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2005 alumni recognition awards

Read about our distinguished alumni (Requires Acrobat Reader).

Homecoming 2005: Lutes Rock!

Campus will be rocking Oct. 7 to 9 with special events, activities and reunions for Homecoming 2005. In addition to this year’s class reunions of 1955, 1960, 1965, 1970, 1975, 1980, 1985 ,1990, 1995 and 2000 there will be a special affinity reunion for University Congregation, which is celebrating its 50th anniversary.

This is only a partial list of activities and events. You can keep up with the latest schedules at For more information or to register, visit us online or call 800-ALUM-PLU.

Friday, Oct. 7

  • Classes Without Quizzes
  • Homecoming Chapel
  • Athletic Hall of Fame luncheon
  • Golf game
  • Zero reunion

Saturday, Oct. 8

  • Into the Streets community service project
  • Heritage Lecture
  • Reunions, reception and

Alumni Award Brunch

  • Homecoming football game, PLU vs. UPS
  • 50th Anniversary dinner
  • Homecoming Gala at theMuseum of Glass

Sunday, Oct. 9

  • Golden Club brunch
  • Pancake breakfast
  • Homecoming worship
  • University Congregation reunion brunch

Permanent alumni e-mail address lets you keep up with classmates

The number of e-mail addresses you have to keep track of can be overwhelming. PLU wants to make it easier for you.

Available only to alumni, PLU’s free, permanent e-mail address is one of the most under-appreciated features of the online community. All registered users have the option to create an

e-mail address with the domain “”, providing an easy way for Lutes to recognize other Lutes in their daily e-mails.

Some of the benefits of a permanent e-mail address are:

  • Having a professional address instead of a nickname or handle ( as opposed to “seniordude.”) This can be important when applying for jobs.
  • Having the same address no matter which Internet service provider you have. People will always be able to find you, even if you change jobs or providers.
  • Showing you are a Lute for life.

If you are a registered member of the PLU Online Community, creating your permanent e-mail address is easy. Just click on the “Permanent E-mail” link on the online community page and follow the instructions.

Once created, you can set your options to forward all your mail from your PLU permanent e-mail address to your personal e-mail address, if you have one. You don’t have to change where you currently get your e-mail delivered to use your new PLU address. That way, all your messages will continue to come to one e-mail mailbox.

PLU does not sell its e-mail addresses to any outside organization, but the alumni office occasionally sends messages to registered users.

For more information go to,, and click on “Join the Click!” to get started.

Parents Council succeeds at increasing highway signage to PLU

Finding PLU is easier recently thanks to the efforts of some parents and administrators.

A new PLU sign on Highway 512

East was installed earlier this year as part of a project to enhance directional signage to the university. It had been a priority for the Parents Council.

“I feel really good about it, it’s been a two-year battle,” said outgoing Parents Council Chairman Tom Renne. “Our next step is to get signage on Interstate 5.”

The Parents Council, led by Renne, and staff from PLU, including Sheri Tonn, vice president for Finance and Operations, have been working with the Washington State Department of Transportation to enhance directional signage. The group’s goal is to have

PLU signs on I-5 soon.

Pencil Us In

Upcoming events

September 1
New Student Orientation

September 10
Tailgate at California Lutheran University

September 17-18
Alumni Board Fall Meeting

September 24
Tailgate at Uinversity of Wisconsin-River Falls

October 1
Tailgate at Linfield College

October 7-9
Homecoming Weekend

November 4-6
Family Weekend

November 6
Parents Council Fall Meeting

December 3
President’s Christmas Dinner and Concert (Seattle)

December 5
Campus Christmas Concert

December 10
President’s Christmas Dinner and Concert (Campus)

For more information: or call 800-ALUM-PLU.


Picture Perfect

Retired Spanish professor Marisa Lacabe, left, admires a scrapbook presented to her by former students while Kimberly Alexander ‘03, Emily Keys ‘00, and Kristi Carpenter Gilbert ’94 look on. Fourteen alums gathered in January to celebrate her retirement and honor the ways she helped the Spanish program grow and develop. Organized and hosted by Kristi Carpenter Gilbert ’94, more than 34 former students submitted letters, photographs and memories, all of which were incorporated into a scrapbook that was presented to Lacabe at the party



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