P A C I F I C   L U T H E R A N   U N I V E R S I T Y W I N T E R  2 0 0 1 - 2 0 0 2

[Pacific Lutheran Scene]

Leadership and Service

Honor Roll of Donors

Donor Roll
A - F       G - L       M - R       S - Z

Don ('55) and Alta ('55) Gaarder
Olaf Gaastjon Estate L
Glenn and Sharon Gaboury
Luther ('50) and Dolores ('51) Gabrielsen
David ('61) and Linda Gaenicke
Jennifer Gailband ('95)
Alan and Ann Gaines
Donald ('84) and Janet Gaines Q
Grant and Susan Gaither Q
Michael and Cheryl ('76) Gale Q
Sonja Gall Pancoast ('97)
John and Leanne ('87)
Gallagher Q
Leo Gallagher Q
Michael Gallagher ('98)
George and Carolyn Gallaway LH
Per Gallie ('61) Q
Kenneth ('59) and Barbara Gamb
Jason and Heidi ('93) Gamble
M. Kathryn Gamer
Gannett Communities Fund M
Donald ('51) and Augusta ('51) Gannon
Roger and Christina ('84) Gano
Jeffrey ('85) and Lisa ('87) Ganung
Daniel Gard ('82) Q
Grant ('51) and Phyllis Gard Q
Kenley and Joan ('56) Gard Q
Cecelia Gardlin ('45) Q
Robert and Millicent Gardner
Eric and Jaimie Garrett
James and Judy Garrett
Patrick and Mary ('89) Garrett
William and Maureen ('77) Garrett Q
Frank Garrido
Floyd and Martha Garrigues
Virginia ('75) and Lonnie Garrison
Donald and Ellen ('56) Garrity
Alan Garvey ('85)
Ruth Gaschk ('32)
Bob and Defawn Gaskell
William ('98) and Nancy Gass Q
Sieglinde Gassman
James and Judith Gates LQ
Jeffrey ('86) and Stacy Gates
David and Carol ('84) Gatewood
Frieda Gatzke ('58) Q
Paul ('79) and Nancy Gauche
Clarence and Mildred ('31)
Gault H
Bryan ('76) and Dana Gaume Q
Charles ('00) and Mary ('00) Gavigan
Neil ('97) and Sonjia ('97) Gavin Q
William and Marlys Gazecki Q
Joseph ('77) and Kim Gazes Q
J. Walter ('70) and Marilyn ('58) Gearhart
Thomas Gearhart ('86)
James and Julie ('69)
Gearheard Q
Roger ('71) and Martha
Gebhard LQ
William ('71) and Carly
Gebhardt Q
Peter ('82) and Jana ('80)
Gedde Q
Arthur and Mary Sue ('89) Gee
Ralph Gehrke LHQ
Douglas and Christine ('65) Gehrman
Daniel ('73) and Robin ('72) Gehrs
Cynthia Geiger ('01)
Richard Earl and Lorraine Kneip Geiger LH
Carol Geiszler ('68)
Charles ('58) and Carol ('57) Geldaker Q
Gary and Kathy Gemar
Jeffrey Gemar ('90)
William and Mary ('62) Gembus
Gene Pankey Motor
Company Inc. Q
General Electric Fund LM
General Mills Foundation L
Aaron ('98) and Kerri ('00) Gentile
Michael and Janice George
Earl ('66) and Sherrie ('69) Gerheim
Frida Tayet Gerla ('30) Q
Dr. Kent P. Gerlach L
Christian Gerling ('91)
Robert K. and Rachel P. Gerloff H
Janna Gerritzen
David Gerry ('76) Q
Albert ('51) and Gladys Gerstmann Q
Charles and Debbie Gerughty Q
Jo Ann Gervais ('73)
Richard ('69) and Cherie
Gesinger LQ
Gethsemane Lutheran Church, Portland LQ
Robert ('60) and Shirley ('61) Gettel
Jennifer Geyer ('90)
Warren ('49) and Gerry ('48) Ghormley LQ
Anne Ghosn ('88)
George Ghosn Q

John and Patricia Giannandrea
Bertha Gibson Estate L
Carol Gibson ('90)
David and Marca Robbin ('95) Gibson
Margurite Gibson
William and Rochelle ('91) Giddings LQ
Melvin and Myrtle Gidley
Shirl Gilbert
Andy ('77) and Kathaleen ('74) Gilbertson
Bertha Gilbertson Estate L
Gordon and Mae Gilbertson Q
John M. Gilbertson Foundation L
William and Phyllis Gill
George and Marilyn Gillam
Sharon Gilleland ('85)
Roger and Marjorie Gillette
Scott ('89) and Christine ('89) Gillette Q
Stephanie Gilliland ('91)
Trudy Gilman
Thomas ('58) and Linda ('61) Gilmer Q
Arthur and Virginia Gilmore Q
Thelma Gilmur ('42)
Lee and Elizabeth Gingrich
Lorin and Marylou Ginther LQ
Michael ('97) and Anne Gintz Q
Ron ('70) and Ingrid ('70)
Gintz LHQ
Carl and Dianne ('81) Giombetti
Lucille Giroux L
Riz and Susan Giroux
James ('68) and Georgia ('68) Girvan H
David and Susan Gitch
Steve and Sharon Giuliani
Michael Givens ('83) and Kelly Philip Givens Q
Margaret Ann Glaser ('58) Q
Charles and Frauke Glaspy
Frederick Gleason ('66)
Stephen and Hildur ('65) Gleason
Glendale Lutheran Church, Seattle, WA L
Allen and Sandra Glenn
Gretchen Glew ('40)
Kathryn Eide Glick ('55) LHQ
Gloria Dei Lutheran Church, Coos Bay, OR Q
Gloria Dei Lutheran Church, Olympia, WA Q
Gloria Dei Lutheran Church, Tacoma, WA Q
Sherwood Glover ('63)
Don and Jennifer ('91) Gochanour
Karen ('95) and John Goebel
Ulrich and Karen ('62) Goebel
George and Janet Goehren HQ
Lois Gogl
Calvin ('95) and Amy Goings Q
Golden West Lutheran Church, Brady, MT
Golden West Women of the ELCA, Conrad, MT
Robert W. Gomulkiewicz ('83) and Andrea J. Lairson LQ
Douglas Gonyea L
Peggy Gonzales ('38) H
Gilberto and Marylou Gonzales
Alex ('91) and Danelle ('87) Gonzalez
Lisa ('90) and Drew Gonzalez
Rene and Anne Gonzalez
Good Hope Lutheran Church, Lenore, ID
The Lutheran Church of
The Good Shepherd,
Olympia, WA LQ
Raymond and Irene ('61) Goodale
Kenneth and Beryl Goodchild
Chelsea Goode ('01)
Lawrence ('85) and Colleen ('84) Goodhind
Roberta Goodnow ('75) and Daniel Lipkie LQ
Thomas and Carol ('69) Goodwin
Edna Gorder L
L. Keith ('83) and Debra Gorder Q
Linda Goring ('71)
John and Joann ('74) Gorrell
Margit and Kenneth Gorton
Glenn and Claudia ('84) Gosnell
Tracy Gosselin ('89)
Paul Gotz and Patti Schnitgrund-Gotz ('70)
Jeff Goulden ('95)
Stewart and Alice Govig LQ
Grace Lutheran Church,
Lewiston, ID Q
Grace Lutheran Church, Cashmere, WA L
Grace Lutheran Church, Des Moines, WA L
Grace Lutheran Church, Wenatchee, WA L
Ronald and Lola ('54) Gracey
Matthew Gradwohl ('94) Q
Glen ('66) and Christie ('66) Graham Q
Laurence and Dahna Graham Q
Pamela Graham
Olga Grahn LHQ
Erv and Phyllis Granahan
Jon ('92) and Lori Grande Q
Louise Grande ('57)
Volly Grande ('36) Q

