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Child of God, you have been commissioned by the Holy Spirit and by this congregation to proclaim the mighty deeds of God and serve the world in Jesus’ name.

With those words, The University Congregation sends off graduates each December and May during a traditional toweling ceremony. Graduates receive a servant towel bearing that quotation. Following the example of Jesus who washed the disciples’ feet and commanded them to love as he had loved them, these young men and women leave PLU to make their mark on the world seeking to make it a more just and humane place.

The University Congregation has been helping students do that for 50 years. Homecoming 2005 will celebrate the 50th anniversary of The University Congregation. Since its inception in 1955, University Congregation has been a welcoming community for all students. Today, not only Lutherans but also students of many denominations gather each Sunday morning in Lagerquist Concert Hall for worship.

UCong, as it is affectionately called, provides Bible study, service opportunities on and off campus and fellowship events. Twice a year, students prepare a dinner for the people who come to the Peace Lutheran Community Center in Tacoma. And every September, two full busloads of freshmen and transfer students head off to hike on Mt. Rainier to keep a tradition that dates back many years. The trip not only acquaints students with one of the gems of the Pacific Northwest but also allows them the time to get to know classmates.

University Pastors through the years. Click to englarge.

The University Congregation is also a training ground for future leaders in the church and in society.

The pictures on these pages are just a sampling of the number of Lutes who were and are a vital part of The University Congregation community. We invite all alumni who called UCong their church home while at PLU to join us in celebrating 50 years of worship, ministry and service during Homecoming weekend.

Homecoming 2005: Lutes Rock!

Homecoming 2005 is packed with activities and celebrations. In addition to this year’s class reunions of 1955, 1960, 1965, 1970, 1975, 1980, 1985, 1990, 1995, 2000, and 2005 we will have the affinity reunion of University Congregation, which is celebrating its 50th year.

A 50th reunion special package price is being offered to the Class of 1955. For $40 per person, golden grads can attend the 50th reunion party, anniversary dinner and Homecoming gala.

For more information or to register, visit us online at Call 800- ALUM-PLU or 253-535-7415 to request a registration brochure.

Friday, October 7

Classes Without Quizzes
8 a.m. – 2:20 p.m.

Homecoming Chapel
10:30 a.m., Trinity Lutheran Church

Golf Scramble
1-4 p.m.

Campus Tour
4 p.m., Clock Tower

Powderpuff Championship
4 p.m., Foss Field

Homecoming BBQ
5 p.m., Foss Field

Book Signing
5-7 p.m., Foss Field

50th Reunion Party
7:30 p.m., Eliason home

Saturday, October 8

Into The Streets Community Service
Meet at 9:30 a.m., Red Square

9-9:45 a.m., Eastvold Lobby

Nursing Alumni Reception
9:30 a.m., UC

Heritage Lecture
10 a.m., Eastvold

Invitational Cross Country Meet
10 a.m., golf course

Reunion Receptions
11 a.m. – noon, Memorial Gym

Campus Tour
11 a.m., Clock Tower

Homecoming Celebration Luncheon
Noon, Olson

Zero (2005) Reunion
2:30 p.m., From the Bayou, Puyallup

Alumni Tent
2-5 p.m., Sparks Stadium

Homecoming Game
3:30 p.m., Sparks Stadium

Musical Interlude
4-6 p.m. Lagerquist

50th Anniversary Dinner
6:30 p.m., Tacoma Club

Homecoming Gala
7:30 p.m., Museum of Glass

Sunday, October 9

Golden Club breakfast
9:30 a.m., MBR

Waffle Breakfast
7-11 a.m., UC

Campus Tour
9:30 a.m., Clock Tower

Homecoming Worship
11 a.m., Lagerquist

University Congregation Lunch
12:30 p.m.

Hymn Sing
2-3 p.m., Lagerquist


Legacy Lutes

Legacy Lutes keep traditions going strong through generations

Each year the university welcomes a group of students known as “Legacy Lutes” – students whose parents have graduated from or attended PLU (See feature story) The following list reflects incoming Legacy Lutes registered as of July 2005.

