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attaway lutes

'50's basketball stars relive the heyday with reunion


At home in Salishan

Students learn the value of living in a multicultural community.

Best of Scene

A collection of the most outstanding Scene stories from the past and present.

here & now

Students raise money for hurricane relief and AIDS programs.

life of the mind

Morken Center will prepare for careers combining science and business.

alumni news & events

Lutes Rock! Homecoming 2005.

leadership & service

Board chair impressed with PLU's commitment to mission.

alumni profiles

Graduate helps individuals and communities define their values and future.

alumni class notes

Keep up with your classmates’ achievements, moves and family changes!


A new era, a growing shortage and the future of nursing.


Check out the great offerings this winter for theater, music, art and more.

the arts

Capturing life on campus, paintings by David Gray.

honor roll of donors

The honor roll of donors for 2004-05.

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