Mark and Judy Grandstrand
Steven and Janet Grange
Karl ('82) and Renae ('82) Granlund Q
Barbara Jean Granquist ('75) Q
James and Wanda ('67) Granquist
G. Douglas and Catherine
Grant Q
Michael Grant ('89)
Gene and Esther Grant LQ
Ronald ('48) and Kay Gratias LQ
Kendall ('83) and Sheryll
Graven Q
Lisa Graversen ('79) H
Luana Jean Graves ('71)
Alma Gray
David and Kathryn Gray Q
Donald Gray ('56) Q
Donald ('66) and Carol ('63)
Gray Q
Gary ('62) and Ann Gray
Kevin Grayum and Suzanne Eklund-Grayum Q
The Greater Tacoma Community Foundation L
Kimberly Green ('74) and
W. Goebel
Laurie Green
Lawrence ('76) and Kim
Green LHQ
Raymond ('51) and Luanne Green
Bethany Greene ('99)
Karleen Karlson ('64) and Kingsley Greene
William ('72) and Sharon ('72) Greene H
Jillinda R. Greene Bossen ('74) HQ
David ('74) and Margaret ('74) Greenwood LQ
William and Pamela
Greenwood Q
Lorna Greer ('43) H
Lyle and Lorna ('43) Greer L
Guttorm ('47) and Inger Gregersen Q
Marianne Gregersen ('60)
Dan and Ellen ('53) Grewe
Ronald ('69) and Melissa Grewenow LHQ
Theresa Grieder ('85)
Gail Grief ('86)
Jack and Christine ('85) Grier
Donald and Elaine Griffith
Paul Grigsby ('86)
James and Beulah ('63) Grimberg
Celine Grimes
Clarice Grimstvedt ('36)
Jack Grinnell and Michelle Snodgrass-Grinnell ('88)
Richard Griswold ('55) Q
C. William and Lu Ann Groesch Q
Edward ('93) and Kathleen Grogan HQ
Dennis and Kimberle ('87) Groh
Karl A.E. Gronberg ('63) Q
Larry Gross and Lynn
Bandy-Gross ('82) Q
Theodore Grotjohn ('57) H
Daniel Grudt ('85) and Lois Swenson-Grudt ('85) Q
Mark and Lisa ('93) Gsellman
GTE Foundation LM
Betty Guard ('83)
Allan ('56) and Sharon Gubrud
Susan Gubsch ('84)
Dennis ('62) and Shirley ('63) Gudal
J. Olaf Gulbransen ('03) Estate L
Norene Gulhaugen ('48) Q
Gull Harbor Mercantile, Inc.
Gull Industries, Inc. I
Ernest Gulsrud LH
Muriel Gulsrud Estate L
Peter ('76) and Mary Ellen ('77) Gulsrud Q
Thomas Gumprecht ('71) and Bonnie Witrak LQ
Holly Gunby ('88)
Lorraine Gundersen Q
Mildred Gunderson H
Ken and Sonja ('89) Gunderson Q
William Gunkel ('75) Q
Eric ('86) and Kim ('87) Gunnerson
Joanne Gunnerson ('54)
Kathryn Gunnerson ('86)
David ('82) and Jana Gunovich Q
Teresa Gunsauls ('89)
Janelle Gunter ('97)
David ('85) and Karen ('88) Gustafson
Glenn ('38) and Beverly Gustavson Q
Lydia Gutierrez
David ('71) and Barbara ('71) Gutzler Q


George and Florence ('42) Haakons
David ('61) and Joanne
Haaland LQ
James ('58) and Susan Haaland LQ
Dale ('89) and Jennifer
Haarr Q
Saul & Dayee G. Haas
Foundation L
Virginia Haas LH
Gary ('66) and Kathryn ('66) Habedank L
Otto and Arleen Habedank H
Colleen Hacker Q
Robert and Joanne Hadland L
Rhonda Haeffele ('91) Q
Mary Jane Haemig
Anne Hafer ('77) Q
Carl and Janice Kay ('61) Hafner
Sonja Hagander and Jonathan Gusdal
Carl Hageman and Anne
Lucky ('58) Q
Albert and Venette Hagen
Andrea Hagen ('64)
Erven ('50) and Lois Hagen
Eva Hagen ('59) LQ
Jacqueline Hagen H
Lauralee Hagen ('75) LQ
Norman ('43) and Jackie Hagen L
Walton ('51) and Jacqueline ('51) Hagen Q
Maria Hageness ('38) LH
T. Olai ('31) and Sarah
Hageness LQ
Georgette Hagerman
Richard ('63) and Constance Hagerty
Sandra Hagevik ('62)
In memory of Bert Hagg L
Melvin and Linda ('82) Hagge
Hal and Elin Hagglund Q
Richard ('50) and Muriel ('49) Haglund
Victor Haglund ('51) Q
Charles ('50) and Carol Hahner
Benjamin Haigh ('98) Q
Noweita Haisten LH
Mr. and Mrs. Terry Hale
Paul and Arline Hales
Hales Passage Scandinavian
Mrs. Frank Haley L
Kathryn Haley
Steve and Lisa Buck ('78) Haley
Alan and Constance ('71) Hall Q
Betty Hall ('97) Q
Brian and Liesl Hall HQ
Clifford ('56) and Priscilla Hall
Gary and Jennifer ('77) Hall
Robert ('81) and Tammy Hall Q
C. Bert ('63) and Aaste Halladay
Stanley and Mary ('63) Haller
Anne Halley ('80) and Sarkis Kel-Artinian
Thomas Egnew and Joan
Halley ('82)
Michael and Mary Kay
Hallman LQ
Carol ('90) and Matthew Halsey
Fred and Karen ('62) Haltiner
Joel and Cathy Halverson
Paul ('63) and Marilyn Ann ('65) Halvor Q
Milton Halvorsen LQ
Chris ('62) and Janet Halvorson
Elling and Barbara Halvorson LQ
Marian Halvorson ('68)
Michael ('85) and Kimberly Halvorson LQ
Lloyd and Barbara Ham
Janlyn Hamada ('00)
Theodore ('77) and Janice Hamann H
Darren Hamby ('87) Q
Ian Hamilton ('98)
Michael and Donna Hamilton Q
Randy ('85) and Beth ('85) Hamlin
Richard ('84) and Lynn Hamlin
Clifford and Kathy Hamlow Q
William Hamm
Walter Hamman Estate L
Donna Hammargren ('69)
Palma Hammargren ('28)
Roy ('78) and Margaret ('79) Hammerling
E. David ('55) and Eunice Hammerstrom Q
Mark and Amy ('94) Hammingh
Brent ('86) and Monica ('89) Hample Q
Frederick and Clarene Hample
W. Spencer and Frances Hampton
David and Barb Hamry LQ
K.W. Han ('62) L
Vernell ('53) and Carol Hance LQ
Jerilyn ('94) and Marc Hander
Edna Haneberg ('30)
Brian Haner ('89)
Connie Haney ('81)
J. Pat ('88) and Tracy Hanley
J. Ray and Pauline Hanna
James and Gerry Hannigan
Arthur and Jennie ('34) Hansen L
Arthur H. Hansen HQ
Bradley and Annie Hansen
Chris and Theodora Hansen L
Dale ('51) and Harriet Hansen H
David and Frances Hansen L
Gary and Kathleen Hansen
Harold ('50) and Doris ('53) Hansen
J. Michael Hansen ('90)
James ('78) and Constance Hansen
Johanne Marie Hansen and Nels Marcus Hansen L
John and Laila Hansen
Lawrence and Josephine Hansen
Mitzi Hansen ('93)
Richard Hansen ('71) H
Richard and Karen ('71)
Hansen LQ
Robert and Gwen Hansen
Roger Hansen ('70) Q
Teresa Hansen ('84)
Todd and Donita Hansen
Sharon Hansen Geldaker ('84) Q
Allen and Sharon Hanson
Brad and Lillian Hanson
David ('69) and Sheila Hanson
Daniel and Deborah ('89) Hanson
Elizabeth Hanson and Robert Mazzoli
Garland and Kathryn Hanson
Gary ('67) and Susan Hanson LQ
George and Nicki Hanson
James and Jill Hanson
John ('62) and Thelma ('63) Hanson
Larry ('71) and Lynda ('72) Hanson
Marilyn Hanson Q
Marjorie Ann Hanson ('62)
Merle ('57) and Audry ('59) Hanson Q
Myron and Sharon Hanson
Rolph ('56) and Betsy Hanson Q
Vernon ('76) and Susan ('78) Hanson H
Jerry ('62) and Carolyn ('63) Haralson Q
Harbor Wholesale Grocery
Charles Ray Harding ('52) Q
Ray Harding ('50)
Thelma Harfst
Kelly ('96) and Russell Hargrave
Charles ('61) and Elizabeth Harkins
Jamie and Patricia ('93) Harkness
Robert and Myrna Harkson Q
Shirley Harman ('50)
Edward Harmic ('62) Q
Jacqueline Harmon ('98) Q
Michael and Leslie ('76) Harmon
Rodney and Terry Ann ('70) Harne Q
Diane Harney Q
Harold A Allen Company
Realtors Q
Harold LeMay Enterprises LQ
Harry and Sandra ('80) Haroldson
O.B. and Junette Haroldson
William and Carolyn Haroldson
Lawrence and Cecilia ('61) Harper
Kelly Harr ('00) Q
James ('72) and Mary Lou ('73) Harri
Shirley Harrigan ('69)
Charles ('88) and Christine ('88) Harris Q
Lois Harris ('59) HQ
Richard ('74) and Ann ('74) Harris
Bryan and Carol ('85) Harrison
Harold ('88) and Sharon ('96) Harrison H
Robert and Becky ('74) Harrison
John and Olivia Harrold
David ('74) and MaryAnn Harshman Q
Marv ('42) and Dorothy ('42) Harshman LQ
R. Michael Harshman ('67) Q
Donald and Lois Harstad
Jesse ('79) and Sumie ('79) Hart
Karen Hart ('70) Q
Miriam Hart ('69)
Ardis Harth
F. Joseph Harthorne
Allen and Connye ('63)
Hartman LQ
Blaise ('88) and Karen ('88) Hartman
Darrick Hartman ('94)
Paul Hartman ('67) LH
Grant Hartvigson H
Ken ('65) and Joyce ('65) Hartvigston, Jr. LHQ
Koll Hartvigson ('93) H
Terry and Nelia Harvey
Ray and Gayle Harvie
Lilly Harvill ('57)
B. Chrisse Harwanko
Douglas ('99) and Deborah ('87) Hase
Brian and Beth ('79) Haskell H
Stanley and Uta Haskins
Kent and Kelly ('97) Hassebrock

