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In summer 2012 we made the exciting transition to one, all encompassing SOAC Events Brochure. We were excited to have all our great events housed in one place, so whether someone was jonesing for a chamber music concert, a date night at the newest gallery exhibition or looking for a way to fill an unexpectedly free Friday evening, all the information could be found in one, convenient place. And although having everything in one spot is infinitely better, we struggled with how to represent the breadth of SOAC in one glance, on the cover? We thought who better to know how to do that than the SOAC student.

We want to see what you think represents the breadth of SOAC. Whether it be a graphic representation, a photo, a print, or an abstract painting. We're leaving it all up to you.

Submit original artwork to serve on the cover of SOAC’s 2013-14 brochures (events brochure and/or recruitment brochure). All 2D work and 2D representations are accepted. Along with the acknowledgment of the winner’s name printed in thousands of brochures and in the hands of community members and alumni, we're offering an $100 honorarium. 


Our brochures are two different sizes, and if possible we'd like the winning image to grace both covers (offering the artist even more exposure). Our current brochure sizes are 9"x6" for our Events Brochure and 9"x9" for our Recruitment Brochure, so keep those sizes in mind when creating. 

Please respect all copyright laws. Work should be original. Artists may use PLU-owned images in their work. 

Electronic Submissions
If submitting electronically we'd prefer .tiff, 600dpi in CMYK. Please send to

Non-digital Submissions
We want to make this as easy on you as possible. If your artwork is not in a digital format bring it in to the Dean's Office (Ingram 101) and SOAC Outreach Coordinator Mandi Brady will work with you to scan or photograph the work for electronic use. 


2012-2013 Events Brochure

2012-2013 Recruitment Brochure

Deadline is May 15, midnight. 

Winner will be notified and acknowledged at the May 25 SOAC Awards Ceremony. 

Please know that since this will be featured on the cover, we may need to alter/crop/rotate the image for it to work with the final print size and for us to fit the necessary elements on the cover (name, logos, description, etc.).