Center for Community Engagement & Service

Student Service-Learning Courses

More than 34 service-learning courses are offered at PLU in many different disciplines. Courses are taught in different semesters and sometimes in different years, so students should check in advance to see what fits with their academic program. Information about service-learning courses offered can be found in the Course Schedule or from the Center for Public Service. It is also wise to check with your academic advisor and your instructors to see if service-learning may be included but not yet listed for a particular course.

Service-Learning Courses Listed in Schedule for Spring, 2008

BUSA 308
(3 sections, Tuzovic, Simpson, Harmon). Principles of Marketing. 3 cr.
BUSA 468
Marketing Management, Simpson, 3 cr.
CSCE 190 Privacy and Technology, Spillman, 4 cr.
ENGL 425 Writing on Special Topics: Environmental Writing. Bergman, 4 cr.
SOCW 190 Introduction to Social Work. Moran, 4 cr.
INTC 243 Conservation and Sustainable Development. Teska. 4 cr.
PHIL 230 Philosophy, Animals & the Environment. McKenna, 4 cr.
RELI 227 Christian Theology: Theologies of Liberation and Democracy. Breazeale. 4 cr.
RELI 368 Feminist and Womanist Theology. Breazeale. 4 cr.
SOC 240 Social Problems. McNalley. 4 cr.

Check with your professor and/or the Center for Public Service to see if there are other courses that include a service-learning component.