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Regents bring experience to help further PLU’s mission

By Larry Neeb, PLU Board of Regents

Why would anyone want to be a regent at PLU? Prestige? Well, not really. And there’s no compensation for meetings, and you need to make mid-winter trips to campus and then they will ask you for money!

After serving for six years beginning in the mid-’90s, I just agreed to another term as a member of PLU’s Board of Regents. Sound crazy? No. I’m convinced of the value of education for a life of purpose. I think PLU does a good job at that, so it’s worth my time. As a Lutheran businessman, I like the Lutheran accent that is part of PLU’s heritage and present life.

Regents are a part of the team that makes education with values possible by promoting an atmosphere for orderly growth as well as an atmosphere of freedom for the spirit of inquiry.

Regents are a microcosm of the university’s constituency. Some are alumni, some have kids that go or have gone to PLU and some just enjoy being a part of a team they believe is working effectively. Some regents come from as far away as Minnesota and Missouri. When they gather for their three meetings each year, they bring with them life experience as well as their professional insights. Regents serve staggered terms, so there is always a core of experience as each new board is assembled.

The regents’ chief tasks are to set the policies that hold the school together from year to year, to listen to faculty, administrative, student and service personnel voices describe how things are running on the ground. They review and discuss reports and plans for action, then establish policy and provide input to the planning process based on their outside experience.

I’m happy to be a regent. I’ve always felt I receive more than I give each time I come to campus. It’s heartening to see just how much work has been done since the last time I was there, how many people continue to pray and pay so that PLU can prosper. I love to visit the library to “smell the books” and see all that learning across the centuries available at my fingertips...especially if I’m at one of the computers.

Best of all, though, I enjoy being among the students. They remind me again of how wonderful it is to be young. I know that with their youth, they will have time to recover from mistakes, but most important to discover for themselves that hard work and spirit can overcome almost any obstacle. I wouldn’t describe my fellow regents as “young,” but they have accumulated much wisdom and experience through the years.

So we have youth and experience at PLU. Come, let us marry our fortunes together for a better world.


2004-2005 Board of Regents

  • Loren Anderson
  • Neal Arntson
  • Dale Benson, Portland, Ore.
  • Dr. Cynthia Edwards, Tacoma
  • Dr. William Foege, Vashon Island, Wash.
  • Robert Gomulkiewicz, Redmond, Wash.
  • Roberta Goodnow, Medina, Wash.
  • Bishop Robert Hofstad, Tacoma
  • David Greenwood, Monte Sereno, Calif.
  • Anne Hafer, Wheaton, Ill.
  • Roe Hatlen, Apple Valley, Minn.
  • Richard Hildahl, Longbranch, Wash.
  • James Hushagen, Tacoma
  • Kathleen Jacobson, Bend, Ore.
  • Darcy Johnson, Mercer Island, Wash.
  • Katherine Johnson, Shoreline, Wash.
  • Beverly Knutzen, Shelton, Wash.
  • Anne Long, Bellevue, Wash.
  • Michelle Long, Castro Valley, Calif.
  • Kurtis Mayer, Tacoma
  • Rev. Kathleen D. McCallum, Coeur d’Alene, Idaho
  • Donald Morken, Bellevue, Wash.
  • Rev. Larry Neeb, Fenton, Mo.
  • Kim Nesselquist, Kenmore, Wash.
  • Bishop Richard Omland, Great Falls, Mont.
  • Karen Phillips, Mercer Island, Wash.
  • Martin Pihl, Ketchikan, Alaska
  • Carol Quigg, Spokane, Wash.
  • Jeffrey Rippey, Portland, Ore.
  • Jim Stauffer, Missoula, Mont.
  • Susan Stringer, Bellevue, Wash.
  • Eileen Tellefson, Gig Harbor, Wash.
  • Andrew Turner, Seattle
  • Rev. John Vaswig, Edgewood, Wash.
  • Peter Wang, Pebble Beach, Calif.
  • Bishop Martin Wells, Spokane, Wash.
  • Rev. Dean Wigstrom, Silverton, Ore.

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