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Children's theatre program

The Children’s Theatre program created compelling productions that attracted children from all over Pierce County for over 30 years. Homecoming 2006: Lutes at Play will celebrate the dedicated members of Children’s Theatre with special guest Professor Emeritus Eric Nordholm. So, whether you flew across the stage as Peter Pan, sewed the costumes for Sleeping Beauty or built the set for Punch and Judy, you are invited to celebrate the great tradition of Children’s Theatre at Pacific Lutheran University during this year’s Homecoming weekend!

Legacy Lutes

Each fall as we welcome new students to our campus, the Office of Alumni and Parent Relations welcomes what we call “Legacy Lutes” – students whose parents graduated from or attended PLU. We recognize the dedicated support of these parents and are thrilled to keep them actively connected to their alma mater! The following list represents enrollees as of July 2006.

  • Kathleen Allen, Harry ’76 and Susan ’92 Allen
  • Kelly Andrews, Leonard and Pamela (Monsen ’76) Andrews
  • Bradley Ballinger, Jay ’95 and Erlynn (Tanael ’83) Ballinger
  • Michaela Baylous, Jacque Bauman
  • Christopher Berglund, Mark ’85 and Sandra Berglund
  • Dana Blank, Randall ’81 and Cynthia (Nelson ’81) Blank
  • Heather Blucher, Lucille Blucher ’06
  • Byron Bohnen, Christopher and Eleanore (Brecht ’80) Bohnen
  • Andrew Brandt, Thomas ’75 and Anne (Hendrickson ’76) Brandt
  • Daniel Brett, Robert ’97 and Caryn Brett
  • Kelsey Carlson, Mike ’81 and Lisa (Henninger ’82) Carlson
  • Kirstyn Carpenter, Steven ’86 and Michele Carpenter
  • Samuel Chentow, Stephen and Laurel (Clark ’72) Chentow
  • Allison Clark, Mark Clark
  • Tina Coleman, Edward and Christine Colman
  • Melissa Cook, Ralph and Stephanie ’82 Cook
  • Christina Cozart, Steve ’84 and Eleanor Cozart
  • Grant Crichton, Chase and Jeannette Crichton
  • Caleb Crocco, Anthony and Karis Crocco
  • Katrina Csonka, Julius and Deborah Csonka
  • Sarah Curtis, Brian ’86 and Ardys (Burt ’85) Curtis
  • Aaron Davis, Mark ’81 and Nancy (Risdal ’82) Davis
  • Paul DiPietro, Robert and Sheryl (Golob ’79) DiPietro
  • Brett Duzenbery, Jeffrey ’70 and Karen Duzenbery
  • Malaika Edwards, Oliver and Mary Edwards
  • James Eide, Darrel ’99 and Virginia Eide
  • Erica Ellersick, Steven ’83 and Sylvia Ellersick
  • Nicole Ferrin, Timothy ’79 and Teri Ferrin
  • Kevin Floyd, Shirely Floyd
  • Matthew Forsyth, John ’80 and Joanna Forsyth
  • Dylan Fries, Cameron ’79 Fries
  • Tyler Gubsch, Timothy ’82 and Susan (Dalziel ’84) Gubsch
  • Andrea Hackett, Tim ’90 and Susanne Hackett and Michael and Lisa (Shafer ’90) Black
  • Kalessa Hamilton, Susan ’75 Gatch-Hamilton
  • Kristen Helling, Mark and Lisa Helling
  • Shannon Herried, William and Erin Herried
  • Kristina Howe, Linda Colburn
  • Daniel Isaacson, Thomas and Linda (Drugge ’76) Isaacson
  • Emily Isensee, Philip Isensee ’69 and Martha Maier
  • Erika James, Doran and Stacy James
  • Andrea Jensen, Bruce Jensen and Melanie Chinn
  • Jessica Jonas, Robert ’88 and Kathryn Jonas
  • Nicholas Jorgensen, Douglas and Sandra Jorgensen
  • Stephanie Kalista, Michael ’83 and Sherie ’02 Kalista
  • Drew Konzelman, Gregor and Joan Konzelman
  • Courtney Laird, David and Patricia Laird
  • Brittany Langston, Shawn ’89 and Shelley (Johnson ’88) Langston
  • Scott Larson, Kim ’79 and Cynthia Larson
  • Danika Lawson, David ’81 and Kim (Ross ’82) Lawson
