SOAC + School of Art & Communication

School of Arts and Communication
Advisory Board 

The SOAC Advisory Board provides guidance, support, and assistance to the School of Arts and Communication in fulfilling its mission. The board has neither governance nor fiduciary responsibilities. Board members are passionate about the disciplines housed within the School of Arts and Communications and have a track record of leadership, resources, skills, and other qualities that serve to advance the School of Arts and Communication mission. To achieve this purpose, the Board: 

  • Provides guidance on program directions, strategic growth, and community connections.
  • Enhances public awareness of the School and its three departments - Art & Design, Communication & Theatre, and Music. 
  • Participates in networking activities that promote the mission of the School of Arts and Communication.  
  • Supports the School through personal contributions and corporate, foundation, and individual connections.

Katherine (Kit) Severson, Chair
Richard (Dick) Moe, Honorary Chair
Danforth Comins, '97
Maureen Francisco, '99
Kathryn Habedank, '66
Nancy Bourne Haley
Ray Heacox, '76
Judith Herrington
Louis Hobson, '00
Deborah Hushagen, '72
Aaron Jacobs, '00
Tom Koehler, '81
Allan Kollar, '70
Melissa Richardson Lomax, '09
Jeremy Mangan, '98
Terry Marks, '88
Pamela Mayer
Angela Meade, '01
Scott Ramsey, '95
Jim Walker, '76