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Q Club: Quality education begins with you

By Maggie Morgan '07 and Heather Dewey '01

Quality education has always been the mission of Q Club. Each year, hundreds of PLU alumni, parents and friends pledge their financial support to PLU by making a gift to Q Club that helps guarantee that deserving students have access to quality education, primarily through financial aid.

Building on the strong tradition of Q Club, donors now have the ability to support all aspects of a PLU education. Support for student scholarships remains the top priority for Q Club, but by choosing one of four designations, you have the opportunity to sustain the same programs that made PLU special to you.

Maggie Morgan ’07, an English major from Lakebay, Wash., explains how your support for student scholarships, academic excellence, campus life and the area of greatest need will affect her life as a student everyday.

Student Scholarships

“Without the financial aid package I received from PLU, I could not have come here. College is expensive no matter where you go, but PLU works hard to make it affordable for students and their families. Most of the best friends I have made at PLU would not be here if it weren’t for scholarships. My Q Club scholarship came from very generous donors and made it possible for me to attend my dream school.”

Academic Excellence

“I know that when I graduate, my PLU degree will be worth every penny because of our reputation for providing quality education. Because of gifts to Q Club, we can hire the best faculty, keep class sizes small and personal, keep technologically up-to-date and much more. My professors know my name. They notice if I did well on a paper or poorly on a test – a class of 13 students lets them pay attention!”

Campus Life

“PLU has more than 60 clubs and organizations that provide opportunities to grow outside of the classroom. PLU lets me go kayaking on Puget Sound with Outdoor Rec, get published in ‘Saxifrage’ (our literary magazine), and cheer for my friends at their intramural Frisbee games. Getting involved allows me to connect with people I might not have met in class or in the dorms, and build lasting friendships.”

Area of Greatest Need

“Everything on campus is aided by donations from alumni, parents and friends. When I walk across campus at night, I feel safe knowing that we have Campus Safety officers patrolling, as well as emergency phones and security cameras – funding that comes from annual giving. When I need additional research materials, I know that I’ll be able to find them in the library. When I look through my options of where I want to study abroad (Australia or Africa?), I know that I have these opportunities because of alumni support. By letting the university decide where to put your donation to work, you are investing in my future. Thank you."

Heather Dewey is development director for annual giving/Q Club. More information about giving to Q Club is available online at or by calling the Office of Development at 253-535-7177 or toll-free at 800-826-0035.


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