Grades K-2 Judging Criteria

Judges will use the appropriate grade level “Science Fair Project Scoring Rubric,” to review all projects. Award decisions will be based on the following components:

1. The Scientific Process Presentation Board:

  • Does the project promote analytical thinking (grade level appropriate)?
  • Is the project centered around a testable original idea?
  • Does it demonstrate scientific creativity?
  • Is the student’s growth and learning evident?
  • Does the presentation board contain all sections?
  • Is the board neat and legible?

2. The Oral Process:

  • Can the student verbally explain all aspects of their project?
  • Is the student’s growth and learning evident?
  • Can the student answer questions pertaining to their project?

Judging Components

Projects are evaluated in three categories: the process presentation board, the oral presentation, and the journal.

3. The Journal:

  • Handwritten – We encourage all K-2 work to be handwritten and dated.
  • Does it include all the students’ original thoughts, ideas, and data?
  • A completed journal must be submitted with your science fair project in order to be considered for an award.

Judging Feedback Form

Judges will provide feedback for your student using a Judging Feedback Form. This is not a scoring sheet. It is meant to provide information to the student regarding the components and identify areas of strengths and improvement.