Robert ('72) and Kathleen ('89) Hasselblad Q
Mary Ruth Hassett ('71) Q
Charles ('80) and Mickey Hatcher
David ('91) and Kari Hatlen Q
Mark ('82) and Mary ('84)
Hatlen Q
Ralph ('52) and Doris ('51)
Hatlen Q
Roe ('65) and Beverly (Thompson) ('66) Hatlen LHQ
Carl ('50) and Patricia Hatley
Wayne and Susan Hatley
Doris Hauf ('81)
Ada Haug
Catherine Marie Haug ('70)
Peter Haug
Daniel ('78) and Laurie ('78) Hauge
Gudrun Hauge
Joel ('73) and Kathleen ('72) Hauge Q
Lawrence ('50) and Beverly Hauge Q
Marie Hauge ('28)
Morris Hauge ('61)
Paul and Paula Hauge
Robert ('48) and Shirley Hauge Q
Iver ('54) and Virginia ('56) Haugen Q
Torval and Marilyn Haugen Q
Thomas Haukebo HQ
Herman and Ruth Hauschildt
George and Margaret Lacy Hauser Q
Chester and Irene Hausken Q
Robert ('74) and Carol Hawes
Kazuko Hayashi ('87)
Eric and Kami ('96) Hayes
Philip and Sally Hayes L
Tom ('86) and Sherrie ('85)
Hayes Q
Julie Haynes ('92)
Leonard and Sydney Hays
Richard and Patricia Hays
Alma Hayward
Benjamin Hayward
Scott and Elizabeth Hayward
William and Norma Hayward
Jan ('79) Hazelton
Logan ('74) and Verna ('76) Hazen
Walter A. and Grace L. Heath Charitable Trust L
Thomas ('74) and Nancy
Heavey Q
Julie Ann Hebert
Karen Hebert ('98)
William and Marilyn ('57)
Hecht Q
Jim ('86) and Sharon Hecker
Lise ('82) and Maynard Hedegaard LQ
Brandy Hedger ('01)
Arthur ('59) and Lorelee Hedlund
Dorothy Hedlund
Gerald ('53) and Eileen Hedlund
Alan ('67) and Cheryl Hedman Q
David and Lois Hedman
Camille Hefty L
Milton ('52) and Camille Hefty Q
Larry Hegstad
Orie Hegtvedt Q
Mr. and Mrs. Harold Heiberg
Vicki Heigel
Ty and Sandra ('74) Heim
Margaret Heimsoth ('66)
Ralph and Dolores ('46) Hein
Timothy ('91) and Cynthia Hein
Derek ('79) and Cristina Heins
Bradley and Elizabeth Heldele
Andrew ('54) and Marilyn Helling
Kenneth and Ruth Helling
Dr. David and Constance
Hellyer LQ
Mark Helm ('85)
Mary Catherine Hemminger ('76)
Paul and Mary Hemphill Q
Jeanne Hemstock ('74)
John and Jacquelyn Henderson
Norman Henderson
Thomas and Marilyn ('82) Henderson
Perry and Peggy Hendricks L
Gary and Pamela Hendrickson
James and Ruth ('42) Hendrickson
Greg and Sandra ('87) Henley
Stephen Henn ('86)
Douglas ('73) and Joyce Henning
Douglas and Lois ('98) Henning Q
Nora Henning
Mark and Tracie ('92) Henninger
Ronald and Voncille Henry
Thomas and Darilyn Henry Q
John and Zandra Hensel LQ
John and Catherine Henson
Joseph Gerald and Lucy Hepler
Lawrence and Myrna ('56)
Heppe Q
William ('70) and Cameron ('74) Herbert Q
Edward ('86) and Karen ('87) Herde
Scott ('83) and Teresa
Herfindahl Q
Dorothy Herivel Q
William and Dorothy Herivel L
Shannon Herlocker ('98) Q
Milton ('69) and Janet Herman
Don and Holly Hermansen
Rolf and Anne Hermansen
Erika Hermanson ('91)
Gail Hermanson
Mark Hermon ('77)
Gregory ('88) and Jennifer ('90) Hermsmeyer
Rodney and Marcia Herr
Michael Herren ('85)
Manuel and Bertha Herrera
Andrew and Christina ('86) Herrick
Joseph ('96) and Christine Hertig
Kent ('85) and Lynnell ('85) Herzer Q
Daniel Herzog ('95)
Dr. and Mrs. John O. Herzog LQ
Karen Herzog ('92) Q
Margaret Herzog L
Michael Herzog ('87) Q
Jeannine Hess ('68)
Margaret Hess ('70)
Donald and Maxine Hester
Sarah Hester ('66)
Stacey Hesterly ('86) Q
Oline Hetle
Gary and Susan Heuer Q
Johanna Heussman Q
John and Johanna Heussman L
Peter ('87) and Nancy ('86) Heussman Q
Paul ('77) and Sandra Hewett
Sally Hewett ('80) Q
Wayne and Norine Hewett
Greta Hewlett ('57)
Hewlett-Packard Company LM
John Hewston ('50)
Barbara Heyel ('71)
Mary Colleen ('87) and Karl Heyer
Ronald ('63) and Miriam ('64) Heyer LQ
Bobby and Jane ('81) Hickman
Gerald ('55) and Sharon ('86) Hickman Q
Brian and Brenda ('87) Hicks
Clifton Hicks Estate L
Jeanette Hicks ('01)
Kenneth and Ginger Hicks
Robert ('73) and Susan Hicks H
Paul Hidy ('78) Q
Diana Higgins ('01)
Edward and Diana Higgins
Phyllis Higgins ('00)
Lillian Highfill ('46)
Jeffrey Highland ('69)
Highlands West Dental
Holly Hightower ('00) Q
Astrid Hildahl Q
Earl and Astrid Hildahl L
Richard ('65) and Connie ('65) Hildahl LH
Roger ('62) and Joanne
Hildahl LQ
Loren ('61) and Camilla Hildebrand LQ
Theodore ('82) and Lisa Hile Q
John and Christy ('69) Hilgers Q
Donald Hill ('78)
James Hill ('83)
Lisa ('94) and Matthew Hill
Peter and Shirley Hill
Ramona Hill ('63) Q
Robert Hill ('89)
Steven and Sandra ('83) Hill
Wayne ('61) and Deborah Hill LQ
William Hill ('76)
Hill Meat Company
Bruce ('57) and Yvonne Hille H
Olen and Frances Hilliard
Carolyn Hillis ('57)
Daniel ('80) and Jeanne ('81) Hillman
David ('89) and Catherine ('88) Hillman Q
Youlander Hilton ('91)
Joe and Audrey Hinch Q
Paul N.T. ('55) and Lois Hinderer
Martha Hinderlie H
Ray ('36) and Irene Hinderlie Q
Robert and Joanne ('76) Hinkle Q
Esther Hinschberger
Scott and Michele Hinschberger
Carol Hintze ('56)
Dale and Sharon Hirz LQ
Sylvia Hjelmeland
Gretchen Hjelt ('00)
Judith Hoban
Thomas and Helen ('60) Hoban
Heather Hochhalter ('00) Q
Stanley and Shirley Hodes
Hoechst Celanese Foundation LM

