Center for Community Engagement & Service

Education 205: Multicultural Perspectives in the Classroom
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The purpose of this course is to create awareness about factors that impact the education of students in K-12 schools. The course examines issues of race, class, gender, sexual orientation and immigration as they pertain to education. As part of the course, PLU students will complete 30 hours in a 5th Grade classroom in Franklin Pierce School district. The intent of placing you to mentor 5th graders is to inspire young 5th graders to stay focused and complete school and perhaps even see higher education as an option to pursue. In order to prepare you for the mentoring experience, in addition to covering the above-mentioned topics, the instructor will cover content related to being a mentor, tutoring and developing appropriate relationships with your mentees. Through this experience, PLU students will gain leadership, communication and mentoring skills while strengthening relationships in the community.

PEP Partners
  • Pacific Lutheran University
            Joel Zylstra
            Frank Kline
            Vidya Thirumurthy
  • Franklin Pierce School District
            Frank Hewins
            Willie Painter
            3 principals
            10 teachers
  • Project Coordinator: Melanie Bolte