) Dittman
Sylvia Kirkebo Dittmer ('57) H
Marshall ('01) and Virginia Doak
Hung and Siiri ('93) Doan
Dale and Cindy Doane
Richard ('75) and Jeanette Dobson
Jerold and Jacqueline Dock LH
Rosalie ('98) and Robert
Docktor Q


Thomas Dodd ('74) and Gay Kramer-Dodd ('76)
James and Judith ('66) Dodds Q
Bamford and Lois Dodge
George ('60) and Nancy Doebler
Linda Doelle ('63)
Brian ('86) and Lori Dohe
Gary and Joan Dolman Q
Susan Dominy ('70)
Jerome Donahe ('60) LHQ
Sharon Donahe ('61) L
Beth ('87) and Jim Donahoe H
Patrick ('83) and Patricia Donovan
Darlene Dornath ('52)
David ('77) and Wendy
Dorothy Q
Edwin ('50) and Edna ('50) Dorothy Q
L. Douglas ('71) and Helen ('72) Doten
Anita Dotson ('87)
Carolyn Doughty
Judd ('55) and Nancy ('57) Doughty HQ
Dennis and Elsa ('62) Douglass
Mark ('81) and Teresa ('83) Douglass Q
Peter Douglass ('86) Q
Ronald ('53) and Margaret ('52) Douglass LQ
Dow Chemical Company Foundation M
Gordon and Mildred Dowling Q
Gary ('69) and Patricia Downing
Graydon and Colleen Jeanne ('55) Downing Q
Downtown Wilkes-Barre Touchdown Club
Caren Doyle ('85)
Amy E. Drackert ('90) and David Pelton
Scott ('81) and Diantha
Draeger Q
Earl and Paulette Dragt
Dan and Pat Drake
Kenneth and Karin Drew
Dennis ('71) and Rebecca ('87) Drewes
Robert and Marjorie Drewes LQ
Esther Drinkwine
Richard Driskell
Robert and Deborah Drugge
Dryer Mortuary Q
Cresencia Du Q
Allison Duchow ('89) Q
David ('89) and Jane ('89) Duea
Gordon and Mildred Dufseth LQ
Paul ('72) and Linda ('83) Dugger
Bob and Penny Duke
Duke Energy Foundation M
Donna Dukleth
Stephen and Mary ('90) Dulaney
Jim and Gretchen ('84) Dumestre
J. Duncan & Associates, P.S.
Rev. F. Alvin ('59) and Hildred L. ('60) Dungan LHQ
Lucille Dunker L
Leslie Dunlap ('85)
Wallace and Gale Dunlap
Kenneth and Janette Dunmire Q
Henry and Karen ('63) Dunn
Laurie Dunn ('00)
Dunn Lumber I
Dupar Foundation I
Gary Dupuy and Astrid Maurer
Travis and Janet ('55) Duran
David and Leanne Durham
Michael and Bonita Durick
J. Craig and Linda ('73) Dutton
Michelle Duverney ('99) Q
Christopher and Katherine Dwinell
Ruth Dyasuk ('01)
Douglas and Becky Lynne ('83) Dyer
Barbara Dykman ('62)
John ('70) and Kelly Dykstra Q


Glenn ('76) and Bertha Eades
Ron and Karen Eardley
Donald Early ('00)
Karen Eason ('81)
Franklin and Ione ('69) Eastby
Eastern Washington - Idaho Synod, ELCA L
Frederick ('72) and Mary Lou ('74) Eastman LQ
Mark Eastman ('93) and Hollie Jantz Eastman ('95) Q
Eastside 4 Kids Q
Neil ('58) and Janice ('59) Eastvold Q
Victor ('70) and Karen Eaton
Kathy ('86) Ebel
Marian Eberle
Joseph and Susan ('69) Echelberry
Inez Eckblad Estate L
Earl ('66) and Denise Ecklund LQ
Earl Eckstrom L
Eddie Bauer, Inc. L
Judith Eddy ('66)
Larry and Diane Edison Q
Edison Lutheran Church, Bow, WA LQ
Francis and Harriet Edlund
Estate L
Jennifer Edlund ('96) Q
John ('61) and Virginia ('64) Edlund LHQ
Larry and Kathleen ('64)
Edlund LQ
Philip Edlund ('00) Q
F. Talmage and Molly Edman LHQ
Jon ('89) and Nancy ('88) Edmonds HQ
Kenneth ('64) and Barbara ('64) Edmonds Q
Earl and Jean Edmunds
Alfred and Betty Edwards
David ('83) and Laurada ('80) Edwards
Gayle Edwards ('75)
Paul Edwards ('74)
Cynthia ('76) and Terry ('76) Edwards LQ
Susan Egaas ('81) Q
Mark ('76) and Lisa Egbert Q
Lawrence ('56) and Christine Eggan LQ
Carie Eggert ('00)
Mark and Christine Eggert
Helen Eggimann
Claire ('57) and Hilkka Egtvedt
Clairmont and Evelyn Egtvedt Charitable Trust L
Evelyn Egtvedt LQ
Richard Ehlinger ('65) and Irina Volkova Q
Mark ('86) and Kimberly Eibel
Karen Eichelsdoerfer
James and Angie ('69) Eichholtz
W. Larry ('59) and Janice
Eichler LQ
Christen Eidal ('71) and Laura De Verna Eidal ('80) Q
Gordon and Ethel Eide L
Ingeborg Eide Estate L
Olav and Jan Eimstad Q
Douglas and Shannon ('81)
Eisert Q
Greg and Stacey Eisert