Jeffrey Young ('93) and Kelly Hoeckelberg-Young ('93)
Brian ('89) and Ellaine Hoff
Robert Hoff ('74)
Gordon ('58) and Lina ('57) Hoffenbacker
Alfred and Betty ('68) Hoffman Q
Donald and Mavis ('51)
Hoffman LQ
Susan ('81) and Christopher Hoffman
Travis and Lorrie Hoffman
Duane ('76) and Susan
Hoffmann Q
Mark ('83) and Monette Hoffmeister
Mark and Dianna ('84) Hofmann
Robert and Linda Hofstad
Gene Lynn and Evelyn
Hogan-Lynn ('86)
Stephen and Elizabeth
Hogberg Q
Bart and Leanore Hogeberg
Paul and Vesta Hoglund LQ
Teresa Hoglund ('83)
Erin Hoiland ('88)
Theol ('49) and Anna ('47) Hoiland Q
Nita Hoines ('63)
Paul and Elaine Hokanson
Reuben ('95) and Heather ('98) Hokanson Q
Hertha Hoke L
Julius and Alice ('55) Hokenson
Alan ('64) and Marion ('64) Hokenstad Q
Stephen and Sandra ('85) Holahan
Mildred Holbein
Melissa Holcomb ('99)
LaVon Holden ('67) Q
Michael and Sheila Holder H
Jack ('59) and Jacqueline ('62) Holl
Gilbert Holland Q
Robert ('80) and Karin ('80) Holland Q
Brian Holler ('98)
John Holliday ('74)
Marnee Hollis ('77)
Melvin and Anne Hollister
James Holloway and Judith Carr ('70) L
Agnes Holman ('37)
Paula Holmes ('71)
Richard ('69) and Karen Holmes Q
Byron ('65) and Una Holmgren
Paul ('60) and Ruth Holmquist
Peter Holmquist and Amy Jo Mattheis Holmquist ('89) Q
Martha L. C. Holt Estate L
Matthew and Jean Holt Q
Secelia Holte ('68)
Roger ('59) and Marilyn Holtey
Stephen Holtgeerts ('79) Q
John Holton
Thomas and Susan ('81) Holtzapple
Everett ('67) and Mary Jo
Holum LQ
Marion Holum ('55)
Holy Trinity Lutheran Church, Ephrata, WA L
Holy Trinity Lutheran Church, Port Angeles, WA LQ
Peter and Kari ('80) Home
HomeStreet Bank I
Robert and Beverly ('72) Homier
Victor and Loraine Honda
Honeywell Foundation L
Honeywell International Foundation I
Anna Hong-Rutt Trust L
Stanley ('64) and Carol Hoobing
Jack ('56) and Marilyn ('57) Hoover LQ
Thomas ('59) and D. Ann
Hoover Q
Hope Lutheran Church, Enumclaw, WA Q
Hope Lutheran Church, Tacoma L
Chris and Susan ('87) Hopen
Ernest ('48) and Irene Hopp LQ
Gunnar Horgen and Sonja Johnson-Horgen
Layton and Marian Horner
Earl ('67) and Verna Horngren Q
Daniel ('72) and Katherine ('73) Horsfall LQ
Karl Hoseth ('94) and Alison Wigstrom-Hoseth ('93) Q
Paul and Jeanne ('80) Hoseth LQ
Thomas Hoskins ('47) and Nancy Lipscomb-Hoskins ('59)
Ridge ('78) and Linda ('77)
Hottle Q
Houghton Mifflin Company I
Kristin ('89) and Michael Houle Q
Carol Olson Houston ('72) L
Douglas and Rachel ('78) Hovde
Olav Hovden Estate L
Kenneth and Inge Hover
Mark and Turi Kristi Liv ('74) Hoversten
Richard and Jean ('60) Hovet Q
Ronald ('62) and Lois Hovey Q
Holly Hovey-Hennings ('88) Q
Caroline Hovland L
Curtis ('57) and Nola
Hovland LHQ
Ordetta Hovland ('58) HQ
Patrice Hovland ('85)
Alexander and Carrie ('78) Howard
Christina Howard ('97)
Dennis ('64) and Linda ('65) Howard LHQ
Randall ('91) and Cris Howard Q
Robert ('63) and Marjorie Howard LHQ
Henry Howe and Margaret Ogden-Howe ('65) Q
Leonard ('60) and Jeanette ('56) Howe
H. Marc and Julie Anna ('72) Howell LQ
John and Janice ('58) Howell
Sean Howell ('01) Q
William ('75) and Diana Howison
Peter and Margaret ('92) Hoyer
Jennifer Hubbard Geller ('88)
Thomas and Patricia Hubbell
Ann Huber ('94)
Curtis E. Huber Q
Ralph and Marilyn ('70) Hubert
Ronald and Joanne Hudiburg Q
Debra Hudson ('82)
William and Carol ('52) Hueller
Laurence and Bonny Huestis LQ
Vincent ('83) and Ramonda ('93) Huff
Anne Huffman ('89) Q
Glen ('53) and Tacy Huffman Q
Russell and Christine ('74) Huffstetter
Joy Huft ('94)
Kae Huggins
Bobbi Hughes ('00)
Raleigh and Ardys ('48) Hughes
Alan and Sue Huibregtse
Judith ('77) and Duane Hulbert
Linda Hulbert H
Richard ('69) and Nancy ('72) Huling Q
Mark and Jean Hulme
Matthew ('95) and Kristi ('95) Hulquist
Norman ('73) and Carol Hulscher
Robert Hulshouser ('75)
Stanley Hulsman ('56) Estate L
Mary Ann Hult ('67)
Ken and Irene ('59) Hultgren LHQ
Paul and Diane Hultgren
Peter Humberd ('01)
Dana L. Humbert ('90) H
Ronald and Dorothy Hume
Camilla Humphrey ('50)
Morris and Walda Hungerford
Claude Hunskor ('51) Q
Anne Hunt and William Lieder
Bernard and Jeanne Hunt
James and Diane ('75) Hunt
Milton and Kathryn Hunt
Samuel and Charlene Hunt
Clem and Phyllis Hunter LH
Philip ('84) and Linda ('84) Hunter
Russell ('59) and Ruth ('59) Hunter H
Conrad ('72) and Dianne ('72) Hunziker LQ
John ('89) and Kathryn ('89) Hurley Q
Richard ('93) and Monica ('94) Hurley HQ
William and Edith Husby Q
Orthos and Lois Huseby
David and Helen Huseth
James ('70) and Deborah ('70) Hushagen LHQ
John Hushagen ('73) and Janette Schurman ('76) Q
Joseph Hustad ('71)
Kenneth ('70) and Judith ('71) Hustad
Hustad Funeral Home
Robert Husted ('64)
Charles and Sharon Huster
Gordon and Jean Huston
Walter Huston Q
Linda Hutson ('01) Q
Daniel and Amy Hutton
Arthur Huycke ('78)
Beverly Hyde ('50)
Charles and Otis Hyde L
Otis Hyde Q
Betty and Bill Hyde LQ
Franklin and Sara ('00) Hyke


Lucille Iacuessa Q
Richard and Shirley ('48) Ibey
IBM International Foundation LM
Image Source Inc
Heidi Imhof
Louis and Joan Imhof
Todd L. Imhof ('86) H
Carl and Kristen ('81) Imhoff
Immanuel Lutheran Church, Everson, WA LQ
Independent Colleges of Washington L
ING Foundation I
Jim and Cathy Ingram Q
Paul and Regina Ingram HQ

Charles Ingram Bequest L
Inland Northwest Bank I
Intel Foundation LM
Interstate Distributor Company I
Galven and Delores Irby LQ
Timothy ('93) and Jennifer ('92) Irwin Q
Gary and Elois ('57) Isaacson
Linda Isaacson ('70)
Lynn ('82) and Nancy Isaacson
Stephen ('76) and Kristine ('78) Isaacson
Thomas and Linda ('76)
Isaacson Q
Steven and Elaine ('81) Isaak
Judy Isaksen
Kirk and Pamela ('77) Isakson Q