  • Harold Leraas, John Leraas ’68 and Susan Holladay-Leraas
  • Ian Lix, Robert Lix and Bobbi Northcott
  • Elisabeth Long, Daniel and Anne (Henderson ’86) Long
  • Daniel Luebke, Glen and Cynthia (Sovereign ’77) Luebke
  • Zoe Mandels, Jeffrey Mandels and Cheri Sorenson ’75 *
  • Bryan McEntire, Michael ’82 and Cynthia (Wolf ’81) McEntire
  • Kelsi McLain, Cory and Janne (Leuthold ’76) McLain
  • Ross Milligan, Kevin and Judy Milligan
  • Erin Milliren, Janel ’84 Milliren
  • Brett Monson, Eric ’83 and Lisa (Cloutier ’86) Monson
  • Nigel Moore, Rick and Ann (Wait ’85) Moore
  • Crystal More-Payne, Eric ’00 and Heaku More
  • Aaron Mosher, Aarlene Mosher
  • Kayla Murray, Terry and Lori (Andrews ’81) Murray
  • Marquel Mussie, Mark and Michelle (Hopp ’77) Mussie
  • Erika Nelson, Eric ’82 and Susan (Allard ’97) Nelson
  • Laura Ohman, Robert ’73 and Danna Ohman
  • Anella Olbertz, Zenon Olbertz ’71 and Molly Stuen ’72
  • Anne Olsen, Bruce ’83 and Pamela (Carlson ’83) Olsen
  • Joshua Overly, Joel Overly and Michael and Carol Rootvik
  • Kyla Paterno, James and Peggy Paterno
  • Hannah Pershall, Douglas ’75 and Susan (Ekelund ’74) Pershall
  • Zachary Peterson, Barney ’70 and Elaine Peterson
  • Elisabeth Pfaff, Thomas and Stefani Pfaff
  • Ian Powell, Blaine and Eileen Powell
  • Jodie Rottle, James ’77 and Tanya Rottle
  • Renata Rumann, Roger and Cynthia ’76 Rumann
  • Heather Sager, William ’85 and Theresa Sager
  • Rebecca Schlesinger, Dan and Susan (Franks ’78) Schlesinger
  • Thomas Siburg, David ’80 and Patricia (Tengesdal ’80) Siburg
  • Asher Smith, Kevan and Priscilla Smith
  • Sophia Storaasli, Sylvia Storaasli
  • Kari Stout, Stephen ’69 and Barbara Stout
  • John Terjeson, Thomas ’71 and Denise Terjeson
  • Kayla Terrel, Douglas and Ann (Spelman ’85) Terrel
  • David Treichel, Daniel and Karen (Dudley ’82) Treichel
  • Eric Troftgruben, Clair ’78 and Janelle (Munson ’77) Troftgruben
  • Alyssa Van Gundy, James and Kari (Shultz ’80) Van Gundy
  • Jennifer Wagner, Marc and Susan Wagner
  • Judith Weber, Lee and Valerie Weber
  • Amanda Wilkins, Ket and Linda Wilkins
  • Justin Williams, Douglass Williams ’80 and Kathryn Harris-Williams ’80
  • Callie Zuck, Jon and Stephanie (Pope ’78) Zuck

Online Community

If you haven't registered with PLU's Online Community you are missing out. Over 4,000 alumni have already activated their free account. By far the most popular reason to join the community is to look up old friends and colleagues and find a phone number or e-mail address. Once you find a friend you can save them to "My Listings" for easy reference on return visits to the community. If you are planning a trip, you can search for alumni living in your destination city. Whether it's Texas or Paris, a list of current alums will come up whenever you need it, 24/7. To register, visit and click “Online Community” to get started.

Pencil Us In

Upcoming events

September 16-17
Alumni Board Fall Meeting

September 20
GOLD Alumni Success Series Event

October 5-8

October 14
Tailgate Brunch in Menlo, Calif.

October 14
Dinner with business dean Andy Turner in Menlo, Calif.

October 28
Tailgate Party Lake Oswego, Ore.

November 10-12
Family Weekend

November 12
Parents Council Fall Meeting

December 1
Christmas Concert/Reception in Portland

December 2
Christmas Concert in Seattle

December 3
Christmas Concert at Olson Auditorium

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