Barbara ('88) and Jonathon Eisner
David Ekberg ('66)
Alex Carl ('51) and Arlene Ekle
Bruce ('69) and Barbara ('69) Eklund Q
Evelyn Eklund ('36) Estate L
Michael Eklund-Grayum ('01) Q
Mary Ekstrand ('64)
Abdullah El-Kuwaiz ('73)
ELCA-University Congregation PLU, Tacoma, WA
Jalmer ('56) and Marvyl ('58) Eldal
Eldec Corporation I
Eleanor and Henry Jansen Foundation I
Wallace ('48) and Charlotte Elefson
Eli Lilly & Company
Foundation M
Iver ('55) and Camille ('59)
Eliason LHQ
Kevin ('89) and Kristin Eliason Q
Leo ('62) and Barbara ('59) Eliason Q
Donald ('52) and Doril Ellertson Q
Arthur ('61) and Katherine Ellickson HQ
Margaret Ellickson ('59)
John and Linda ('69) Ellingboe LQ
Byron and Inez Ellingson
Pastor Richard and Leila
Ellingson LH
Richard ('60) and Helen ('56) Ellingson
Chalmers and Evelyn ('41) Elliott
Joseph and Lois Elliott
Judith Elliott ('77)
Betty Ellis Q
John Ellis
Mary K. Ellis L
Steven and Martha ('77) Ellis
Guy ('82) and Brenda ('83)
Ellison HQ
Lawrence and Ruth Ellison
Robert ('57) and Janyce ('57) Elmer Q
Rudolph ('39) and May Elmer Q
Donald and Frances Elmore
Jeffrey Elston ('85) Q
Douglas ('76) and Gretchen ('77) Ely Q
Emanuel Lutheran Church, Ritzville, WA LQ
Ralph and Elene ('43) Emerson
Joyce Emilson ('69) Q
Emmanuel Lutheran Church, Spokane, WA
Emmanuel Lutheran Church, Walla Walla, WA LQ
Emmaus Lutheran Church, Eugene, OR Q
Jerry and Geraldine Enders
Julius Eneboe ('52) Q
Cyndee Engen ('94)
Stephen and Maren ('74) Engh
Lee and Margaret ('52) England
Timothy ('89) and Lisa ('90) Engman
Chris and Elisabeth ('85) Engstrom
Philip and Lorraine Engstrom
C. E. and Dianne Enkerud
Gregory M. Ennis ('97) H
Stephen and Ellie Ennis Q
Arleen Ensign ('49)
Laurence and Margaret ('56) Ensor
Enterprises International, Inc. I

Gary and Janet ('71) Eppelsheimer
David Ericksen ('77) LQ
David ('86) and Nancy ('87) Ericksen Q
Donald ('88) and Sara ('88) Ericksen Q
Henry and Jo Ericksen Q
John ('70) and Marita Ericksen Q
Kenneth ('61) and Donna Ericksen Q
Carl Bob Erickson ('50) and Marilyn Martinson Erickson ('60) L
Danielle Erickson ('95)
Dawn Erickson ('95)
Deborah Erickson ('82) and Ken Bailey Q
Elmer Erickson ('42) Q
Gordon ('54) and Marion Erickson
Gary and Joanne ('70) Erickson
John and Sharon Erickson
Lola Erickson
Marilyn Erickson ('60) H
Phyllis Erickson Q
Richard and Jolene ('87) Erickson
Jon ('52) and Amy ('51) Ericson
Wilbert ('49) and Irene Ericson
Leigh ('77) and Janice ('77) Erie Q
Paul ('61) and Joybelle Eriks
Daniel ('62) and Karen Erlander Q
Philip ('60) and Delores Erlander
Ernst & Young LLP L
Ernst and Young Foundation LM
Edward Wood and Amanda Ernst Wood ('90)
Richard ('68) and Gladys Erstad
Albert and June ('65) Esche
Albert and Roberta Espelund
Loleta Espeseth Q
Melissa Espinosa ('90)
Esterline Technologies I
Michael and Toni Estes
Claud and Blanche Kilmer ('50) Ethen
Donald ('59) and Linda ('59)
Etzel H
Vicki Eustice ('70)
Frank Evancich ('42)
Evangelical Lutheran Church In America L
Bonita Evans
Erik Evans ('89)
Joseph ('72) and Caroline Evans
Mary Evans ('76) Q
Michael ('80) and Cynthia ('80) Evans
Gerry ('63) and Linda ('61) Evanson LHQ
Glenn ('51) and Edith Evanson Q
Jeffrey ('96) and Melissa ('97) Evenson Q
Larry and Judith Evenson Q
Louise Evenson
Eventyr Investments
Mary Everson ('48) Q
Donald and Lois ('48) Ewing Q
Marlowe and Alyce ('28) Ewy Estate L
Expeditors International I
Exxon Education Foundation L
John and Audrey Eyler Q