Don ('64) and Mary Jane ('65) Isensee LQ
Peter ('90) and Kristi ('86)
Isensee Q
Philip Isensee ('69) and Martha Maier H
Matt Iseri ('99)
ITT Corporation LM
Dakota Iverson ('00)
Dena Iverson
Roger ('83) and Cynthia ('86) Iverson Q
Roger ('59) and Marsha ('61) Iverson Q
Scott ('75) and Amy Iverson


Myrtle Jack
Thomas ('76) and Kristen Jacka Q
Emmer Lee Jackson ('75) Q
Gaylord and Carol Bichon ('71) Jackson
Ruth M.V. Jackson ('42)
C. Virginia Jacobs ('45) Q
Frank ('87) and Kerry Jacobs
Kenneth and Stella ('28) Jacobs L
Michael ('76) and Cindy Jacobsen
Ann Jacobson
Brian ('89) and Jennifer ('91) Jacobson Q
Iris Jacobson ('40) HQ
J. Reynold ('30) and Nordis ('30) Jacobson L
John ('60) and Karen ('65) Jacobson L
Kathryn Jacobson ('62)
Lyle ('40) and Iris ('40) Jacobson L
Marilyn Jacobson ('73)
Nordis Jacobson ('30) H
Orville ('62) and Donnalee Jacobson Q
Russell ('57) and Margaret Jacobson Q
Steven ('82) and Julie ('85) Jacobson Q
Tom ('69) and Kathleen
Jacobson LHQ
W. Kenneth and Macushla Jacot
Daniel Jaech ('65) HQ
James ('54) and Constance ('56) Jaeger Q
Steven and Julie ('92) Jahns
Hans and Elizabeth ('76) Jannasch
Raymond ('85) and Scarlett Jansure Q
Edith Jaques
John and Marcia Jarrett H
JCPenney Company Fund L
Francis and Lin Jeffery
Peter Jekel and Linda Keselburg-Jekel ('89)
Teri Jelinek ('75)
Eric Jellum ('77)
Lloyd and Inez Jellum
Cynthia Jenkins
John ('63) and Grace Jenkinson Q
Helen Jenner
Edith Marie Jennestad L
Ole Jennestad ('06) Estate L
Ben ('89) and Kitty Jennings
Frank and Sandra ('60)
Jennings LHQ
Alvin and Agnes H.L. ('66) Jensen
Carol Jensen ('90)
Howard Jensen LH
J. Byron Jensen ('61)
Mark Jensen
Mildred Jensen L
Robert and Jean Jensen LQ
Solweig Jensen
Thorwald Jensen Estate L
David Jerke Q
Sandra Jerke LQ
Rebecca Jerstad Q
J. Stephen Jeske ('75)
Milton ('58) and Bonnie Jeter Q
Steven Jett ('01)

Andrew Johnson ('87) Q
Anton ('52) and Lyndall ('55) Johnson Q
Arthur and Luella ('40) Johnson Q
Barry and Mary Johnson
Beatha Johnson ('73) Q
Judge Bertil and Pearl Johnson L
Brian Johnson ('71) Q
Bruce and Maxine Johnson
Calvin ('51) and Alice Johnson Q
Carl and Lillian Johnson
Carl and Sue ('73) Johnson Q
Clifford ('50) and Caryl ('50) Johnson
Cody Johnson ('00)
Daniel ('76) and Darcy ('78) Johnson Q
David and Barbara Johnson
David ('74) and Janice ('77) Johnson Q
David Johnson and Katheryn Carfrae ('83)
David ('69) and Patsy ('69) Johnson LQ
David ('78) and Sandra ('76) Johnson
Dean and LaVonne Johnson LQ
Dorothy Johnson
Douglas and Pamela ('90) Johnson
E. Marvin ('50) and Virginia ('48) Johnson Q
Einar Johnson Estate L
Elma Johnson HQ
Eric and Gayle Johnson
Frances Johnson ('55) LQ
Frank and Marlys Kay ('60) Johnson
Frank ('90) and Tracie ('90) Johnson
Franklin ('66) and Joanne ('69) Johnson
Fred and Crystal Johnson
Glenn ('55) and Barbara Johnson
Gregory and Nancy Johnson Q
H. E. Sherry Johnson
Helen Johnson
J. Arthur ('58) and Joan Johnson
James E. Johnson ('61) LQ
James Johnson ('85) and Jennifer Katz
James Johnson and Karla Jones ('90)
Jane Johnson ('61) L
Jeffrey ('76) and Katherine ('77) Johnson LHQ
Jennifer Johnson ('00)
Jerome ('85) and Jennifer Johnson Q
Jerry ('68) and Julie ('72)
Johnson Q
Joel ('83) and Randi Johnson Q
John ('29) and Elma Johnson L
Karen Johnson
Karl and Penny Johnson
Karl ('83) and Toni Johnson
Kenneth ('66) and Alyce Johnson
Kenneth ('65) and Terry
Johnson Q
L. Leroy ('53) and Shirley ('53) Johnson Q
Lars ('61) and Judith ('61) Johnson LQ
Laura Johnson ('98) Q
Lawrence and Delphine
Johnson Q
Lawrence Johnson ('85)
Leon ('58) and Patricia Johnson
Lindsay Johnson ('98)
Linka Preus Johnson ('38) LHQ

Lucille M. Johnson H
Marguerite G. Johnson L
Marian Johnson ('46)
Meg Johnson Q
Mildred Johnson Estate L
Noreen Johnson
Norman and Doris ('48) Johnson
Paige Johnson ('00) Q
Palma Johnson
Paul Johnson ('71) Q
Philip and Nancy Johnson
R. William ('57) and Wonda Johnson Q
Richard E. ('70) and Claudia Johnson L
Robert and Carol Johnson
Roderick Johnson ('76)
Ronald and Mirajane ('70) Johnson
Roy ('60) and Katherine
Johnson HQ
Ruth Johnson ('47) Q
Selma Johnson ('49)
Sophie Johnson
Stephen and Joan ('79) Johnson
Stuart and Patricia Johnson
Theodore ('60) and Doreen ('63) Johnson LHQ
Valerie Johnson ('89) Q
Barry Alan and Gretchen Johnsrud Q
Rolfe and Margaret ('64) Johnstad
Charles and Susan Johnston
Ida Foss Johnston Estate L
Gary and Katrina Johnston
Bruce and Nancy Johnston
Richard and Sharon Johnston
Ruth Johnston ('80) and David Wright
Ann-Ellen Jones ('77)
Christopher Jones ('76)
Herbert B. Jones Foundation L
Loren and Lauren Rae Jones
Preston and Shirley ('53) Jones Q
Richard ('78) and Teresa ('80) Jones
Sally Louise Jones H
Verne and Lorraine Jones
Luther and Dee Jonson Q
Paul ('68) and Desnee Joos Q
Eric A. Jordahl ('58) LHQ
Peter ('60) and Karen ('61) Jordahl LHQ
Martin Jordal Estate L
Edward and Fleda Jordan
Paul ('56) and Frieda Jordan Q
Dwayne ('52) and Diane Jorgensen Q
Erna Jorgensen L
Harold and Joan Jornlin
Robert Jory ('89) Q
Larry and Helen ('62) Josephson
Dorothy Joyce ('87)
Allan and Ellen Juhl
Dan and Jo Jung
Richard and Grace Jungkuntz LQ
Erling ('39) and Judy ('39) Jurgensen LQ
Heidi Jurges
Phyllis Jurkovich ('50) Q


