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October 2013

The University Gallery presents a colorful exhibition by David Roholt

Opening in the University Gallery is “Paintings by David Roholt,” an exhibit featuring a local artist who reinvents images using painterly processes. Join us for a wine 


and cheese opening reception on October 16 from 5-7pm. The exhibition will feature more than 30 pieces of work and will be viewable in the University Gallery until November 13, 2013. 

Roholt’s work has been widely distributed to the PLU and SOAC community on the cover of the 2013-2014 SOAC brochures. A key component of Roholt’s imagery includes a juxtaposition of abstracted elements to more relatable forms. Roholt’s largest body of work explores how identifiable details can be pushed and pulled between clarity and ambiguity. 

“My goal is not to mimic and copy the obvious, but rather to produce work that departs from the familiar. Subject matter largely acts as an inspirational catalyst in my work. Swimmers, boats, figures, railroad cars, mountains, trees, and various observed forms orchestrate as a springboard in my art making process,” writes Roholt in his artist statement. “Personally, it is not merely a question of what to depict, but rather how to reinvent and transform the subject into a more abstracted image.”

Roholt uses oil paints and thins the pigments with poppy seed or safflower oil and Turpenoid. He typically begins each new work with large brushes and over time moves to smaller brushes after the larger shapes are to his liking. High and low color contrast and a persistent use of less common color combinations are elements often visible in his work. 

Color Cluster #4 RoholtA native of Salt Lake City, David earned a BFA in Painting and Drawing from Utah State University and a MFA in Painting from Colorado State University. Roholt’s work can be found in public and private collections. He has been featured in numerous solo and group exhibitions in Canada, Denmark, England, Germany, Nicaragua, South Korea and the United States. Presently he is an Associate Professor of Art at Pierce College.

Roholt is exhibiting seven new pieces of work in the PLU exhibition. 

“My favorite work is the next one I will paint,” Roholt says. “I am always more excited about the next one I am yet to paint, hoping to make that work the very best.”

Tapped Out premieres October 26

For the past year and a half, MediaLab students have traveled throughout North America documenting the importance of water and perils facing our world's most important natural resource for MediaLab's newest documentary "Tapped Out: Unearthing the Global Water Crisis,"premiering Saturday, October 26 in the Seattle Public Library, Microsoft Auditorium at 2pm. Read the first hand account from one of the documentary makers below and check out the trailer.  

By Katie Baumann '14

Tapped Out

Water does not have feelings. This massive force of nature does not have a conscience. Water does not feel remorse when it washes away entire communities or takes a life. It does not accept the idea that we as humans want water to stay within what we deem to be its safe boundaries. There is no obedience class for a river and no way to persuade water to stay at a certain level or fall from the sky

Throughout history, humans had to adjust around where water was, or face extinction. However, as technology has evolved, the line between what humans can and cannot control is becoming increasingly muddled. Rivers are controlled with dams, levees and other complex forms of engineering. Populations live in locations where, without human manipulation of water, they would otherwise be unable to survive.

Humans are becoming increasingly capable of fending off Mother Nature and doing what works best for industry. Still, there are times when she gets the better of us.

Low water levels along the river have been causing problems for traffic along our nation’s most significant aquatic thoroughfare. The ripple effect from these issues can reach far and wide, on both national and international scales.

We kicked off our trip in St. Louis, MO, examining how the drought that has been plaguing the Midwest this year has impacted industry that operates on the Mississippi River.

After four days in the heartland of America, our plan was to head south to New Orleans, covering Mississippi related stories on our way and conclude with four days spent around our nation’s most influential port. With a full schedule of interviews and b-roll collecting, this was sure to be an exhausting yet invigorating 10 days.

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SOAC Advisory Board will help further School’s mission

New this year to the School of Arts and Communication is the formation of the SOAC Advisory Board. With membership drawn from prominent alumni and community participants, the Board will provide guidance, support, and assistance to the School in fulfilling its mission. The Board will help enhance community connections and public awareness of the School and its departments of Art & Design, Communication & Theatre, and Music, and give guidance on program directions and strategic growth. The Board will meet three times each year with the Dean, with additional networking opportunities and other events added as schedules permit. 

"We have had such a positive response from all that are joining our new SOAC Advisory Board and we know this highly creative group will be flowing with thoughts and ideas,” Kit Severson, board chair, commented. “I look forward to our first meeting on October 10th in the new Karen Hille Phillips Center."

In addition to the SOAC Advisory Board, the SOAC student advisory board continues in its third year and will continue to serve as the primary source of student advice to the Dean of the School and as student ambassadors for prospective SOAC students.  

Please welcome our SOAC Advisory Board

  • Katherine (Kit) Severson, Chair
  • Richard (Dick) Moe, Honorary Chair
  • Danforth Comins '97
  • Maureen Francisco '99
  • Kathryn Habedank '66
  • Nancy Bourne Haley
  • Ray Heacox '76
  • Judith Herrington
  • Louis Hobson '00
  • Deborah Hushagen '72
  • Aaron Jacobs '00
  • Tom Koehler '81
  • Allan Kollar '70
  • Melissa Richardson Lomax '09
  • Jeremy Mangan '98
  • Terry Marks '88
  • Pamela Mayer
  • Angela Meade '01
  • Scott Ramsey '95
  • Jim Walker '76 

The 2013 Student Advisory Board

  • Pam Barker '14
  • Taylor Cox '15
  • Amy Van Cleave '15
  • Cori DeVerse '14
  • Mitch Helton '15
  • Valery Jorgensen '15
  • Hannah Kreutz '14
  • Miranda               Matson-Jewett '14
  • Katelynn Padron '15
  • Kraig Partridge '14
  • Lauren Peterson '14
  • Michael Plagerman '15
  • Thomas Soerenes '14

PLU's School of Arts and Communication

The School of Arts and Communication spent the summer interviewing students about why they chose Pacific Lutheran University and the School of Arts and Communication at PLU. It turns out SOAC is a pretty cool place to be. Check out what they said below and a big thanks to all the students who participated! 

Kiss Me, Kate – Free PLU Preview this Friday

The PLU Community is invited to celebrate the opening of the Karen Hille Phillips Center for the Performing Arts this Friday for a free PLU Preview of Kiss Me, Kate. Tickets can be acquired prior to the event at the Campus Concierge (253-535-7411) or at the door before the performance – all that is needed is a current PLU ID. Doors open at 7pm and curtain rises (for the very first time!) at 7:30pm.