Center for Community Engagement & Service

CCES Overview:

CCES serves as a resource for student, staff and faculty who want to learn and serve in the context of the Parkland and Tacoma community. The Center also serves as a point of contact for community members seeking university involvement with local organizations, programs and projects. We recognize the invaluable wisdom housed in our local community and seek mutually beneficial partnerships that deepen student learning while enhancing the common good.

CCES Mission Statement:

The CCES mission is to support, equip and mobilize students, faculty and staff to lead lives of thoughtful inquiry, service, leadership and care in collaboration with members of the local community.

CCES Functions:

  • Community-engaged scholarship: Supporting faculty interested in incorporating community concerns and opportunities into their teaching and research
  • Community partnerships: Nurturing mutually beneficial relationships between the PLU campus and local leaders, programs and organizations
  • Community-based involvement and service: Engaging students in co-curricular learning through volunteering, service and local engagement

CCES Values:


We value the assets of individuals, offices, programs and organizations housed throughout the university and community. We recognize and affirm that community engagement and service exist beyond the scope of the CCES.


We value PLU’s role as a neighbor, a learner, and an asset in the Parkland, Tacoma, and Pierce County communities. Additionally, we recognize PLU’s global influence and affirm community engagement, service-learning and community partnerships regionally, nationally and internationally.

Vocation of a citizen

We value meaningful reflection and dialogue about the role that community engagement and service play in one’s life. We recognize that part of our vocational identity is grounded in our civic commitments and relationship to our community.

Purposeful Learning

We affirm higher education’s original mission to serve the common good. We recognize that teaching and learning is not confined to the academy and believe that community members carry great wisdom invaluable to the learning process.