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Photographs take you behind the scenes

Scene has published thousands of beautiful photographs of the PLU campus over the years. Everyone recognizes the Rose Window, the spire on Eastvold, the clock tower in front of the UC or the sculptures on Red Square.

But have you ever looked up the inside of the spire? Or been surrounded by the majestic Fuchs organ? Now you can, as Scene takes readers on a tour of some of the hidden places on campus, captured by university photographer Jordan Hartman '02 and student photographer Andy Sprain '06. Led by the man who knows every corner of campus, Stage Manager Art Giddings, they climbed stairs to attics, teetered across catwalks and crawled through basements taking pictures of places most people never see. We've sorted through hundreds of those photographs to bring you this look at PLU's Sites Unseen.

Take a tour of PLU's hidden spaces here.


Test your knowledge of campus locations here.


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