Lane Kadel ('92) and Candace Schierman
Kristin Kaden Dreyer ('82) and Richard Dreyer Q
Helena Kadota-Kidder ('53)
Steven ('81) and Patty Kagele
Alvin Kageler ('54) Q
Lynn Kahle ('75) and Debra
Eisert ('75)
Veronica ('00) and Jason ('99) Kaipainen
Edward and Erma Kaiser
Marjory Kallem Q
Darrin Kaneshiro ('88)
David ('86) and Julie ('86) Kangas
Louise Kaplan
Pearl Kaplan ('40)
Theodore O.H. and Elizabeth Karl Estate L
Lind B. Karlsen ('58) LQ
Gregory ('67) and Carrol ('67) Karlsgodt
Alfred ('39) and Doris Karlstad
Anne ('44) Karola
Frank ('55) and Carol ('53) Karwoski LQ
Conrad Kasperson ('62) Q
Carroll ('54) and Delores ('52) Kastelle
Marilyn Katz ('57)
Rudolph and Majorie Kauhanen
Dr. James ('53) and Mrs. James Kauth LQ
A. Burley ('92) and Winona ('92) Kawasaki Q
Nobi and Sharon Lea Kawasaki Q
Judith Kaylor ('72)
Gordon and Alice Kayser LHQ
Dana Keaton ('74)
James and Patricia ('57) Keator
Christopher ('78) and Nancy
Keay Q
W. M. Keck Foundation L
Andrew and Beverly ('87) Kee
Michael ('87) and Georgina Keene
Denton ('64) and Gail Kees H
Klaus-Peter and Cynthia ('83) Keese
Kenneth ('58) and Roberta ('58) Kehle Q
Albert Kehrer Estate L
George and Connie Keiter
Donald ('54) and Betty ('53)
Keith LQ
Ann Kelleher Q
Ruth Ann Kelleher
Dale ('53) and Joan ('53)
Keller LQ
Monica Keller ('86)
Robert ('55) and Betty ('58)
Keller LQ
Steven Keller ('86) Q
Walter E and Gloria ('54) Keller
Dolores Kelley ('86)
Elizabeth Kelley Estate L
Pat Kelley L
Richard and Linda Kelley L
Thomas and Brenda Kelley
Brenda Kelley-Layton ('88)
Brad and Kristen ('86) Kelln
Lisa Kellogg ('01)
Evelyn Kelly Q
Merilynn Kelly
Kelly Foundation of Washington I
Michael ('83) and Joni Kemmer
Richard and Carol Kemp
August Kempf ('64) H
Clarence and Carol Jean ('53) Kenagy
Scott ('00) and Rosemary
Kendall Q
Lance ('99) and Karen ('98) Kenmore
Bruce and Karleen ('63)
Kennedy L
John and Julie ('63) Kennedy
Kerry ('74) and Beth ('74) Kennedy L
Robert Kennedy ('77) Q
Bruce ('83) and Dawn ('83) Kent
Richard S. Kent ('58) H
Kent Lutheran Church,
Kent, WA Q
Tim and Karen Keopple
Darren ('96) and Carla Kerbs Q
James ('51) and Patricia Kerns Q
Solveig Kerns ('55) Q
David ('76) and Kathleen ('77) Kerr Q
Tyler and Natalie ('94) Kersten Q
Laurence and Darlene Kerwin Q
David ('70) and Mary Kesler
Peter and Patricia Kesling
Margo Anne ('64) and Richard ('76) Kessel Q
Key Peninsula Lutheran Church, Lakebay, WA
KeyBank L
Katherine Kidd ('71) H
Thomas ('70) and Brenda Kidd
C. Michael Kido ('70) Q
Jack and Beverlene Kiekel
Paul ('83) and Sharilee Kiffe
Bruce and Sandra Kilander
Jack ('73) and Maxine ('73) Kilcrease Q
Winifred Kildahl
Karen Kilen L
Kenneth Kilen ('73) and Francine Miltenberger Q
David and Janice Kilgore
David and Patricia Killen Q
Deborah Killough ('79)
Erna Kilpatrick H
Florence B. Kilworth
Foundation LI
William W. Kilworth Charitable Foundation LI
Alan and Helen Kimmel Q
Erik and Christine Kindem

Kari Kindem ('81) and Thomas Swidler Q
Kevin Kindschuh ('78)
Andrew ('72) and Larraine King H
Barbara King ('94)
Clarence and Rosemary King L
Greg King ('98)
Joseph ('92) and Kimberly ('91) King
Robert Hunter and Marita King Hunter ('86)
Sharon King ('68) and Bruce Wiley
Steven King ('78) Q
Thomas and Suzanne King
John and Bea ('85) Kingery
Kenneth Kinonen ('82)
Michael ('81) and Tamara ('81) Kintner
Susan Kintner ('76) and John Reiser
Paula Kirby ('01)
Sylvia Kirkebo
Tadina Kirkendall ('98)
John and Ann Kirkman Q
Douglas ('79) and Elizabeth ('79) Kirkpatrick Q
Erin Kirkpatrick ('88) and Keith Randall
William and Susan Kirschner
Dean and Karen ('88) Kisler
Robert ('79) and Michiko Kissinger Q
Linda Kittelson ('73)
James ('60) and Liv Anne ('60) Kittilsby LQ
Kim Kittilsby ('84)
Timothy ('84) and Lisa ('84) Kittilsby LQ
Lars Kittleson L
Christine Kjenner ('85)
Einar and Ellen Kjesbu
Erica Kjesbu ('96)
Erik and Marcia Kjesbu
Jeffrey and Mary ('80) Klaiber
Kenneth and Lois Klarquist LHQ
Robert ('69) and Byrna ('70) Klavano Q
Ruth Klavano ('71)
Donald and Anna Marie Klein
Kirsten Klein ('95)
Richard and Joanne ('63) Klein LQ
Robert and Cynthia ('76) Klein Q
Herman and Barbara Kleiner
Joseph and Gro Kleitsch
Klett Family Trust LH
Joel ('74) and Barbara Klett Q
Cindy Klettke ('77)
Gilbert ('53) and Virginia Kleweno
Margaret Kleyn ('74)
William and Lev Kline
Marian F. Klingensmith HQ
Philip and Kathryn ('86) Klintworth Q
F. Dudley and Donna Klopfer
Jean-Marie Klover ('71)
Mary Ann Kluge and Kenneth Sylvester ('88) Q
Jerry and Ruth ('48) Kluth H
Marijean Kluth HQ
Marilyn Knapp ('54)
Terrence Knapton ('71)
Randi and Suzanne ('76) Knaus
Bill and Carol Knebes
Claire Knight ('66)
David ('82) and Anita ('82)
Knight Q
Knight Vale & Gregory
Elizabeth Knightly ('59) Q
Kent ('74) and Susan Knobelauch
George Knoff L
Gary and Penny Knowlton Q
Stephen ('76) and Karen D.W. Knox
Winona Knudsen ('54) L
Larry ('81) and Mary ('81) Knudsen Q
Nancy Knudsen Q
George Knudson ('73)
Mark ('70) and Sue ('70)
Knudson LHQ
Mel and Melba Knudson H
Theodore and Gerda ('57) Knudson
Carmen Knudtson ('51) Q
G. Michael ('81) and Debra ('81) Knudtzon
Evelyn Knutsen Q
Kenneth Knutsen ('66)
David ('58) and Marilyn ('59) Knutson LHQ
Lowell ('51) and Shirley
Knutson Q
Maurice and Lillian Knutson L
Randy ('80) and Robin ('81) Knutson
Chris Knutzen Estate L
Douglas and Suzanne ('79) Knutzen
Ruby ('32) and Einer ('32) Knutzen L
Gerald and Dinah ('69)
Knutzen Q
Mary Knutzen L
Margaret Knutzen HQ
Mark and Patricia Knutzen Q
Richard ('55) and Beverly ('55) Knutzen Q
Ron ('57) and Marilyn Knutzen L
Ruby Knutzen ('32) Q
Tim and Coleen Knutzen Q
Victor ('36) and Margaret Knutzen L
Ralph and Karin ('74) Koal
Gary and Mavis Koch LHQ
Katherine Koch ('01)
Wilbert ('52) and Jeanette ('46) Koch LHQ
Charlotte Koebel ('60)
Thomas ('81) and Beth Koehler
Bonnie Koenig ('85)
Craig ('83) and Alisa Koessler
Donn ('54) and Patricia ('56) Koessler Q
Gary ('85) and Wendy ('85) Koessler Q
Bernice and Charles Koester L
David and Betty Koetje
Curtis ('78) and Michele ('78) Koger Q
Gerald ('69) and Deborah Kohler
Todd and LeAnne ('86) Kolb
Margret Kolb ('87)
William ('63) and Gloria ('63)

