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“Good evening, may I speak with…”

“This is a student calling from Pacific Lutheran University.” From the basement of the Nesvig Alumni Center, PLU students call thousands of alumni, parents and friends and raise more than $200,000 in gifts for the Annual Fund every year. The TelALute program keeps constituents connected to the campus, while securing ongoing financial support through the Annual Fund and Q Club. Calls provide students and alumni the opportunity to talk about what's happening on campus and how alumni gifts personally affect the students. Next time the phone rings, it just might be “…a student calling from Pacific Lutheran University.”

Q: What is one of your most memorable phone calls?
A: Daniel Carney '07, Klamath Falls, Ore.

Last fall I spoke to a 1996 nursing graduate who told me PLU had been crucial in helping her achieve her goal of becoming a doctor. I'm interested in human anatomy and physiology and was excited to learn about her experiences. She even offered to give me a tour of the hospital where she was working to help me decide if I wanted to pursue a career in medicine.

Q: Why do you feel it is important to support Pacific Lutheran University?
A: Jenna Steffenson '06, Little Falls, Minn.

Maybe the more appropriate question is “Why not?” Many students are able to attend PLU because of the financial aid provided by alumni and friends. Every class that I attend, every time I sit in the stands at a sporting event, or eat in the UC, I am thankful for the generosity of others. This support system does not end when we cross the stage at graduation. PLU will be a significant part of your life forever.

Q: What about your job do you enjoy most?
A: Jeanine Dryver '05, TelALute Student Manager, Port Angeles, Wash.

My favorite part of this job is the opportunity that we have to make connections with alumni. Their stories inspire me, as does their generosity to PLU. Being a TelALute has helped me to realize the importance of giving to PLU. It's great to know that alumni believe in the university and are willing to give back to their alma mater.


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