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here and now

Master Chef Ken Arnone, one of only 61 certified master chefs in the world, worked with Dining Services staff this summer.


Partner Congregation

Program gives Lutheran families financial support

Virtual Society: - and other sites like it - are making a big impact on campus.

Best of Scene

A collection of the most outstanding Scene stories

life of the mind

Visiting Writer Series demystifies the lives of writers

attaway lutes

Student athletes represent the best of PLU

leadership & service

Lilly support provides needed reflection for students


Next of kin: the ethics of eating, capturing, and experimenting on great apes

alumni news & events

Class Book provides conversation piece at 50-year reunion


alumni profiles

Background in biology supports successful cidery

alumni class notes

Keep up with your classmates’ achievements, moves and family changes!

honor roll of donors

we gratefully recognize every donor who has made a gift to PLU in the last fiscal year.

the arts

A History of the Senses: PLU Alumni


Review all upcoming events here

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