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There are useful examples of syllabi for academic service-learning courses in nearly every discipline. To see how others have constructed their courses, you can look through the list of syllabi below and also link to webpages of several excellent sources from other organizations and universities.

Some individual Service-Learning course syllabi

Clemson University

Marketing 301: Principles of Marketing
Mr. James Gaubert
Spring Semester 2000 - Section 4 (Marketing Majors only)

University of Utah

English 303: Literature of Social Reflection: Hunger, Food, Writing [a.k.a. Literary Genres]
Marisa Januzzi
Spring 1997

Geography 335: Environmental Conservation: Conservation of Natural Resources
Merrill Ridd
Spring 1995

Women's Studies 369: Social Change: Sex Roles
Vella Neil Evans
Taught Fall & Spring Quarters

Washington State University

Communication Studies 235: Small Group Communication
Jib (Tanichya K. Wongprasert)
Fall 1999

University of Wisconsin-Madison

Political Science 401: Citizenship, Democracy, and Difference
Professor Katherine Cramer Walsh
Fall 2002

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