Best of Scene

We brought one audacious question to nine members of the faculty, and the following answers and photographs are the result.

Photos By: Jordan Hartman '02, Illustrations By: Peter Georgeson
The subjects of the story represent the broad swath of academic interest, seniority, gender, and perspective found in any healthy community – particularly one so dedicated to contemplation of each individual’s vocational journey. The answers and images will inspire you, entertain you and challenge you to consider what you hold dear.

Colleen Hacker

Professor of physical education
Hometown: Lititz, Penn.

I believe that each of us is the beneficiary of a world of possibilities, potential and promise that someone or something else fosters within us...Read More »

Jill Whitman

Professor of geosciences
Hometown: Lexington, Mass.

My thought is that everything is connected to everything else in the complex system of the earth. And it’s the complexity of the concept that makes it impossible to ever prove...Read More »

JP Avila

Assistant professor of art
Hometown: Banning, Calif.

I would say the thing I believe is most true is that you can cure anything with happiness...Read More »

Tom Campbell

Professor of English
Hometown: Portland, Ore.

I believe, but can’t prove, that beauty is good for us – by which I mean it makes us better people...Read More »

Mary Ellard-Ivey

Associate professor of biology
Hometown: Dublin, Ireland

I believe strongly to go with your gut, and that anybody that makes you laugh is a good person to be around. I believe that laughing will extend your life...Read More »

Louis Komjathy

Visiting assistant professor of East Asian religions
Hometown: Modesto, Calif.

What I “believe” is not absent of “proof;” it is rooted in experiential understanding, in the diverse experiences that compose my life...Read More »

Maria Chavez

Assistant professor of political science
Hometown: Chico, Calif.

I believe, but cannot prove, that human beings are truly limited in their ability to empathize with one another...Read More »

Lenny Reisberg

Professor of education
Hometown: Dallas, Texas

One thing I believe to be true is that it is better to know some of the questions than to know all of the answers...Read More »

Carolyn Schultz

Professor of nursing
Hometown: Chicago, Ill.

I know, but can’t prove, that passion is essential in defining a profession...Read More »