Koll LQ
Allan ('70) and Mary Kollar LQ
Charles and Krista ('85) Kollin
Kon Tiki Museum L
Lola Kooley
Karen Koon
Thomas and Cheryl ('72) Koonsman Q
Carl and Bergliot ('36) Koppen
Randy and Jane Korb
Stephen and Rebecca Korenek
Clifford ('49) and Marie ('64) Korsmo LQ
John ('49) and Edna Korsmo Q
John Korsmo Construction, Inc.
John ('84) and Lisa ('87)
Korsmo LQ
Mary Korsten
Jeffrey and Tisa ('85) Kosbab
Ralph Koster ('54)
Archie ('68) and Kay Kovanen L
Neila ('66) and Richard Kozel
Kristine Krabbenhoft ('79)
Jerry Kracht and Janice Jones Q
Frederick and Tara ('84) Kraf
C. Todd ('84) and Lisa Marie Kraft
Beth Kraig and Suzanne
Klinger Q
Cynthia Kraiger ('84) Q
Richard ('59) and Naomi ('59) Kraiger HQ
Hilda Kramer Estate L
Mary Kramer ('77) Q
Paul Kramer ('79) Q
Rebecca Kramer ('87)
Robert and Shirley Kramer H
Scott ('89) and Penny Kramer Q
Stephen ('76) and Christine ('76) Kramer
Timothy Kramer ('81)
Vanessa ('00) and Mark Kramis
Alvin and Rosemary Krantz H
Donald Krantz ('56) L
Edwin ('59) and Maureen ('60) Krantz Q
Robert ('79) and Marian
Kratzke Q
Bessie Krause
The Krause Family L
Sandra Krause-Olson ('89) and Thomas Olson Q
Konstantinos ('65) and Constance ('67) Kravas Q
Abraham and Ester Krebs
Kurt Krebs ('85)
Roland and Barbara Krebs
Kreielsheimer Foundation L
Roger and Sandra ('65) Kreis Q
The Kresge Foundation L
Jerry ('61) and Gwendolyn ('61) Kress Q
Robert ('67) and Anasthasia Krieger
William and Michelle ('74) Krippaehne LHQ
Scott ('81) and Anne ('81) Kristensen
Wendy Kritsky ('93) Q
George Kriz and Carolyn Anderson-Kriz ('59)
E. Luther ('52) and Charlotte ('59) Kroenk
R. Elaine Kroger ('68) Q
John and Jane ('60) Kroll
Walter and Carol Kruckeberg
Bob and Kristin ('90) Krueger Q
David ('80) and Laurel ('80) Krueger Q
Jennifer Krueger ('98)
Jason and Sarah ('96) Kruger
Jerry ('74) and Margaret Krumwiede
Jerry Aisleman and Lisa
Krupp ('87)
Dennis and Brenda Kruse
Jonathan Kruse ('76)
Richard Krussow ('54)
Mark and Toni Kuciemba
Myrna Kucklick ('56)
Bonnie Kuechenmeister
Bernd ('70) and Karen Kuehn Q
Von ('66) and Elizabeth Kuehn
Rosalie Kuester ('40) Q
Jim and Linda Kuhlmann
W. R. and Valerie Kuhn
Brian Kuklish ('01)
John Kulhanek and Carla
Bennett ('77)
Derek Kuniyoshi ('00)
Katherine Kunkel ('97)
Jean Kunkle ('79)
Lorraine Kunz
Craig ('90) and Karin ('91) Kupp
Lois Kutscha
John and Gloria Kuula
Glen and Marietta ('59) Kuykendall
Charles and Ruthann Kvale
Lee ('76) and Diana Kvalheim
Reuben David Kvamme ('59)
Craig ('91) and Stacy Kvinsland
Howard ('38) and Eugenia ('38) Kvinsland LQ
Joan Kvinsland L
Dr. Jon H. Kvinsland ('63) LHQ
Margaret Kvinsland ('40) Q
Stener ('38) and Margaret ('40) Kvinsland L
Stephen ('65) and Judith ('66) Kvinsland Q
Osmund Kvithammer ('66) and Anne-Lise Berger Q
Chester and Penny Kwiat
Dennis Kyllo ('76) Q
Eldon ('48) and Helen Ramstad ('50) Kyllo LHQ


L.H.C. Incorporated L
Leland and Grace ('48) La Bar H
Dana La Curan
Scott and Joanne ('64) La Framenta
Thea La Ville ('09) Estate L
Karolyn Labes ('91) Q
Paul ('55) and Janet ('59)
Labes LQ
Labor Ready I
Rebecca ('96) and Kristopher Lachenmaier Q
Edward Lacina ('97)
Karen Lacko ('72)
Nils and Lois Ladderud
Gunbjorg Ladstein ('61)
Deena Lager ('97)
The Lagerquist Family LQ
Danetta Laguna ('97)
Brett ('94) and Heather Laidlaw
Laird Norton Trust Company
Steven Lakey ('92)
Timothy Lamas ('78)
Albert and Marilyn ('54) Lamb LQ
Dawnell Lamb LH
Edythe Lamb Estate L
Isabelle Lamb
John ('86) and Danelle ('86)
Lamb Q
C. Douglas Lamoreaux Q
Melissa ('81) and Steve Lamoreaux
Eda Lamos
Louis Lamp Estate L
Calvin Lampe ('89) and Lisa Norris-Lampe ('88)
Richard and Susan Lampe
Amber ('00) and Robert Landis
Violet Landon ('61)
Arthur and Julie ('66) Landskov Q
George Lane ('30) Estate L
Larry ('57) and Marilyn Lane Q
R. James Lane ('72) L
Sarah Lane ('01)
Daniel and Pannee Lang
Dirk Lang ('93)
Harry Lang ('41) LHQ
Howard ('65) and Mary Lang
Erik ('91) and Kristine ('91) Lange
Ronald and Hanna ('89) Lange
Jill Lange Peterson ('68)
Andrea Langeland ('89)
Elizabeth Langeland ('85)
Philip ('63) and Carolyn Langston
Shawn ('89) and Shelley ('88) Langston Q
Eloise Lanning L
Lanoga Corporation LI
Duane and Peggy Lansverk LQ
Marvin D. ('80) and Kay E. ('81) Lansverk
Fred Lanzer L
Eugene and Margaret Lapin
Bjorn Einar Larsen ('94)
Charles W. Larsen Estate L
Christian Larsen ('74)
Donald ('78) and Janice Larsen Q
Eric Larsen ('90)
Gorm and Karen Larsen Q
Holly Larsen ('00)
John ('82) and Patricia Larsen Q
Sherry Larsen
Arthur ('47) and Lorraine ('47) Larson LQ
Bruce Larson ('92) and Deborah Brown Q
Carl ('71) and Terry Larson LQ
Christine A. Larson ('70) LQ
Constance M. Larson ('71) H
Curtis ('81) and Cindy Larson Q
Duane ('75) and Kathy Larson
Duane and Sharon Larson
Edgar ('57) and Betty ('58)
Larson LHQ
Edgar R. Larson ('33) HQ
Emily Larson ('00) Q
Ernest ('57) and JoAn ('57) Larson
George ('65) and Norma Larson Q
Gerald ('64) and Marilyn ('64) Larson
Howard ('63) and Cathy Larson Q
J. Kenneth Larson
James ('64) and Linda Larson
Jerry ('87) and Jana Larson
Joel Larson ('98) and Raissa
Peters Q
Kristen Larson and Jeffrey Newcomer
Larry ('67) and Karen Larson Q
Lars and Georgia ('58) Larson HQ
Leslie and T. Louise Larson
Lucille Larson Q
Margaret Larson L
Maria Larson ('51) Q
Michael ('83) and Beco Larson Q
Paul and Anne Larson
Paul ('73) and Linda ('73)
Larson Q
Paul V. ('38) and Nina A. ('41) Larson LHQ
Richard ('54) and Sharon
Larson LQ
Robert D. Larson ('00) Q
Robert E. Larson ('48) Q
Robert and JoAnn Larson Q
Roger and Lucille Larson L
Roger ('54) and Margie Larson Q
Ronald ('71) and Linda ('73) Larson
Roy ('50) and Maria ('51) Larson L
Selmer ('50) and Helen ('57) Larson Q
Thora Harmon Larson L
Timothy ('85) and Karma Larson
Larson's Glass Company, Inc.
Kristin Latham ('98)
Sze Wah Johnny Lau
Brian ('84) and Melissa Laubach Q
Charles ('60) and Ann ('56) Laubach L
Janice Laukaitis
Jason Laukaitis ('97) Q
Hendrik ('60) and Valda Laur Q
Reginald ('66) and Jerilyn Laursen
Ross ('92) and Dana ('92)
Laursen Q


