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Alumni News & Events. Football Reunion, Homecoming 2003 will celebrate 75 years of football Oct. 17-19

Legacy Lutes: Children of grads carry on the PLU tradition

Christopher Almeida,
son of Norene Almeida ’95

Ryan Alwert,
son of Lloyd ’76 and Cynthia (Scheid ’78) Alwert

Zachary Batson,
son of Kathy (Groat ’79) Batson

Kyle Berner,
son of Gary Berner ’74

Stephen Blas,
son of Joseph Blas ’80

Lara Bowen,
daughter of Judy (Johnson ’79) Bowen

Laura Boye,
daughter of Rex ’78 and Lisa (Musal ’78) Boye

Aaron Brauer-Rieke,
son of David ’78 and Gretchen Brauer-Rieke ’78

Ellen Brotherston,
daughter of Stuart ’79 and Ruth (Swenson ’79) Brotherston

Ryan Brown,
son of Kevin Brown ’79

Johanna Bruce,
daughter of Cynthia (Brownson ’80) Bruce

Kristin Burch,
daughter of John ’72 and Barbara (Wahlstrom ’75) Burch

Karl Christophersen,
son of Janice (Krogstad ’77) Christophersen

Ruth Claudio,
daughter of Jose ’87 and Doris (Dahl ’73) Claudio

Jonathan Cummings,
son of Craig ’80 and Deborah (Fox ’80) Cummings

Brian Davis,
son of Keith ’77 and Diane (Lund ’75) Davis

Nikolet Davis,
daughter of Philip ’77 and Deanne (Larson ’76) Davis

Bonne Vejou Dorrello,
son of Eleanor Dorrello ’00

Zachary Erickson,
son of Janet (Sugars ’81) Erickson

Vanessa Eskelin,
daughter of Lisa Eskelin ’82

Rachel Fuller,
daughter of Carolyn Fuller ’91

Megan Getman,
daughter of Roland ’75 and Beth Getman ’76

Jens Gilbertson,
son of Andy ’77 and Kathaleen (Jackson ’74) Gilbertson

Steven Hagel,
son of Jean Hagel ’92

Anna Hagen,
daughter of Diane (Levin ’80) Hagen

Mikaela Hanson,
daughter of Vaughn Hanson ’80

Megan Henderson,
daughter of James ’68 and Jania (Westland ’68) Henderson

Emily Herivel,
daughter of David ’77 and Dianne (Hiett ’76) Herivel

Kari Hicks,
daughter of Joan (Wallin ’78) Hicks

Neil Holden,
son of Sheryl (Larsen ’75) Holden

Jared Hoover,
son of Mary Ann (Bergstrom ’81) Hoover

Bethany Hornberger,
daughter of Roxane Bennett ’96

Christopher Hunt,
son of Brenda Hunt ’92

Katharine Ingram,
daughter of Karen (Drugge ’79) Ingram

Anne Jacobson,
daughter of Marilyn (Stelzer ’73) Jacobson

Brittany Johnson,
daughter of Gregory ’90 and Cindy (Garcia ’91) Johnson

Karin Johnson,
daughter of Jeffrey ’76 and Katherine (Lorentzsen ’77) Johnson

Theresa Keenan,
daughter of Terrance Keenan ’70

Elizabeth Kenck,
daughter of Theresa (Graham ’76) Kenck

Kjirsten Kennedy,
daughter of Cynthia Kennedy ’81 and Daniel Kennedy ’79

Tiffany Kessel,
daughter of Richard ’76 and Margo Anne (Knudson ’64) Kessel

Kristin Knudsen,
daughter of Pamela Knudsen ’83

Kelsey Krippaehne,
daughter of Karin (Bernhardsen ’79) Krippaehne

Jenny Krueger,
daughter of David ’80 and Laurel (Frosig ’80) Krueger

Karsten Ledgerwood,
son of Roy ’66 and Diane (Gerstmann ’65) Ledgerwood

Robert Lee,
son of Robert Lee ’76

Marie Lieberg,
daughter of Douglas Lieberg ’70

Keane Lindblad,
son of Randy Lindblad ’79 and Tara Nordstrom ’79

Christopher Livingston,
son of Lee Livingston ’73

Kiersten Livingston,
daughter of Lee Livingston ’73

Lucas Lycksell,
son of Robert Lycksell ’71

Jonathan McFadden,
son of Guy McFadden ’73

Ashley McIntyre,
daughter of Ellen (McCain ’00) McIntyre

Christopher McKay,
son of Scott ’82 and Heidi McKay ’83

Brian Misterek,
son of David ’78 and Mari (Huseth’79)

Misterek Geoffrey Mohr,
son of David Mohr ’84

Kyle Nowadnick,
son of Kurt ’76 and Deanna (Thorp ’76) Nowadnick

Nicholas O'Neill,
son of Kimberly (Wold ’83) O’Neill

Heather Olson,
daughter of Kent Olson ’79

Erik Payne,
son of Douglas Payne ’81

Andrew Pederson,
son of David ’75 and Karen (Lansverk ’79) Pederson

Lindsey Petersen,
daughter of Kevin Petersen ’79

Kaarin Praxel,
daughter of Janet (Swanson ’70) Praxel

Casey Pyle,
son of Kim (Brown ’81) Pyle

Ingrid Running,
daughter of Eric ’80 and Stephanie (Olsen ’79) Running

Andrew Schwartz,
son of Elaine (Johnson ’76) Schwartz

Jessa Smith,
daughter of Priscilla (Pflueger ’74) Smith

Rebeca Spaulding,
daughter of Timothy Spaulding ’87

Ingrid Stegemoeller,
daughter of Philip and Suzan Stegemoeller

Kali Thomas,
daughter of Carol Gabrielson ’83

Rebecca Thorsness,
daughter of James ’80 and Julia (Rosin ’80) Thorsness

Marta Todd,
daughter of Edward ’71 and Janice (Peterson ’72) Todd

Kelly Totten,
daughter of Tracy ’75 and Terry (Pfeifer ’75) Totten

Dane Tudhope-Locklea,
son of Deb Tudhope ’01

Kristina Ufer,
daughter of Steven ’68 and Valerie (Balch ’76) Ufer

Katharine Upton,
daughter of Kevin ’77 and Janice (Loehden ’78) Upton

Michael Vebber,
son of Charlotte (Swan ’72) Vebber

Lauren Westgaard,
daughter of Joel Westgaard ’75

Marlis Whitman,
daughter of Ralph ’70 and Janice (Greenwood ’ 72) Whitman

Laura Zaichkin,
daughter of Dana ’80 and Jeanette (Goodnow ’78) Zaichkin

Michael Ziegler,
son of Michael Ziegler ’80

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