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Grant Opportunities:

Funding is occasionally available specifically for service-learning development through such organizations as

Other funding may become available for projects whose major focus is not service-learning but which include higher education service-learning partnerships as a means of achieving their goals. Examples of this are the Washington State Higher Education Coordinating Board’s annual grants to projects that engage work-study students in the community, and federally-funded school enrichment grants such as Gear-Up.

Check this page for more funding opportunities for service-learning as they become available!

$5 Million in Grants Available for Student Service and Service-Learning Projects

March 27, 2008

Washington D.C. -- More than $5 million in Learn and Serve America grant funding will be available to support community service and service-learning through three new grant competitions, the Corporation for National and Community Service announced today.

The three funding opportunities are:

  • 2008 College Student Social Media Initiative: Approximately $2.3 million is available to facilitate better engagement of college students in service through the use of social media such as Facebook, MySpace, Ning, podcasts, blogs and other social media tools.
  • School-Based STEM: Approximately $2 million is available to qualified organizations that will provide financial resources, training, and other assistance to local education agencies to implement service-learning projects as part of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) curriculum in grades six through 12.
  • Indian Tribes Drug Abuse Prevention Initiative: Approximately $1 million is available to Indian Tribes to implement service-learning programs focusing on drug-abuse prevention, especially methamphetamine.

The Wild Hope Project

Funded by the Lilly Endowment Five year project, $2 million

The Center for Public Service has two roles to play in this collaborative university-wide grant initiative that focuses on development of a sense of meaning and purpose, or vocation, in the context of a Lutheran education.  (1) CPS works with the Wang Center to support “Returner Reflection” groups. (2) CPS supports development of faculty expertise in service learning through organization of service learning workshops, course development opportunities, faculty-student research and “mini-sabbaticals” that give faculty time to work alongside their students or to work extensively at a given site in service learning.

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