SOAC + School of Art & Communication

March 12, 2014, 5pm

So You Want to be an Entrepreneur? - Studio Theater

Americans have always been an entrepreneurial people, but especially after watching so many lose jobs after the financial collapse in 2008, the focus on starting something special for yourself, working for yourself, and passing something along to the next generation is much stronger. The School of Arts & Communication and the School of Business welcome four young Seattle-area entrepreneurs to discuss the ins and outs of successful entrepreneurship.

Jeff Jorgenson (BA Embry Riddle University, MBA Embry Riddle University) is founder and owner of Elemental Cremation & Burial in Seattle. Jeff never intended to be a funeral director, but his green methodology is catching on both locally and around the world.

Ross Mickel (BA University of Washington), worked with Canlis Master Somelier Rob Bigelow, traveled the world to learn about food and wine, and landed a job with Bob Betz, one of 225 Masters of Wine in the world. Ross launched Ross Andrew Winery in 1999 and his Bushey Vineyard Syrah was ranked in the top 100 Washington Wines in 2012, and Wine Enthusiast calls his Meadow a "must try."

Mark Canlis (BA Cornell, Air Force, Retired) and Brian Canlis (BA Cornell, Air Force, Retired) are the 3rd generation owners of Canlis Restaurant in Seattle, the restaurant that sets the bar for fine dining, service and hospitality in Seattle. Mark and Brian have modernized the Canlis brand, moved them into new media universes, and have been featured recently on Anthony Bourdain's "The Layover" on the Travel Channel and Top Chef Seattle where cheftestants had to recreate the original 1950's era Canlis menu. 

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