SOAC + School of Art & Communication

May 15 - 8pm

Drum Taps - Vocal & Orchestral Performance at Lagerquist Concert Hall in Mary Baker Russell Music Center


Gregory Youtz, Composer 
Jeffrey Bell-Hanson, Conductor

Compassion for victims of injustice is often cited as a reason for war. Compassion for victims of war (including those who fought) is a frequent outcome, often spurring another cycle of conflict. 

Drum Taps: Nine Poems on Themes of War by Gregory Youtz composer is a 55 minute oratorio for four vocal soloists, mixed choir and orchestra. Four poems by Walt Whitman written during the United States' Civil War (1861-65) from his series Drum Taps, written during the Civil War, provide an evolving view of war from an American perspective: from excited anticipation of a quick and heroic experience, to a somber reflection on the human cost of war. Interspersed amongst these are five poems by writers from other lands and other times- perhaps not coincidentally places where the US has been involved in wars: Vietnam, China, the Middle East and Europe. 

University Symphony Orchestra, Choir of the West, University Chorale & Faculty Soloists perform.