Gerald ('50) and Grace
Faaren LHQ
Julianne ('88) and Thomas Fagerstrom Q
Chad ('97) and Traci ('96) Fahnlander
Fairbanks Lutheran Church, Fairbanks, AK LQ
James and Margaret ('92) Faison
Faith Lutheran Church,
Shelton, WA Q
Faith Lutheran Church, Lacey, WA
Faith Lutheran Church, North Bend, OR
Faith Lutheran Church,
Seattle, WA L
Anna Faker ('92)
Gary ('80) and Marilee ('80)
Falde Q
Bradley ('79) and Marlena ('80) Falk HQ
Philip ('50) and Roberta ('51) Falk
Harold ('51) and Miriam Fallstrom
Family Of Christ Lutheran Church, Vancouver, WA Q
Wanda Fanning
Farmers Insurance L
Richard Farner and Kathleen Vaught-Farner
Eugene and Margrethe ('61) Farnstrom
Larry and Sandra Farnsworth
Kathleen Farrell
Carol Farver ('76)
Dennis Fatland ('61) Q
Einar and Marion Fauske Q
Harold and Sue Faust Q
Julianne Fawcett
Louise Faye Q
Charles and Bonnie ('63) Fedde
James ('66) and Kathy Feek H
Stan and Dalene ('77) Feero Q
John S. Feldmann ('82) HQ
Jill Felgenhauer ('91) Q
Lyle and Donna Feller Q
Paula Fendler ('62) Q
Julie ('88) and John Fenedick
David ('68) and Marilyn ('70) Fenn Q
Ella Mae Fenn ('39) L
Thomas ('68) and Katherine Fenn
Mary Fenner ('64)
Brian Robert ('81) and Marla Fenske
Fay Fenske ('74)
Boyd Ferguson Estate L
Clinton and Carrie ('44) Ferguson
Frank ('71) and Mary ('74) Ferguson
Karrie Ferguson ('96)
Leanne Fernald ('66) Q
Joseph and Lisa ('89) Ferraro Q
David and Beth Ferries
Timothy ('79) and Teri Ferrin
Janet Haley Fesq ('60) LQ
Robert and Rhondi ('73) Feucht
Kenneth and Linda Fialkowski
Joan Fiano
Eunice Fife ('53) H
Fife Towing Q
Lloyd and Mary Filkins
Alvin ('53) and Janet ('56) Fink LQ
William ('55) and Helen Finkle Q
Mary Evelyn Finley ('36) Q
Cyrena Finnegan ('02)
Carol Finney ('63) Q
Karen Finney
Bruce Finnie and Linda Gibson Q
Richard Finseth ('75) and Claudia Riiff Finseth ('77)
John ('70) and Katherine ('70) Finstuen HQ
Fir-Conway Lutheran Church, Mount Vernon, WA Q
Robert and Wanda Firman
First Evangelical Lutheran Church, Bothell, WA LQ
First Evangelical Lutheran Church, Tacoma, WA Q
First Interstate Bank and Foundation L
First Lutheran Church of Richmond Beach, Seattle, WA L
First Lutheran Church, Kennewick, WA LQ
First Lutheran Church, Ketchikan, AK LQ
First Lutheran Church, Sioux Falls, SD
First Mutual Bank I
Jefferson Fishel and Kari Qvigstad
Betty Fisher Q
David ('49) and Irene ('49) Fisher LQ
George and Betty Fisher L
James and Joyce Fisher
O. D. Fisher Charitable Foundation I
Orville and Patricia ('76) Fisher
Peter Fisher and Nancy Lum Fisher ('79)
Robert and Phyliss Fisher
Fisher Broadcasting Inc. LI
Fisher Properties, Inc. I
Patricia Fisk L
Richard Fisk ('54) Estate L
Bette Fitzgerald Q
Robert and Joanne ('73) Fitzgerald
Brandon ('96) and Tarren ('96) Fix
Dale ('77) and Elizabeth Fixsen
Daniel Fjelstad ('82) and Jeannie O'Connor
Eric ('84) and Carolyn ('83) Fjelstad
Orning ('55) and Wealthea Fjelstad Q
Tamara Fjermedal ('69)
Christopher Flaat Q
Daniel ('90) and Julie ('90) Flahiff
Joseph and Laceta Flammang
Paul Flaten ('65)
Timothy ('86) and Sara Flaten Q
Dennis ('68) and Helen ('65) Flath
James ('69) and Gail ('70) Flatness
Paul ('63) and Kathleen
Flatness Q
Hester Anne Flattum ('74)
Kara Fleharty Q
Harry and Sue Fleming
Larry ('65) and Barbara Fleming
Lawrence and Sheila Fleming
Benjamin and Elizabeth ('79) Flesher Q
Flett Dairy, Inc. L
George and Carlotta ('72)
Flink HQ
Jerry and Janet Flodin LQ
Michael Flodin ('83) and
Anne Hafer
Amy Flom
Joanne Flom ('71)
Jon and Shannon Flora
Melanie Florian ('04)
Staci Flowers ('96)
Lin Axamethy Floyd ('78)
William ('57) and Paula ('60) Foege LQ
Mathilda, Kenneth, and Phylaine Folson LHQ
Jack ('55) and Maecel Foote
Donald and Tami ('82) Forbes
Donald and Barbara Ford Q
J. Christopher and Barbara ('87) Ford
Michael ('68) and Mary ('68)
Ford Q
Solomon and Kathleen ('67) Ford
Ford Motor Company Fund I
Alf and Diane Forde
Foremost Dairy Company L
Forest Foundation L
Timothy ('62) and Susan
Forester Q
Norman Forness ('58) Q
Robert ('44) and Marjorie
Forness Q
Donald ('59) and L. Forsman
Fort James Foundation M
Priscilla Fortiner ('82)
David and Diann Foslien
Agnes and Henry Foss Foundation L
Henry Foss Estate L

