Center for Community Engagement & Service

Assistance by the Center for Public Service

Assistance with Service Site Location

The Volunteer Center can:

  • Contact agencies for placements that match themes of your course
  • Match your students to sites and positions
  • Give you the list and let you match the students with sites and positions
    • You can allow students to choose from the list and contact sites themselves
    • You can match students to sites based on a pre-course survey (mailed out in advance)
  • Assist you, the sites and the students in completing service agreements
  • Invite community supervisors to come to your class to speak
    • It is much better if you do this.
    • It is good for you to visit the sites in advance
    • It is good for you to offer site supervisors a copy of your syllabus

Assistance with Orientation and Preparation

The Center staff can come to your class to speak about service-learning.

Assistance with Reflection

The Center staff can:

  • Come to your class once or twice to facilitate reflection
  • Reflection is best done by you with your students
  • The Center can compile reflection resource ideas and materials for you