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Q Club ensures students get scholarships and quality education

By Steve Hansen

I remember the 1972 inception of Q Club and what it meant to my neighbor. She would always come to gather rhododendron blooms from my parents’ garden to put on the tables the day of the spring Q Club banquet. She wanted to add her personal touch to honor donors. Though PLU was very important to me, I wondered what Q Club was all about. Who were these people who thought giving to PLU was so important?

After discovering that every dollar given to Q Club goes directly to scholarships, my husband, Larry, and I joined. What could be more important than providing a PLU education to deserving students? Later, when I had the opportunity to teach in the School of Education, I was truly overwhelmed to see just how many hands went up when I asked how many students in my class were Q Club scholars. What I discovered was that the brightest and best were Q Club scholars. They truly represented the “Q” or “Quality” of a Q Club scholarship.

The Q Club Board of Directors has invited Q Club scholars to tell their stories about what Q Club scholarships have meant to them. Their testimonies have been poignant and convincing. One student told me that she hadn’t realized just how much people really cared for her until she was able see firsthand the focus of the Board of Directors. Both she and all of us on the board came away from that meeting with an even greater appreciation of what educating for service really means.

Throughout the years, Q Club has provided millions of dollars in scholarships. This year there are 878 students receiving an average of $4,700 each. Amazing, isn’t it? All that comes from individual contributions from PLU alumni and friends. It is true that many hands working together can make a difference.

If you have thought about joining Q Club and just have not gotten around to it, why not make this the year to become a member? You can join for as little as $25 per month or give at a higher level. It is truly a quality investment. For more information, go to or email


Kathy Edlund ’64, president*
Julianne Fagerstrom ’88
Ingrid Gintz ’70
Lisa Korsmo ’87*
Barrie Mott ’90
David Olson*
Laura Polcyn ’75, ’79
Nancy Polen ’60
Erv Severtson ’55
Marcia Sherry ’67
Si Torvend ’47
Phil Waldner ’80, ’95*
(*Executive Committee)


Neal Arntson ’58
Lynne Bangsund ’70
Alison Corrigan ’94
Ron Douglass ’53
Ken Dunmire
Tal Edman
Larry Green
Donald Isensee ’64
Shannon Stewart ’98
Jeff Johnson ’76
Dale Keller ’53
Nina Larson ’41
Anne Lucky
Don Mott
Bill Rea
Jill Simonson ’80
Inez Van Antwerp
Mark Woldseth ’70


Heather Dewey ’01, acting director of
Annual Giving/Q Club
James Plourde, acting vice president for
Development and University Relations
Shawn Powell, administrative assistant,
Annual Giving/Q Club



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