June and Julian Foss
Foundation L
Michael ('70) and Christine Foss Q
Foss Maritime I
Howard ('68) and Adele Fosser
Donald ('57) and Margaret ('57) Fosso Q
Ann ('88) and Jeffrey Foster H
Jeffrey and Dianne ('82) Foster Q
S. Scott ('90) and Marybeth ('88) Foster
Foster & Company, PS I
David ('88) and Ruth ('88)
Foster-Koth Q
Kathleen ('96) and Steven Fountain
Bradley and Linda Fowler
Jeannette S. Fowler ('81) Estate L
Kenneth and Michia Fox
Martha Fox Estate L
Scott and Janis Gail ('73) Fox
William and Anne Frame L
Steven and Outi ('93) Francis
Frank Russell Company LM
Anthony Franke and Rita
Pauline Franklin LQ
Heidi Frankmoelle ('94)
Robert ('96) and Lonna ('95) Frans
Glenn and Helen Frazier
John and Julie ('89) Frazier
Fred Meyer, Inc. I
Gloria Fredericks
Norma Fredericks
Craig Fredrickson ('90) Q
Marvin Fredrickson ('64) Q
Stanley ('61) and Dennise ('64) Fredrickson
Randall and Marsha Freed
Irvin Freeman H
Gregory ('71) and Margarete ('84) Freitag
Charles ('79) and Judy French Q
Joel ('89) and Suzanne French
Richard and Betty French
Ryan French ('98)
Eva Frey ('95) Q
James and Shirley Fricke Q
Cristina ('75) and Ed
Fridenstine Q
Michael ('90) and Joan ('89)
Friel Q
William and Liliana Frier
Paul Fritts Q
Donald and Marjorie ('62) Froiland
From the Bayou Q
Duane ('78) and Becky Fromhart
John Fromm ('58) Q
Carl and Evelyn ('38) Frost LQ
Dale and Karen ('92) Fruehauf
Willard and Kathy Fry
Craig and Deanna Fryhle
The Gottfried and Mary Fuchs Foundation L
Thomas ('78) and Susan Fuesler Q
Todd Fukumoto ('98)
Trisha Fukumoto ('98)
Freezal Fuller
Michael ('94) and Erin ('95)
Fuller Q
James Funfar ('80) and Patricia Evoy Q
Roland ('66) and Annette
Funk LQ
Carlton and Mona Furnberg
Philip ('75) and Leanne ('73) Furth
Paul ('91) and Heidi ('91) Furth
C. Christian and Aleta Fynboe Q
Carl T. ('49) and Ingrid E. ('48) Fynboe LHQ
Karen Fynboe ('73) HQ


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