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Scene gave an assignment to PLU students studying abroad as a part of J-Term 2002: Take pictures from your adventures across the world. There were many exceptional entries, but the photos taken by Dawn Charity Shaw '03, from her journey as a part of William Teska's Biology 333: Biology of the Amazon, Andes & Galapagos Islands class, stood out among the rest. Below are her pictures, as well as some words from our Grand Prize winner.

J-Term 2002 abroad: A photographic journey

This was my first journey, really. I've never been outside the United States, and I chose Ecuador, a tiny little third world country in South America, for my first passport stamp. I was pleasantly surprised that in this place of harsh conditions and harsh realities, where people have practically nothing, there was a lot of love. I was touched by the generosity of the people, the boldness of the wildlife and the striking diversity everywhere I looked. I stretched my limits. I learned some Spanish. I swam with sea lions and piranhas. I crossed the Equator. I saw parakeets and toucans in the wild-like they should be. I was welcomed into homes. I saw the sun rise over the ocean where it bends around the earth. I lived Discovery Channel days. I slept nights on a rocking sailboat under more stars than I've ever seen before. I've found a courage to try new things. I am grateful beyond words for this amazing opportunity to see and experience things that I never dreamed I could reach out and touch.

THE MANY SIDES OF SOUTH AMERICA: (counter-Clockwise from bottom-left) A little girl in Quito offering Shaw bracelets; up high in the paramo of Cotopoxi was this puya plant; two of several giant tortoises in captivity at the Charles Darwin Research Station in Puerto Ayora on Santa Cruz Island; blue-footed boobies, a bird found on the Galapagos Islands.


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