SOAC + School of Art & Communication

February 22 - 7pm

OVEREXPOSED - Original Documentary Screening at Lagerquist Concert Hall in Mary Baker Russell Music Center


Compassion, although a natural element of human life, can sometimes be costly. Those who provide care to others cannot help but feel empathy for those to whom they provide support and attention. But in some instances, when the need for help is too great, or caregivers stretch themselves too thin, empathy can take a toll on minds, bodies, and spirits. This can be true of those who perform in a wide variety of personal and professional roles.  For many of us, it’s easy to get roped into staying late at the office, or taking on another commitment, or assisting one more client. However, there comes a saturation point at which we are overwhelmed, and it is at this point we encounter “compassion fatigue,” the effects of which can include physical exhaustion, feeling emotionally drained, detached, irritable, and cynical, among many other possible symptoms. As human beings living in a complex and often stressful world, compassion fatigue is something we should understand and about which we should be aware. --- Photo by Courtney Walker