Nolan Adams, Bert and Carolyn (Liming ’81) Adams

Zachary Alger, Mark and Dawn ’95 Alger

Patrick Anderson, Charles and Janet (Sire) Anderson

Libby Arneson-Walk, Mark Arneson and Dana ’73 Walk *

Anthony Arola, Kent and Astrid (Rogers ’90) Arola

Jordan Bahr, Bryon ’96 and Krestin ’85 Bahr

Garrett Brammer, Russell and Suzanne (Westland ’82) Brammer

Clare Brauer-Rieke, David ’78 and Gretchen ’78 Brauer-Rieke

Brennan Brown, Michael and Kellie Brown

Kelsey Carr, Carole (Schramel ’71) Carr *

Matthew Christian, Jeff and Deborah (Johnsen ’76) Christian

Dane Christofferson, Glen ’81 and Susan (Rorem ’81) Christofferson

Tina Coleman, Edward and Christine Coleman

Neil Colombini, David ’77 and Karol Jane (KJ Johnson ’77) Colombini

Bradley Cox, Jack and Roxanne ’80 Cox

Adrianne Cryer, Daniel and Heidi (Knutzen ’80) Cryer

Grace Cummings, Craig ’80 and Deborah (Fox ’80) Cummings

Erika Dornfeld, Steve ’76 and Holly Dornfeld

Krista Dunham, Keith and Wendy (Williams ’99) Dunham

Rachel Edwards, Douglas and Carolyn Edwards

Chelsey Elliott, Hollis and Rosie ’07 Elliott

Trista Fenske, Fay (Burnett ’74) Fenske

Victor Fontaine, Gary and Becky Ann (Hucko ’79) Fontaine

Amos Freiheit, David ’87 and Julie Freiheit

Sarah Gauche, Paul ’79 and Nancy Lee Gauche

Jevan Gee, Ron Gee and Kitti ’85 Wheeler

Jorgen Gilbertson, Andy ’77 and Kathaleen (Jackson ’74) Gilbertson

Collin Guildner, Charlie ’83 and Debbie (Maier ’82) Guildner

Taylor Hacker, Frankie Hacker

Darren Hansen, Richard and Karen (Hendrickson ’71) Hansen

Rachel Hatlen, Mark ’82 and Mary (Zitzewitz ’84) Hatlen

Jennifer Hebner, Kim (McKibben ’98) Hebner

Sarah Herried, William and Erin Herried

Olivia Hillius, Ginnette ’94 Rabon

Jennifer Hottle, Ridge ’78 and Linda (Anderson ’77) Hottle

Nathan Hulings, Dale and Kathy (Bayne ’82) Hulings

Courtnie Hurlow, Todd and Stacie (Suhre ’85) Hurlow

John Iafrati, John Iafrati

Sarah Jamieson, Dan ’77 and Linda (Alexander ’77) Jamieson

Andrew Lashua, David ’81 and Sarah (Frederickson ’81) Lashua

Briana Lerew, Elvin and Teresa ’91 Lerew

Tierney Lindblad, Randy ’79 Lindblad and Tara (Otonicar ’79) Nordstrom

Monika Maier, Donn ’83 and Karin Maier

Lisa McClellan, Robert ’86 McClellan (d) and Leanna (Kaelin ’86) Stidham

Brian McFadden, Guy ’73 and Laura McFadden

Angela Melvard, Scott and Karin (Gwynne ’77) Melvard

Lauren Meyer, Michael ’79 and Melinda (Denny ’80) Meyer

Miranda Miller, Daniel ’69 Miller and Debbie Miranda

Johanna Moore, David ’72 and Mirth (Anderson ’72) Moore

Madison Mosley, Thomas Mosley and Kaye Kuam

Lauren Nance, Richard and Patricia ’98

Nance Bonnie Nelson, Glen ’69 and Mary Nelson

Rachel Nelson, Steven ’76 Nelson and Norma ’73 Aamodt-Nelson

Lars-Erik Nesvig, Jonathan ’67 and Morrene Nesvig

Aaron Oakley, Kevin and Leanne (Malmo ’85) Oakley

Betsy Olsen, Steve ’79 and Nancy (Lee ’78) Olsen

Samuel Olson, Michael ’75 and Vannessa Olson

Matthew Osborne, Thomas and Rev. Pamela Osborne, Julianne Butzen-Osborne

Diane and Julie Paulson, Gregory ’80 and Ann Paulson

Bradley Pederson, Robert ’66 and Cheryl Pederson

Benjamin Perry, Dale ’78 and Betty Perry

