Art on campus

The campus turned canvas last fall, with several students showcasing their artistic talents out of doors.

The Mary Baker Russell staircase was the inaugural project site for a new art club, Leaders Expressing Artistic Dreams (LEAD). The group completed the portrait of Ludwig van Beethoven and John Lennon working almost non-stop during a late October weekend.

Earlier in the month, nine unique figures popped up around campus as part of assistant art professor Spencer Ebbinga’s Sculpture I course. Dubbed “scarecrows,” the figures were colorful and positioned in unconventional poses, each designed to represent psychological self-portraits of their creator.

The scarecrows graced the upper campus lawns for about a week, to much fanfare. “Part of making sculpture is dealing with context and the environment,” Ebbinga said. “Not all of it belongs in a gallery or in the classroom.”

Photos by Jordan Hartman ’02