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Alumni giving crucial to our future

When I was a freshman in 1970, the new University Center opened its doors. Most of us thought the area just south of the UC was a virtual wasteland. “Trust us,” administrators said. “We have a plan. Trust us … you’ll like what’s coming.”

It took time. As the months passed, believe it or not, they were right. I came to love the natural area south of the UC. Today’s Lutes simply see a beautiful area replete with majestic trees, plants, wildlife and other signs of a vibrant natural life.

Alumni Board of Directors

  • LaWanna Ahrendt ’50 Tacoma, Wash.
  • John Carr ’87 West Linn, Ore.
  • Michelle Cheney ’85 Big Fork, Mont.
  • Clayton Cowl ’88 Rochester, Minn.
  • Carol (Teslow) Dahl ’62 Pullman, Wash.
  • Dayna (Hesse) Hall ’02 Kirkland, Wash.
  • Don Isensee ’64 Monmouth, Ore.
  • Clarene (Osterli) Johnson ’56 Lakewood, Wash.
  • David Johnson ’74 Orange, Calif. Vice President
  • *Jon Kvinsland ’63 Gig Harbor, Wash.
  • Mari (Hoseth) Lysne ’96 Bonney Lake, Wash.
  • Dale Nienow ’79 Bellevue, Wash.
  • *Lisa Ottoson ’87 Spanaway, Wash. President
  • *Jeff Rippey ’78 Portland, Ore.
  • Carmen Rowe ’92 Eatonville, Wash.
  • Pam (Weeks) Russell ’72 San Diego, Calif
  • Tim Vialpando ’02 Denver, Colo.

    *Representatives to the Pacific Lutheran University Board of Regents

    Dave Johnson is vice president of PLUís Alumni Board and the interim associate vice president and dean of students at Cal Poly Pomona.

The natural area was the result of thoughtful planning by PLU administrators, donors who saw a need and helped meet it, and God’s gifts of life in myriad forms. Those who love PLU see the same commitment and blessing throughout the campus, in programs, students, faculty, and brick and mortar – indeed, all that makes a collection of people and buildings a community.

This past spring, we were challenged by our class representatives to do better in the alumni giving percentage. Thanks to those of you who responded. One of the goals of the Alumni Association’s Board of Directors in 2006-2007 is to continue to work on increasing the alumni giving percentage.

Even the smallest gifts matter tremendously. By giving, you help PLU both directly and indirectly. The highly

influential U.S. News & World Report rankings of U.S. colleges and universities depend in part on the percentage of alumni donors that give to PLU. Also, corporations and foundations capable of donating large sums of money want to see that PLU’s alumni support the university through annual giving. It demonstrates to them that the university is supported by a strong community that believes in its mission and vision. In addition, by giving to PLU you help improve programs and the university’s reputation for academic rigor, and, thus, boost the value of your degree.

Without the generosity of our alumni, tuition at PLU would be about 23 percent higher than it is today. All students benefit from this support, whether they receive additional financial aid or not. Over 90 percent receive at least some financial aid. And it is vitally important to keep a PLU education accessible and affordable for incoming students.

Through changes in the structure of Q Club, all undesignated gifts to the university now go to Q Club. Now, not only can you direct your contribution to Student Scholarships, you can also choose Academic Excellence, Campus Life or trust the administration to direct your donation where it is needed most by giving to the Area of Greatest Need. Even a gift to the Lute Club is just one more way that you can be counted in our annual giving percentage.

Send your gift today in the envelope that came with your summer class representative mailing, answer the phone when a TelALute calls this year or go online and give your gift today! Thanks for doing your part to help us meet this important goal. I hope to see many of you at Homecoming – October 5-8!


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