Peter Peterson, Jonathan and Ruth (Olsen ’73) Peterson

Eric Pfaff, Stefani Pfaff Brian Price, Gregory ’78 and Jamie Price

Francis Prince, Phillip and Sabine ’01 Prince

Elaine Rehburg, Bruce ’83 and Nina Rehburg

Jonathan Rieke, Stephen ’81 and Eileen (Brandenburg ’95) Rieke

Amanda Sageser, Scot ’93 and Cheryl Sageser

Sarah Sanders, Chris ’77 Sanders

Theodore Schiro-Miller, Michael Evans and Maria Schiro-Evans

Timothy Siburg, David ’80 and Patricia (Tengesdal ’80) Siburg

Daniel Sievert, Gary ’75 Sievert and Pamela ’75 Russell

Geoffrey Smock, Cameron ’85 and Lisa ’85

Smock Michael Snow, Stephen ’80 and Mary Snow

Joseph Sternard, Mark and Sally ’77 Sternard

Sara Stevenson, Russel and Pamela Stevenson

Andrew Stolz, David ’79 and Christy Stolz

Carl and Colin Swanson, Mark ’68 and Wendy (Lider) Swanson

Matthew Terjeson, Thomas ’71 and Denise Terjeson

Ruth Tollefson, Jack ’81 and Diane Tollefson

Jeani Tommervik, Donald ’75 Tommervik

Lauren Van Cislo, Richard and Barbara Van Cislo

Sarah Voelpel, Daniel ’83 and Rebecca (Smith ’83) Voelpel

Leah Wakeman, L. Michael and Sheri ’90 Wakeman

Brian Wehmhoefer, David ’82 and Lori (Walker ’82) Wehmhoefer

Kimberly Whitton, Douglas ’82 and Debbie Whitton

Lisa Wilson, Walter and Deborah Wilson

Peter Young, Donald Young and Marcia ’75

Bodin Cale Zimmerman, James ’72 and Sharolyn (Erickson ’73) Zimmerman

* deceased

Share photos with your classmates through online community

Registered members of the Alumni Online Community can take advantage of a special feature that allows users to post photos in the alumni directory. Several hundred alumni have already shared images of themselves and their families.

We have pictures of alums from around the world such as Dennis Knutson ’62 in Sioux Falls, S.D., Kevin Marousek ’96 in Kazakhstan and Shella Biallas ’04 in Hungary; a photo of Spiderman with Joseph ’75 and Redonna Sterba; paleontologist Dr. Scott Foss ’91 and a photo of Hiroshi Ayabe ’99 apparently asleep.

Including your photos or viewing pictures is easy. First, you must be a registered member. Visit, click on PLU Alumni Online Community, then “Click Here to Register Now.” You’ll need your ID number, which is printed on the Scene mailing label.

Once registered, you will have access to view photos of fellow alums as well as take advantage of the entire searchable online directory, a Career Services Center, a permanent e-mail address feature and business yellow pages.

Pencil Us In

Upcoming events

September 10
Tailgate at California Lutheran University

September 15
PLU Gold “Mix and Mingle” Event

September 17-18
Alumni Board Fall Meeting

September 24
Tailgate at Unversity of Wisconsin-River Falls

October 1
Tailgate at Linfield College, McMinnville, Ore.

October 7-9
Homecoming Weekend

November 4-6
Family Weekend

November 6
Parents Council Fall Meeting

December 2
Christmas Concert and Reception (Portland, Ore.)

December 3
President’s Christmas Dinner and Concert (Seattle)

December 4
Campus Christmas Concert

December 10
President’s Christmas Dinner and Concert (Campus)

For more information: or call 800-ALUM-PLU.




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