Center for Community Engagement & Service

What is Service-Learning?

Academic service-learning brings together students, faculty, and community partners for a course in which students' service experience and academic theory inform each other through carefully guided reflection.

The service assignment, developed in partnership with a community organization and engaged over time, can include any work that both responds to a demonstrated community concern and supports the goals of the course.

Faculty challenge students to integrate what they are discovering in their community service with what they discover in class, and through this inquiry, students become critically and increasingly aware of the intersection between their scholarship, their action, public issues and social justice.

Service-Learning at PLU

  • At PLU more than 34 academic courses with service-learning components are taught in a variety of disciplines and the number is growing. The Center for Community Engagement and Service offers information, connections, professional development, resources and logistical support to faculty, students and community partners engaged in these courses.
  • Additionally, the Center’s student-run Volunteer Center assists with placements for service-learners, and works collaboratively with Student Life programs to support and encourage co-curricular service opportunities that include thoughtful guided reflection and learning.

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