Mabel Lavagnino
James Law ('69) Q
Joshua ('97) and Lisa ('97) Lawrence Q
Steve ('77) and Diane Lawrence
John ('89) and Carolyn Lawson
Robert and Shirley Layng
David and Carolyn ('59) Layton
Bich-Lien Le ('90) H
Leon and Ingrid Le Blanc
Leonard and Joan Leach Q
James and Barbara Leahey Q
Norman and Delores Leake
Richard ('70) and Penny ('68) Leake
J. David ('66) and Kathleen ('66) Leander Q
Larry and Karin ('66) Leander H
William and Barbara ('84) Lear
Jack and Marilyn ('53) Leatherman
Richard and Patrice LeBrun
Ronald and Celia Lechnyr
Thomas and Roberta LeCompte
Paul Lecoq ('78) Q
Geoff Ledgerwood ('98) Q
Bob Lee ('58)
Elaine Lee
The Glenn Lee Family L
Helen Lee
Insu ('59) and Chong Lee Q
John and Elizabeth ('74) Lee
Karen Lee ('87)
Mary Lee L
Orlando and Myrtle Lee Estate L
Mark Lee and Piper Peterson
Lee ('85) Q
Robert and Dorothy Lee Q
Solveig Lee ('58) Q
Terrell and Dorothy Lee
William ('55) and Neva Leed Q
Mary Leeper ('00)
Guy and Louise Leesman Estate L
John ('49) and Virginia Leever Q
Paul Lefebvre and Carolyn
Silflow ('72) Q
Marjorie Lefleur
James Left ('88)
Christopher Legler ('91)
Devin ('81) and Sherry ('81) Lehmann
J. Hans and Thelma Lehmann L
Thelma Lehmann
Kalman ('72) and Helen Leichtman
Leif Erickson Memorial Committee L
Donald and Ann ('62) Leighty Q
Paula and Steve Leitz Q
Marcus LeMaster ('91) and Diane Davison
William and Margaret LeMaster
H. Eugene ('62) and Carla ('64) LeMay Q
Gerald and Norma ('63) Lemke Q
Bill and Joanne ('72) Lemke
David ('82) and Janie ('84) Lemley
Eric Lemnitzer ('77) Q
Marie Lennen
John Lennon ('61) Q
Emily Lentz ('01)
Rodney and Lynn Lentz
Arturo and Hjordis ('49) Leon Q
Anna Leon-Guerrero
Richard and Yvonne Leone
Kathryn LePard ('74) and Dale Schroeder
Mark and Kari ('92) Leppell Q
Grace Leque-Brown ('48) and Robert Brown
Ronald ('61) and Judy ('62)
Lerch LQ
Jerrold and Lois ('83) Lerum
Arne and Ida Lervick L
Roger and Linda Lervick Q
J. Skay Lessley ('95) Q
William ('63) and Deanne Lessley
David and Patty Lester
Ray ('55) and Janet ('58) Lester Q
Robert ('54) and Jeanette Lester
Robert ('80) and Kelly Lester Q
Scott Lester ('95) and Stephanie Page-Lester ('95) Q
Paul ('77) and Sylvia Leung Q
Donna Lewis ('57) Q
Elaine Lewis
Fred Lewis
John ('83) and Carissa ('87) Lewis
Patricia Lewis
Ruby Lewis
Stuart Lewis ('93)
Norman and Laurie Lewter
Dorothy Leyden
Brenda Lichtenwalter ('93) Q
Mercedes Lickfelt
Alan Liddle
Gerald ('47) and Mildred ('46) Lider Q
Kirk ('82) and Carol ('82) Lider Q
Jean Lidin ('62) Q
Norita Liebelt ('56) Q
Paul and Norita ('56) Liebelt L
M. Renee Lier Q
Jillene Lietzau ('00)
David and Joy ('74) Liezen
Carole Lightell
Robert and Maxine Lillie LH
Prakash ('78) and Nandini
Limaye Q
Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Limbaugh
John ('52) and Marion ('53) Liming LQ
James Lincoln and Karen
Wehsels H
Elmer and Ruby Lindahl L
Karla Lindberg ('83)
Lauri Lindberg ('78)
Richard and Susan Lee ('67) Lindberg
W.H. and Isabel Lindberg
Trusts LQ
John Lindbo ('86) and Monica Ravanello Q
Theodore ('77) and Patrice Linde
John and Mary Lindeblad Q
David and Gayle ('67)
Lindeblom Q
W. Michael Lindel ('80) and J. Meredith Tucker-Lindel Q
Leroy and Marie ('87) Lindemeier
Brenda Linder
Hildred Linder Estate L
Kenneth Lindholm

Kristin Lindlan ('74)
Lisa Lindsay ('01)
Joanne M. Lindstrand ('84) H
Hans ('71) and Ann ('71) Lindstrom Q
Per Axel Lindstrom ('77)
Stanley and Ulla Lindwood
Trent ('88) and Siauw Ling Q
Donald and Liz Linkem
Dennis and Nancy Lintvedt
Stacie Lintvedt ('01)
Monet Lion ('90) Q
Joanne Lisosky and Michael Darcher
Michael Little ('68) Q
Bruce Littman L
Tina Lively
Walter and Montel ('69) Livingston Q
Kandice ('84) and Jorge Llera Q
Mary Llewellyn ('66) Q
Kenneth Lo ('91) H
Gary and Carrie Lobdell
Donna Locher
John and Sandra ('74) Lockhart
Mark and Kristin ('96) Lodmill
Garth and Rose Lof
Ben and Patricia Loftin
Del ('91) and Kristy ('90)
Lofton LQ
Robin and Sonja ('59) Loftus
Gerald ('63) and Judy Lohn
Ken ('62) and Joyce ('62) Lohre
Richard ('59) and Anita Hillesland ('59) Londgren LQ
Anne Long ('86) HQ
Eva Long ('71) and William
Jetson Q
Helen Long Estate L
John and Sara Long
Robert and Aileen Long
Robert and Susan Long LQ
Ty and Anne ('86) Long L
Long Painting Company L
Benjamin Longcor ('01)
Harold Y.S. Loo
William Looney ('80)
Sara Lopez ('83)
Keith ('72) and Linda Loraas
Gregory ('71) and Christine ('71) Lord
Russell and Denece Lord Q
Norman and Helen
Lorentzsen LHQ
Thomas ('67) and Marge Lorentzsen Q
Erik Lorenz ('90) Q
Gerald ('65) and Janet ('66) Lorenz Q
Joan Lorenz ('66) L
Penny Lorenz
Robert ('68) and Caren ('68) Lorenz Q
Laurie ('92) Los
Owen ('79) and Mary Ann ('74) Loshbough
Betty Lott ('76)
Sharon Louie ('95)
Richard Lovely ('89)
Henry and Rose Low
Daniel ('86) and Paula Lowe
Margaret Lowe LQ
Thomas ('63) and Mary Jo ('64) Lowe Q
William and Carolyn Lowrey
Valborg Brodahl Lowther L
The Henry Luce Foundation,
Inc. L
Jean Luce ('85)
Christian Lucky ('89) Q
David ('88) and Andrea ('91) Lucky Q
Donna Lucky Q
Stephen ('84) and Cheryl ('83) Lucky Q
Lois K. Ludwig ('44) H
Mark Ludwig ('76) and
Marjorie Pitz
Luther and Carol Luedtke
Timothy ('85) and Kim Luiten
Duane and Susan Lund L
Philip and Karyn ('80) Lund
Ronald Lund
Bruce ('66) and Carol ('63) Lundberg Q
Roger Lundblad ('61) Q
Darrell and Joanne Lundby
Gregory ('74) and Linda ('73) Lundeen
Gene ('51) and Marian ('51) Lundgaard Q
Cheryl and Gary Lundgren Q
Robert Lundgren ('56) Q
Charles and Rosalie Lundin
Olive Lundmark
L. Karsten ('64) and Kirsten ('64) Lundring Q
Mary Anne Lundstrom ('63)
William ('70) and Susan Lundstrom
Gary and Lisbeth Lusk Q
Lutheran Brotherhood LM
Lutheran Brotherhood, Great NW Agency L
Lutheran Brotherhood, Tacoma Area Branch #8279 LQ
Lutheran Church of Christ the King, Tacoma, WA Q
Lutheran Church of the Master, Pasco, WA Q
Lutheran Community Foundation
Bridget Luthi
Paul and Maia ('86) Luvaas Q
Robert ('71) and Judy Lycksell Q
Viki Lycksell ('77) and Richard Lamirande
Nell Weaver Lyford ('75)
Bob and Andrea ('77) Lynch
George Lynch ('70)
Grace Lynch
Karen Lynch ('58)
Stephen Lynch ('88)
Virginia Lynch ('83)
Gerald and Karen Lynn
Virginia Lyon ('71)
Constance Lyon Trust L
Charlene Lysne Q
Eldon and Irma Lyso




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