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here and now

Garfield Street project will enhance entrance to campus

Hitting the Road

New orientation program lets students explore areas and activities off campus .

Call her Ambassador Barr

Graduate works her way up in the Foreign Service to a coveted post.

Best of Scene

A collection of the most outstanding Scene stories from the past and present.

life of the mind

Student-faculty research explores response to hunger in the Northwest

attaway lutes

League play keeps ballplayers on the field over the summer

alumni news & events

Homecoming Scrapbook: Check out dozens of photos from the celebration

leadership & service

Regents bring experience to help make PLU stronger

alumni profiles

Artist makes a living with her work, and journalist manages world’s top stories

alumni class notes

Keep up with your classmates’ achievements, moves and family changes!


ASPLU president asks how your choices could change the world

the arts

Chinese opera and martial arts were on display

honor roll of donors

This essential support ensures that students have needed scholarships, faculty have first-rate facilities and PLU has the resources for both day-to-day activities and for the future

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