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Grad uses technology to spark artistic vision

"Eddies's Frog"
"Eddie's Frog " from her Frog Series

"Onion and Chile"
"Onion and Chile" from her Ristra & Kitchen Series

By Maria Cristina Fridenstine (Del Rosario) '75

My drawings are another form of my chronic doodling, a habit born of a short attention span. Sketching with pen and pencil was a hobby until I discovered the drawing tool in Microsoft Word more than a year ago. After that, drawing became even more fun. The tool's color palate has provided almost instant gratification to my hunger to color.

I consider this, my most recent artistic endeavor, as old-fashioned sketching using non-traditional tools: a monitor, a mouse, and an inkjet printer. No clip-art, photos, previously existing scanned prints or other graphics software were used to add to or form my compositions. While I have pursued no serious training in art, I am strongly influenced by the works of Van Gogh, Gaugin and just about every illustrator of children's books.

My previous work in counseling college students and teaching writing seminars about symbolism in fairy tales provides the character to most drawings.

"Flamenco (Spain)"
"Flamenco (Spain)" from her "Women of the World" series
"Lady of Atonement"
"Lady of Atonement" from her Santa Maria Series
"Storyteller 3"
"Storyteller 3" from her Southwest Series
"The Passion"
"The Passion" from her Cristo Series

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