Center for Community Engagement & Service

Project Goals
  • Increase retention and graduation rates among mentees
  • Encourage fifth grade students  to consider meaningful post-high school opportunities
  • Enhance college student learning through theoretical and practical integration of Multicultural education course materials
  • Broaden college student’s understanding of local schools, kids and families
  • Strengthen institutional partnerships between Pacific Lutheran University and Franklin Pierce School District
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PLU students enrolled in Education 205: Multicultural Perspectives in the Classroom will each commit a minimum of 25 hours per semester at three local elementary schools in the Franklin Pierce School District. They will provide instructional support and mentoring in the classroom, library, music class, physical education, recess, and lunch periods.

Mentoring responsibilities include:
  • Helping students with in class assignments, concepts, and additional academic support
  • Creating and building relationships through playing, learning, and interacting with students
  • Being a consistent, reliable, and honest adult role model
  • Explaining how important and accessible college is for future goals
  • Focusing on the link between K-12 success and college attainment, admission and achievement
Campus Visits
October 23, 2012: Over 200 5th took a field trip to the PLU campus where they participated in developmentally appropriate classes, took a campus tour, ate lunch with students from across the campus, and heard from students, staff and middle school administrators about how they can think begin planning for their future.

  • Academic Sessions included: Physical Education, Anthropology, Math, Psychology, Music, and Ecology.
  • The campus tour showed the students a residence hall room, the library, science labs, athletic facilities, collegiate classrooms and other campus resources. This was the Keithley Visit day.
  • Students ate lunch on campus and interacted with college students, asking questions about curricular and co-curricular opportunities and to shared future aspirations.
  • The fifth grade students also heard from administrators the middle school they will be attending next year. They explained the differences between elementary and middle school and offered advice and how they can plan for the transition ahead.